Alaina, Lauren - The Locket Lyrics

Back in '41 you met a brown eyed boy who called you pretty
He'd walk everyday a couple miles out of his way to hold your hand and keep you company

Your mama said don't call it love at 14
But sitting on that front porch swing

He gave you his picture in a locket that you wore around your neck
Left it right beside your heart so you would not forget
The way it felt when he held your hand
And you swore that you would never take it off
And the butterflies you felt said it all
You were falling with a boy inside your locket

Back in '43 your brown eyed boy went over seas and had to leave town for a little while
He swore he'd marry you as soon as the war was through, you would be his wife

Standing in the pouring rain
You cried as you watched him ride away
But everyday

You had his picture in a locket that you wore around your neck
Left it right beside your heart so you would not forget
The way his kiss tasted on your lips
And everyday felt like a lifetime with him gone
And you prayed that God would bring him safely home
'Cause you made a promise to the boy inside your locket

Oh, 60 years you two had together and he's been gone for a couple now
And it breaks my heart to see you struggle to remember
And I've been writing all your memories down

And I stopped by today to read a couple pages
Grandma, you sure look pretty
And you smile that smile, the one I haven't seen in quite a while
And you said to me, I want you to keep

His picture in a locket that I wore around my neck
The one I left beside my heart so I would not forget
The greatest love and the greatest man I've ever known
But it's getting time for me to head on home
She said, that brown eyed boy is waiting and I don't wanna keep him long
Heaven is calling, and she said, my heart is longing
For the boy inside your locket

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Alaina, Lauren The Locket Comments
  1. conrad641


  2. Karen Carter

    I've lost 2 out of my 3 grandmas. And it kills me every day.

  3. Brenda Jenkins

    Made me think of my pappal who passed away on March 23 of this year. My grandma is having such a hard time. They were together 53 years. I miss him terribly.

  4. Grandy 28

    note to self...don't cut up onions when listening to this beautiful song...:)

  5. Rebecca Sharpe

    Me and my boyfriend

  6. Earl Jordan

    I sang this song to my grandma and she cried

  7. Clip Central

    For all my peeps behind me

  8. Clip Central

    This out for chamen nugget

  9. David Limas

    Who still here?

  10. jedmarum


  11. Grace Chrismon

    This exactly like my grandma and papa💛😢

  12. bobbyowormyo4

    first time i herd this i cryed i still get tears in my eyes

  13. Shreya Choudhury

    One of my favorite songs by Ms. Alaina! I might sing this song at a future wedding!

  14. Freedom

    When i first saw you, you stopped me in THE MIDDLE of my tracks i knew you would be my NEXT BOYFRIEND and you finally asked my out i was like IM NOT ONE OF THEM and then i realized you were ONE OF THOSE BOYS and you said i was one of them GEORGIA PEACHES and i said we will take the ROAD LESS TRAVELED and move to TUPELO mississippi. You gave me THE LOCKETT that was your grandmothers and i was like the FUNNY THING ABOUT LOVE is that you are still holding secrets till that right time, we had a baby that was EIGHTEEN INCHES long my friends said she looks just LIKE MY MOTHER DOES and you said SHES A WILDFLOWER and i said shes GROWING HER WINGS.
    We both agreed she would make HISTORY and grow up to be BAREFOOT AND BUCKWILD just like us. And all this was and answer to my DIRT ROAD PRAYER!

  15. Freedom

    This shows Lauren's softer side (like we saw in "Like My Mother Does")

  16. Cherish

    I sang this to my grandma as she passed away. this song reminds me of them

  17. Connie Pirkle

    She told me about John R. She was very nice and for pity's sake she gave up, and gave in to someone who was not John R. She was true and never went back. She chose what she chose and lived it for her whole life. But while, immediately after the Lady's unpleasant death, the funeral home people told us to look for pictures to use in her video. Then, one of the brothers brought a picture to me. He found it in her jewerly box. Why was he looking for Pictures for the funeral homes video in her jewlry box? Dont't know, don't care. And the other brother, just looked for things about his own self. He actually said, "I have always dated pretty women" or something like that. The younger brother, the one we both trusted found the pictures in her jewlry box. Why was he looking there.

  18. laura penberthy

    I love Lauren Alaina 😘😘

  19. I cry every time i hear this

  20. Paige T

    wow! one of my favorite songs!

  21. AE Woods

    using this and "see you again" by Carrie Underwood for bases of a story that will probably never see the light of day

  22. Kirstie Smith

    My only brother is over seas so I cry to this song and listen to it everyday when I write him

    Megan McLean

    Kirstie Smith thank your brother for his service

  23. MakeupbyTAG

    I swear I cannot listen to this song without getting teary-eyed! Pulling those heart strings!

  24. Jean Rudek

    I love this song!!! Tearing up!

  25. Michele

    My grandmother met my grandfather when she was 14 and he was 21.  They married when she was 18.  They had kids when she was 21 (that was my mom), 23, 25, and 27.  2 girls and 2 boys.  My grandfather left us early when he was 62 and she was only 55.  He had the heart of a 20 year old but a brain tumor snuck up on him.  She would tell you he was the greatest man alive, and he made sure all 4 of those kids worshipped their mother.  I have very fond memories fishing, hunting, and riding 4-wheelers at sunrise with him.

    t's reborn and so much more

    Michele W I'm sorry


    I'm sorry for you loss. I have amazing memories like that with my grandfather to. we would fish, ride four wheelers, have nature walls but he died last summer

  26. Mary Luu

    I love that song so much I'm crying xxxxx

  27. Happy Go Lucky

    Don't cry don't cry… I'm gone 😪

  28. Unicorn Lady (formerly archiecook55)

    Wow very beautiful song.

  29. Kayla Mathews

    I lot this song it is about a young girl who finds her true love.

  30. irene rowell

    this song reminds me when i was little i had a locket and it had my grammy picture in it and i got it when i moved away

  31. Gracie Naquin

    Beautiful song

  32. Leah Sullivan

    I listen to this song all the time and all the time I get choked up thinking and missing my grandmother and grandfather. It's been two years this October and still hard to be without them.

    Mary Luu

    Thank you xxxx

  33. mira Mohamed

    I Wish It was A Karaoke

  34. Abby Cline

    Why did I cry over this song...?

  35. Kathryn Lee

    She has such a powerful voice, but for her to tone it down like this is just amazing. I love all of her songs... She's just simply amazing. Good job on the video, too. I feel like no one really comments on the actually video content, only the singer/song.

  36. Hannah Nicole

    2014 still listening she make more 

  37. Lauren Jeanot

    this is what country music is about. telling a story and making people feel something. Mallary Hope is a great writer. well done girl!

  38. Noelle Smith

    I love this song. It has become my signature song to sing. My parents cry everytime I sing it and I've won a contest singing this song.

  39. Lady Majora

    Im literally crying right now. This is exactly like my story. My man is in Marine Boot Camp right now, and he promised to marry me after im out of high school. And we each have a necklace. A pendant of the eagle, globe, and anchor cut in half. One for the man and one for the girl. It has a quote that states "may god watch over us as we are apart". Ive listened to it 3 times and cried each and every one of them :')

    Megan McLean

    Ali Luv awe so sweet

  40. SugarandSpice324

    I literally just bawled like a baby...

  41. Brooke Weisshahn

    The ending made me cry...good song

  42. wayne whitacre


  43. brendahammond7

    Gosh I cry every time like a little baby!! So amazing and touching! <3

  44. arberclouds256

    made a cover of it!...cause this song is like listening to a movie nicholas sparks could have written. I love it....check my version out if you have time :D thanks..peace!

  45. Colby Taylor

    Love it <3

  46. Kiona Nichole

    omg so beautiful (':

  47. Kiona Nichole

    I hope no one dies in the end of this song o.o

  48. Lisa Marie

    listened to it over and over and i cry like a baby every time :'(

  49. abigail sharleen

    This brought tears to my eyes. I never really understood the love thing, but I can tell you, I understood that this was love.

  50. mysoldierismyheart

    My husband is in the army, and it's been over half a year since I've seen him. I cried like a baby thinking about seeing him again. Thank you, Lauren Alaina.

  51. Lauren Hall

    I love this song!!!!

  52. chafan fox

    my most fav lauren alainas song

  53. Melissa Sons

    i cried but I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Feil Louie Micabalo

    is this song in lauren alaina's album? so nice! i loved it!

  55. randi aller

    dang hecka sad my mom cryed for this song!! :(

  56. Brianna Christy-Otto

    My grandfather recently passed away, and it reminded me of him and my grandmother, because they are/were both veterans, and he gave her a locket...:") <3

  57. wayne whitacre


  58. Mehdi Jr

    yeah if only other people knew the song its my type of music! Hey i use this to listen in mp3 ==>

  59. Rachael Van Meter

    A better Love story that Twilight!!!! LOL.. LOVE THIS SONG. Makes me tear up every time I hear it.

  60. write4yourlife now

    Search YouTube for

    Lauren Alaina Breakdown

    "Breakdown" is her new song. It's excellent!

  61. Hishin 93

    My boyfriend is graduating this year and wants to go to Vermont for police academy. We are in college on the other side of the country. We are promised to each other and I'm scared of the future. But I feel as long as it has him I'll be fine.

  62. Dakota Madison

    Since I first heard this song, I have wanted a locket.

  63. khoobsurath1

    Hard as i tried i couldnt hold back my tears... BEAUTUFUL!!

  64. Brianna Rivers

    Omg, thats so sad. i love it

  65. jadiea muldrew

    MIGHT have broken the repeat button. I had NO idea that pressing it that many times would! I swear!

  66. i starz

    made me cry so badly

  67. Euriditia

    This is the theme song for a story that I'm writing. :3 Hahaha, I didn't even know this song existed, because the story title is "The Locket" XD My friend showed me this song. So it really made life better, I listen to this song every time that I write.

  68. Alexa Williams

    cried like a baby...

  69. RoboticFruitbat

    It made me cry :'( not happy tears but sad one's. I love the song so much but its so sad!!

  70. MsLeAnna collins

    way cool song

  71. Janaya Joa

    I absoluetly love this song!!!!

  72. chafan fox

    what a lovely song

  73. Krista Talanca

    love this song <3

  74. katie krajicek

    love this song so much and love her 2

  75. Katie Church

    I love this song :)

  76. Kristian Hofer

    I love this song! I can relate<3

  77. Charonda Few

    so beautiful tears in my eyes :')

  78. Drew Sherman

    this song is amazing...the story is something i think everyone can relate to

  79. Alexis Evans

    I Hope Alll Goes Well!! I Thank Him For H Service!!! I Wish Yall Luck!!

  80. Angela Greene

    My boyfriend has brown eyes. He calls me beautiful whenever he can. He tells me he needs me all the time. I love him. With my whole heart. He's going into the military next summer. He's going to go to Texas, over 26 hours away. He says when he gets back, we'll marry. I can't handle it. I couldn't go 3 weeks without his voice, without his touch, without the softness of his eyes, his hugs, his kisses... I need him. This song hits home so much... :'(

  81. Marizona Penley

    I absolutly love this song! :)

  82. abbey Womack

    for the 7 ppl who dont like this dont have a heart!

  83. aleia marie

    i absolutely love this song:)

  84. Erica H

    My momma said don't call it love at 14 too.

  85. laura dicker

    She already is :)

  86. Primrose Everdeen

    i love this song!!! Lauren is one of my favorite singers right there next to Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, Miranda Lambert, and Kelly Pickler! (in that order)

  87. SabrinaMae12

    This song is a prime example of what I love most about country music. Each song is a story being told. I may have cried a little. Beautiful song <3

  88. emily austin

    i love this song it is soo sweet:))

  89. smileshaha89

    My cousin Maria's husband just passed away a few days ago. They were high school sweethearts, and have been together since they were 16 years old. He was fifty years old. This song reminds me of them. My heart hurts to see how she will never be able to get over him, and though he wouldn't have wanted her to be alone, she will never be able to move on from him. I love you both, RIP Dave.

  90. Nicole Newcomb

    Love this song! I thought this would be like me and my ex-boyfriend but we broke up.

  91. Angel Li

    Pretty girl and pretty voice.

  92. slappyhappy789

    Lily Allen is a morose singer that is NOTHING like Lauren Alaina. Please do not give this a thumbs up. It is an insult to Lauren.

  93. Shiver Faber

    omg i luv this song

  94. Josie Wright

    same thing with mine too :(

  95. TheMusicislife321

    This song reminds me of a sad love song. I love those love story's where the guy has to go off to war. Its so sad but I enjoy it!

  96. Makayla Graden

    i just saw her last night...and i met her back stage! :) AMAZING

  97. ShowDontTellShow

    not many songs make me cry...but this song is so beautiful that i cant help but tear up when i hear it! i love lauren alaina, she's got such a beautiful voice and a special quality about her that not many 17 year olds seem to have. :)

  98. thebmovieguy

    I just "LOVE" her voice...This song brought tears to my eyes!