Alaina, Lauren - She's A Wildflower Lyrics

She was the kind of girl that never quite fit in
Holes in her shoes and freckles on her skin
Every time she saw those school doors open wide
She’d wanna turn around and run back home and hide
Yeah yeah yeah, oh

Got used to being stuck at the back of the line
The kind that kept her head down most of the time
Secret dreams ‘bout the boy in the high school band
And then wake up thinking she'd never had a chance

She’s a wildflower
Just waitin’ on a sunny day
Just waitin’ on the winds of change to blow
Just a red hot spark that’s looking for a little flame, yeah
Trying to find the perfect place to grow
She’s a wildflower
She’s a wildflower

She makes a wish on every single star she sees
Yeah somewhere deep down she still believes
She prays every night before she goes to bed
Pretty soon her luck is gonna change
She just doesn’t know it yet

She’s a wildflower
Just waitin’ on a sunny day
Just waitin’ on the winds of change to blow
Just a red hot spark that’s looking for a little flame, yeah
Trying to find the perfect place to grow
She’s a wildflower
She’s a wildflower

She’s a wildflower
Just waitin’ on a sunny day
Just waitin’ on the winds of change to blow
Just a red hot spark that’s looking for a little flame, yeah
Trying to find the perfect place
Yeah she’s trying to find a place
She’s a wildflower that’s waiting on a sunny day
She’s the secret that nobody knows
She’s a wildflower, she’s a wildflower, she’s a wildflower

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Alaina, Lauren She's A Wildflower Comments
  1. Elisha Loose

    Just found this girl and omg love her. All her songs are amazing

  2. Madison Lewe

    I see a lot of Carrie Underwood in her performance, which is great, because Carrie Underwood is one of my favorite country singers

  3. Chloe Marie

    Wow, I've only discovered this chick today and shes amazing! how come i've never heard her on the radio where i live??

  4. Rhelda Young

    Lauren Alaina is my daughter's favorite song Wallflower

  5. Melinda Wilson

    My baby girl this is for u , yep babygirl  u r your mama,s wildflower

    Deena Parsolano

    Wow, how beautiful!

  6. tenrosefreak

    this is sort of like me, but still amazing song Lauren! keep up the good work!

  7. Allison Barlow

    i love this song it reminds me of me

  8. CowgirlCCloveyou

    OMg this song fits how i am exactly!!!


    CowgirlCCloveyou me too. right down to the crush on the boy in the band.

  9. Mariah M

    its marked as spam because some people are just complete assholes who dont care about anyone but themselves

  10. Marissa Seaborn

    I'm not a country fan, but this song describes me perfectly! Love it!

  11. mountaintruth1

    Im sorry to bring it, my wildflower learned to weld and build and create the real, I dont remember balloons except real ones. We had to grow up, I am a man and I encourage my sisters, fiance and all women to find the real, not some vision of happiness. It takes work but dont believe life is in a video, it is far more. I have lost all now, my story will not change, there are real men, real people that will fight with you, find them, the truth isnt lost, but found

  12. LadyAlternative

    perfect video!!!
    perfect song!!!
    who wants something more?;)

    countrygirl country musiclover

    LadyAlternative this IS NOT EVEN CLOSE to a video. it is the DEFINITION of an AUDIO

  13. Veronica Logsdon

    Basically... This song... Explain me... ._.

  14. Sharon S

    this song is my whole life


    This song reminds me of my daughter Priscilla Lozano, God bless her soul all around her butterflies of hope

  16. julianne raee

    This song expains me!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. LadyAlternative

    this song makes me wanna belive that I'm not so weird after all ;) Greetings for not-so-cool people ;)

  18. thekidofthefuture

    Well thats impossible, considering 225,287 of the views are mine.

  19. brittany mccarter

    amazing song

  20. Macheznie McConochie

    I love this song, it is like my life story!!

  21. Renee Hope

    This should not be spam, at all!

  22. Angela Greene

    I'm still the "outcast". Do I care? No. Why? Because I have an amazing future in front of me. I can memorize the human body, I can do great at school, I have a job, and I'm getting a lot of money in scholarships to go to a 4 year University states away, along with a medical school. Who cares what people say? If you grow up and be successful - what can they say? Yes, bullying happens. Just get over it, focus on you, and try to get the best you can for yourself.

    Silent Wolf Moon Knight

    Angela Greene wonderfully said so true

  23. Savannah Willis

    Lol i'm 13 && it took me FOREVER to realize you have to just be who you really are,DONT act like something ur not !

    countrygirl country musiclover

    Savannah Willis what were you doing on social media at 13

  24. SouthSweetTea


  25. SouthSweetTea

    the guy i like isn't in band. he's second string offence

  26. Lai Tukana

    I' m a wildflower... love you Lauren

  27. sdscpa11

    <3 <3<3<3<3<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  28. Anne Ross

    This is me: I have many freckles, I have holes in my shoes, I like this boy in band...and I don't really fit in.

  29. Emily Johnson

    it feels like this song was written about me hahaha i got freckles and a crush on a boy in the high school band

  30. tenrosefreak

    this is so me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Olivia Baker

    i love this song it's literally my hole life

    countrygirl country musiclover

    Olivia Baker HOLE life??? HOLE life???? a HOLE is an opening in something. WHOLE means ALL of something. As in ALL your life. your WHOLE life. Now do you see the difference between HOLE AND WHOLE

  32. davidcooksweety

    to those ppl saying they have been bullied at school or w/e: you dont deserve one deserves to be treated like that. its not cool. if your being bullied at school,i would go to the principal or school couselor and report it or something. heres a suggestion: get a friend/or a classmate you know /like to walk you to classes. theres always strength in numbers. i know what its like to be bullied. its not ok!

    emtam dirks

    Thank u so much this helped

  33. davidcooksweety

    well said:)

  34. slappyhappy789

    LAUREN deserves a GRAMMY for her WILDFLOWER CD! Thumbs up if you agree!!!

  35. Musicforgrace Andlove

    Love Lauren...and love this!

  36. elizabeth McIntyre

    I love it

  37. JLC-EMF

    yeah I'm pretty sure 194,588 of the views are mine! ;)

  38. Brittany Pastorick

    <3 <3 <3

  39. JLC-EMF

    Not only do I love the lyrics of this song, but there is something about the way her accent and the sound of her voice while singing high notes that just makes this song a million times better. :)

  40. SarahNicole1398

    Seriously wondering why this comment is marked as spam. It's good advice that might touch someone. Who cares what brand of clothes you wear or who cuts your hair. Personality is all that should matter. I think people should click NOT SPAM so more can see this amazing advice.

  41. paulinanilah

    js THIS IS AMAZING! i honestly wish i heard of this singer before! :)

  42. emma Ellen


  43. MaddyMellark427

    She's Gorgeous, Her Heart, Her Face, And Her Voice! :)

  44. TheMusicislife321

    I'm a wildflower! Like if you are too!

  45. Colleen Molton

    This is a really beautiful, inspiring song. Go Alaina!

  46. Jessie Sanders

    Give it more time and you will be the most beautiful girl ever !

  47. Ryssa Gordon

    I'm almost 16 and still bullied hopelessly. It never changes.

  48. mariah siebrecht

    thx :D

  49. mariah siebrecht

    yeah and the princeapal doesnt do anything about it at my school so im going on homeschooling

  50. mariah siebrecht

    and then after i say im only 11 quit calling me names there like oh i dont care if ur 11 u little c***

  51. Amanda McCoy

    Go listen to Pinks Perfect it will help you.

    Prayers are with you

  52. emma Ellen

    I don't fit I
    my shoes are so tight
    I have a boat load of freakles
    iget bullied

    I'm scared to graduate to middle school where they are all meaner

  53. kvchoirdork

    I love songs like this, they are the songs I belt out so loud my neighbors call the cops hahaha

  54. mariah siebrecht

    Every time she saw those school doors open wide
    She'd wanna turn around
    And run back home and hide

    thats soo me i use to get bullied at school but ppl stopped for right now and now i have ppl on youtubes calling like really really bad words and im only 11 do i really derseve this

  55. manduh87

    ohhhh this was me all through grade, middle, and high school. Flourished in college though!

  56. Jake Alonzo

    Lauren fans,we would love to invite you to join us in Laurens' message boards, type in " idolforums Lauren Alaina" , don't forget to vote on CMT Music Awards 2012, Lauren is nominated for the Breakthrough Video of the Year , go to music awards 2012.thank you, fans!!!!

  57. Kaitee Bertone

    this song is the story of my life completely. every detail from the freckles to wishing on stars.

  58. mariah siebrecht

    30 thumbs ups i will do a cover of this song

  59. mariah siebrecht


  60. Amelia Mcnutt

    wow. i like it.

  61. Sandra Theisl

    great pictures in you video...

  62. TwilightWarriorcats

    story of my life <3

  63. hiddenhearts13

    hmmm...never knew iwas a wildflower...except, orchestra :D

  64. Vee Beth Herrera

    my 16 year old has freckles on her skin, and she's just learning to come into her own and she had to deal with all the snobs in high school who think 200 jeans make you cool, what makes you cool is BEING YOURSELF AND BEING KIND AND BEING AN LAUREN ALAINA FAN : )

  65. mel〈3

    she sings my life in her songs <3

  66. Rachel

    I'm WildFlower!!! <3

  67. david macc


  68. Jason Dallin

    @brooketacoble same to you lol

  69. Jason Dallin

    @brooketacoble hahahahaha yeah cus your too busy spreading your legs for for everyone hahahaha

  70. brooketacoble

    @jjman8327 haha sure if that was you wanna call me to make yourself happy cause unlike you I don't have to drag anyone down or misuse words to be a Bad Ass

  71. brooketacoble

    I enjoy listen to a great song but you got to be kidding me @jjman8327 you need to grow up and stop trying to act like a BA on youtube nobody cares what you think and learn how to use your profanity properly if your gonna use it at all

  72. Jason Dallin

    @madison845 lol ladies first bwahahahaha

  73. Jason Dallin

    @madison845 oh by the way grow up k? lol

  74. Alicia Swanepoel

    if your the wildflower, like this:)

  75. Jason Dallin

    @madison845 it would still be you....the female lol hahahahahahahaha

  76. Jason Dallin

    @madison845 hahaha good glad something makes your simple mind laugh ahahahahah

  77. Jason Dallin

    @madison845 hahahaha you and your dumb ass assumptions really make me laugh haahahahahahahaha

  78. Jason Dallin

    @madison845 hahaha thats fine keep replying i dont care its funny how you think i care what you think lol

  79. Jason Dallin

    @madison845 hahaha this is america cunt hahaha i will speak my mind each and every time hahaha hahahaha

  80. Jason Dallin

    @madison845 lol you should take your picture down its pretty ugly no wonder you like a fat ugly as like lauren you two go hand in hand

  81. Jason Dallin

    @madison845 hahaha oh please oh please keep talking to me i cant go on with out you talking to me bahahaha BFD haha thats funny you stick up for someone you dont know haha are you some kind of lesbian poor girl

  82. Jason Dallin

    @madison845 who all agrees she is amazingly fat??!!!

  83. Jason Dallin

    @ninjamonkeytyphoon hey idiot lady antebellum is a group not one person pull your head out moron

  84. Jason Dallin

    @mileyownsthenight looks like your on just as much its ok haha but thanks i know im cool hahaha

  85. froggygirl101303

    @jjman8327 Well I see you have an opinion on everything for everyone. What if we didn't ask for it.

  86. fancysparkles

    @jjman8327 Yep, everyone has their own thoughts. Pausing, hmm good idea, I just mute my computer xD

  87. Jason Dallin

    @fancysparkles lol i pause cant stanf her voice.....haha thats ok you can like her but nothing you or anyone else will convince me shes a good singer or a good person but to each his own or her own depending on what sex you are haha

  88. fancysparkles

    @jjman8327 They are good. You know how annoying this song gets while i'm replying? xD I still dont hate her though. I love her music, and nothing you say will change that :P

  89. Jason Dallin

    @fancysparkles haha its ok no worries hows your horses?

  90. fancysparkles

    @jjman8327 Well I see that you have been busy. Sorry it took me so long, I had a lot to do today.

  91. Jason Dallin

    @fancysparkles i am always up for it :P have fun with your horses

  92. fancysparkles

    @jjman8327 Well I have to go take care of my horses and such. Guess we will finish this later, if you're up for it.

  93. fancysparkles

    @jjman8327 So you've never really met her? So you dont honestly know what she's like or not.