Alaina, Lauren - Eighteen Inches Lyrics

It’s about fifteen hundred miles to California,
They’ll get there Friday if they leave tonight,
She sneaks out at three thirty in the morning,
Leaves a note so she won’t see her daddy cry.

He cuts the engine when he coasts in the driveway,
She slides in and gives him one kiss for the road,
No friends and no family, no job out there waiting,
The whole town will call them crazy but they gotta go.

Cause when you’re young and in love, yeah,
You might do some things that don’t seem all that smart,
Cause there ain’t no greater distance
Than the eighteen inches from your head to your heart, yeah.

They can barely make rent on a rundown apartment,
She’s waiting tables and he’s a valet,
They’re behind on the bills and the car’s barely running,
But he buys a ring with the tips that he’s saved.

When you’re young and in love, yeah,
You might do some things that don’t seem all that smart,
Cause there ain’t no greater distance
Than the eighteen inches from your head to your heart.

Last thing they need is another mouth to feed, but they want one,
They’re just kids themselves but that’s gonna change in nine more months,

She wakes him up at three thirty in the morning,
Ready or not their new life’s gonna start,
Seven pounds and eighteen inches,
The doctor lays that new baby’s head right on her heart.

When you’re young and in love, yeah,
You might do some things that don’t seem all that smart,
But thank God for those eighteen inches,
The distance it is from your head to your heart, yeah, yeah, yeah.

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Alaina, Lauren Eighteen Inches Comments
  1. Karlee Pearson

    Love this song

  2. Karlee Pearson

    Love this song

  3. Tanja LoveYA


  4. Grandy 28

    I've heard this number on the radio so many times and never realised it was this talented young this song

  5. erfin suharyani

    02 2019

  6. Casey Greenleaf

    This song is the problem with America.

  7. Makayla Kearns

    2018?? Any one

  8. what ever major loser

    *They can barely make a rent on a rundown apartment. She’s waiting tables and he’s a valet. They’re behind on the bills and the car’s barely running, but he buys a ring with the tips that he saved*

  9. what ever major loser

    “Too young, too dumb to know things like love, but I know better now”

  10. Jennifer Dijames

    I haven't heard that song before.

  11. Glenda Paul

    what a lovely song

  12. Sierra S

    How the hell was this not a number one?

  13. Mark Ellsworth

    Should've been a hit. Great emotional connection between the vocals and the lyrics.

  14. Gracey Radford

    Don't lose sight of the complete beauty of Lauren or this song because of some "dude named Karol" and the sickening comment about her dick. Person needs serious h e l p.

  15. susan vartoukian

    great song.

  16. Jess Bejarano

    for five months my boyfriend and i were only able to talk on Skype or on the phone i had to get my toncoles taken out and was feeling like crap but let me tell you it was worth it the first time we ever met face to face and he nearly knocked my wine out of my hand because he wouldn't let go of it

  17. Megan Hester

    I love this song.

  18. Chloe Davis

    I love this song it's amazing and so soothing and I love Lauren Alaina she's my favorite country singer please do another lyric video to this please and let me no when you do thanks. Love, the biggest Lauren Alaina fan

  19. Karol Baňas

    a song about my dick

    Sabbath Rhaine

    Aggy 😒😒

    TheBiggestJordinSparksFan J-ski

    This is a song telling you that a woman gets breast milk. That's what happens when you have a child.

  20. Brianna & Ashley

    This song make me cry I love this song so much

  21. Samantha Arrington

    Is it just me or I'm liking and watching the video I 2015

    TheBiggestJordinSparksFan J-ski

    +Samantha Arrington I'm watching this in 2016!! This and The Locket are my faves!! Grandfather was in the navy!! God bless!!

    Chloe Davis

    +TheBiggestJordinSparksFan J-ski same! 2016 listener and my dad was in the army

    TheBiggestJordinSparksFan J-ski

    +Samantha Arrington She's A Wildflower means a lot to me as well. I call it the "wallflower" song. I wrote a book on what The Perks Of Being A Wallflower means to me. Take care.

    Leana LeonasSis


  22. Lexi Carter

    This song is so cute and really pretty I love the meaning and it is definitely a very inspirational song

  23. allfiredup93

    @Draslaya <3

  24. Brittany Blackburn

    I love this song! This is what happened to me and my love still to this day! 11 year as of 4/24 ! Two beautiful children. We made it and we still making it and we always gonna make it. This woman is awesome! I see comments of people being rude and I don't agree. Why waste your time for negative comments and if this don't touch your heart then don't post neg. Is it because she is christian ? We need more ppl in the industry like her.

    TheBiggestJordinSparksFan J-ski

    +Brittany Blackburn Army proud!!

    Lindsey Perlberg

    Brittany Blackburn ok i know you may not see this , but 4 /24 is birthday!I'm 19 now ,so I'm sure you do math as what year i was born.

  25. dakota martin

    I'm tired of u guys bulling this girl now stop it 

    Jessica Patterson

    ppl can hate but she a good singer

  26. Ariel Wilkerson

    Beautiful song<3

  27. Viviana Gomez

    Carrie co-wrote this song with Kelly Lovelace and Ashley Gorley :)

  28. yukifoxdemon

    I've heard this song several times, and I only just now realized it's the same Lauren that was on American Idol. I absolutely adore this song, and I really wish more of her songs were on the radio, she's extremely talented

  29. Colby Taylor

    Tough descision beteween new favorite songs. The Locket? Or Eighteen Inches? Mhm.

  30. Colby Taylor

    I love it :) who else ?

  31. fiddleDdee

    no, it's not weird because this song was written by Carrie Underwood and if you go see her current video to See You Again I guarantee it will make you cry - both Eighteen Inches and See You Again got nominations for the ICM Inspirational Country Music Awards - Congrats Lauren and Carrie!

  32. Beverly Jones

    i think of this song as broken wings by martina mcbride you know the before the guy became mean and didnt believe in angels in her dreams.

  33. RoseGlasses Mcclendon

    "James b", give it up. We know who you are.

  34. Bailey Telford

    Maybe I love this song thank you

  35. Kristine Lovely

    Where is the video? SMH

  36. James b

    This is better than the buckwild song.

  37. Jennifer Ng

    Is it weird that I teared up for this song? :(

  38. Lindsey Summers

    Can anyone pleaseeee make a karioke version!!!!

  39. marisa kerns

    one of the best songs ever!!!

  40. Frank Curtis

    nice song

  41. thebiblegal

    not every song has a music video

  42. Sreeshanker Cps

    nice song

  43. westo84

    Can't wait to bring a little one of our own into this world!

  44. Hever Lizama

    I love it when my Girlfriend sings this song to me <3

  45. Katie Long

    I think Lauren Alaina deserves more recognition! She's an amazing singer! :)

  46. jordan boswell

    Make a video for this song !!

  47. wayne whitacre


  48. Kristin Ros

    Best song ever!!

  49. AllisonRae Gause

    This song is just too sweet<3

  50. Katie Cappy

    Lauren Alaina is GORGEOUSE! I need her looks:) lol

  51. Xeno Gaming

    Because this is a song. You are taking this WAY to far. You need to get off your computer and be a little bit productive. Stop it. If you comment again it only shows how you're trolling for a response. End of discussion.

  52. 2wingo

    How does not tolerating bullshit make me heartless?

  53. Xeno Gaming

    She's a young child. She knows she loves this boy but is too afriad to tell her father her choice. She loves him too much to want to see him cry. You are really just... kind of heartless. :/

  54. Alex Villarreal

    not into the new country but im diggin this song

  55. Angie Stinson

    i love u lauren alaina ;0 i saqw u on aca

  56. Melvin Hernandez

    Carrie Underwood co-wrote this song.

  57. Maria Nicole

    <3 this song

  58. 2wingo

    That's not taking responsibilty.Taking responsibility would be telling her parents, face-to-face, "This is something I have to do. If it is a mistake, it's MY mistake, and I have to be allowed to make it."

  59. Hyddyn Reaper

    Well. shes's leaving a note so she is taking responsibility. But the whole point of running away at that age is to circumvent the risk of not being allowed to go.

  60. 2wingo

    No, I just have a really low tolerance for people who don't take responsibility for the consequences of their choices.

  61. Abbee Delawder

    dude your high on crack

  62. Abbee Delawder

    I love her

  63. Abbee Delawder

    Wiliam dude your way behind in trends dude lol haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Sarah Thelen

    Raping the Replay button! (:

  65. Elly Barnes

    memories are coming back to me

  66. Wolf123Luver

    memories*** not songs.

  67. Wolf123Luver

    so many memories came back with this song that make me cry... Thanks Lauren, i needed to think about all the songs. totally in love with this song <3

  68. William Carlin

    LOL sorry but the wife brought me here. No idea who Lauren Alaina or Carrie underwood is.

  69. 2wingo


    Okay, right there is the exact moment when I lose any and all sympathy for the song's protagonist. She's knows she's doing wrong, so she skulks off in the middle of the night like a filthy rat, too ashamed to take responsibility for the hurt her decision will cause. At this point, I don't care if she fucking cures cancer, I will never have respect for her character.

  70. wayne whitacre


  71. LyricsRNo.1

    Sorry neither. I think Lauren is great. I'm just not a 100% Fan. More like a 65% fan.... I knew that she would make it to at LEAST 3rd. I knew Scotty would win when they were at the finals. I kinda like Carrie Underwood. I'm not a 100% Country song liker. More like 60%.

  72. SouthSweetTea

    Well since Carrie co-wrote we kinda wouldn't have it w/o her so YES Carrie Underwood helped bring us all here.

  73. Eliza Hamilton

    Carrie wrote this song and let Lauren sing it. She told us that at her concert Friday night. :)

  74. Justin Smith

    This song was co-written by Carrie Underwood. "Eighteen Inches" is a song written by American country recording artist Carrie Underwood, Ashley Gorley and Kelley Lovelace and recorded by the American county recording artist Lauren Alaina. It was released as the third single from Alaina's debut studio album, Wildflower

  75. Annabelle Horan

    no offense but i don't really like her as a person (IDK WHY SO PLEASE DON'T JUDGE ME) but she does honestly have one of the most amazing voices i've ever heard! this is by far my favorite song by her<3<3<3

  76. D Debbingham

    love this girl so much. can't wait to see her in concert.

  77. lefty lucy

    You can imagine what I thought about when I saw: "18 inches, new Lauren Alaina song", hahaha. ;)

  78. carriefan0001

    Carrie did write it, but she gave the song to lauren, which i think is amazing!! carrie is a great person, and lauren sounds soo good singing this song :)))

  79. Mel Stewart

    I really wish he didn't stop fighting for me...

  80. Mel Stewart

    I was young and in love, but then my "better half" decided that I just wasn't the one for him anymore...I can't stop listening to this song even though it's only reopening a wound that i thought was healed. We were so perfect and just when my life was finally going the way i wanted it to he much for love. :_(

  81. Michelle Sedeño

    THEY said it was written/co-written by Carrie. I'm not sure myself. But I hope that helps. :) Try searching it on Google. :))

  82. Angela Greene

    The radio brought me here. I heard the second voice when my boyfriend and I were going to his house. When we got there I looked up this song and we looked at each other while we listened and we were just like, "This is us."

  83. Garret Houts

    This song could really be taken the wrong way if sung to a midget...

  84. Nprepper

    I will buy this because of Carrie Underwood!

  85. Emily Styles

    Thumbs up if Carrie Underwood did NOT bring you here. Your just a true Lauren Alaina fan <3

  86. Alona Rodrigez

    awwwwwh :)<3

  87. guitarkid

    When I first saw the title of this song, I thought she was talking about my penis. She's not.

  88. Ay, Its Terrel!

    am i the only male listening and crying to this amazing song? :)

  89. Kathleen Woodruff

    What? Who? When? Why?
    I love this song!

  90. wayne whitacre

    WHERE is the VIDEO to this LAUREN ALAINA song?

  91. fandomx13

    Three people wrote this song, not just Carrie fyi.
    But I am absolutely in love with this song, and Lauren Alaina's voice is perfect for it!

  92. Kayla Katastrophe

    Like if you thought of a certain person while this song was playing. <3

  93. Musicforgrace Andlove

    I am here because of Lauren Alaina! Great song beautifully executed!

  94. wayne whitacre


  95. BigBrainOnMusic

    6 weeks on the country list. Last week #42, now #37 this week!

  96. Musicforgrace Andlove

    If you like this song, you'll love the others on Laurens "Wildflower" album. Every song is excellent.

  97. SouthSweetTea

    co-wrote w/ Lauren