Alade, Yemi - Shekere Lyrics

I see o bay!
Yemi alade oooo
I see o bay!
Ma ma ma (wombolobo)

I dey hear the sound of a tambourine o
Talking drums and shekere combination (wombolobo)
I see people under the tambourine o (wombolobo)
Dancing like sey there's a celebration (wombolobo)

Mama wa loko loko o
Legbe odo
Hmm baba ti sere lo ona
I'm the only one at home

All I want to do now is dance wombolobo
So I lock up and keep kokoro labe kondo
Waka enter weli well e dey happen uh yeah
Come see small pikin ati iya arugbo dey dance

Gbogbo eniyan so pe onijo kan be
Moni mori monini ko da mi lohun
Ile onijo pelegbe odo
O ninu re eko network ati ija
Mamawa loko loko o
Legbe odo

Hmm baba ti sere lo ona
I'm the only one at home
All I want to do now is dancing lonbon lonbon
So I lock up and keep kokoro labe kondo
Waka enter weli well e dey happen uh yeah
Come see small pikin ati iya arugbo dey dance

I see o be
Legbe odo
I see o be
Mi Oni eni ko da mi lohun

I dey hear the sound of a tambourine o
Talking drums and shekere combination
I see people under the tambourine o
Dancing like sey there's a celebration

Waka weli well e dey happen uh yeah
Dance womobolobo
Dance womobolobo

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Alade, Yemi Shekere Comments
  1. Laurent DEGNON

    Africa' Amazing women

  2. joseph brou ané

    c'est une vrai bombe cette chanson j'adore

    Laurent DEGNON

    Vraiment hein je suis dépassé

  3. Ashley White

    2 of my favorite African queens in one song???? Yassss!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Tidyasin Hamzah

    dis wan sweeeeeet

  5. E Afrique social TV

    Bravo l'artiste

  6. fleur auréole Sessinou

    Yemi Aladé with my mama from Benin... WOOWWW ! Much love

  7. Nag.B_On_Beat_Officielle

    I am so proud of you, God bless u

  8. Specioza kawarach

    Love from Uganda.
    Rock on Black Queens.

  9. Antoine Le Premier Yodogo

    le son est magique. bravo l'Afrique

  10. emmany matthew

    Pls let the video be dope.

  11. Nady Anato

    Ce son est top

  12. Said Ibitocho

    Il fallait porter Ankara ne commet jamais l'erreur de t'habiller comme ça dans le clip.

  13. SETONDJI Gael

    Very good corporation.

  14. Tonye Maria Collections

    oh Wow! This is a Song

  15. GBAGUIDI Amos

    Angelique KiDJO & Yemi Alade, c'est de très grandes voix (dans le showbiz) d'Afrique. Et ce feat en est simplement la preuve.

  16. ibrahim guindo

    Très belle chanson bravo

  17. Kwesi Andoh Abban

    Charley Angrlique Kidjo's voice is so displacing you have to really hold your own next to her. What a voice. So inspirational.

  18. Don KEM

    Awesome !

  19. Voice Kick

    Mme Alade j'aime votre ouverture d'Esprit merci encore pour cette merveille. Nous espérons une vidéo 👑

  20. Daniele Amaglo

    waoh a legend.not everyone is able to sing with her. hands up

  21. bigash don

    true descent of queen mother ASSETHA

  22. Abraham Toure

    I love the Egyptian dress. Queen nefertiti n all others lives on thru Yemi.......

  23. Kevin Asoera

    This is really kool the real pharaohs are coming back with real force. Blesses my sister's Hotep.

  24. sandra Tsogo

    Two Queens!

  25. breakeven30

    One of my favorite of the album.

  26. Gloria Koudjo

    Waoooo quel belle surprise pour l'Afrique le 🇧🇯et🇨🇲♥️♥️♥️

  27. Mayo Maixan

    Je danse depuis Libreville le goût de ça

  28. akoua fray

    Great song.

  29. Audace Koudjo

    Oh my god. This song is one of the best

  30. Adrien Isaac

    Ouaou vrais delice auditif

  31. LiNdA MB

    WOW😳😳🔥🔥🔥 Beautiful duo...2powerful women!!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  32. Boombuzz Global

    Watch Femi Kuti's performance at Felabration here:

  33. World News Update

    Real Queens!!! Love it

  34. Josia GOTTES

    Waou 🙈quand j'ai vu Angélique Kidjo ds le feat j'ai su tout de suite que ça allait être une tuerie😍😍😍waou😊yemi félicitations 😘

  35. Rigein Shabani

    Here for Kidjo anyone?

  36. Paul Samuel KPAKPANON

    🇳🇬🎧♥️🎤🇧🇯👍GO for AFRICA

  37. Neils Kingsman

    Yemi... aaaah Yemi... Africa without you is nothing oooohh!

  38. IB LeggJack

    I CANNOT wait for the video of this song.

  39. sagbohan guy

    Nice song

  40. Stephanie Dawson


  41. Ronin keith

    Angélique Kidjo 😢😢😢

  42. Felix Khale D Entertainer

    my jamz

  43. dasi59

    Yemi, we are indeed the Pharoes and you are definetely an Egyptian Queen. Thank you for making us in all your works more and more black conscious.

  44. Smile Peace for Africa

    Hope some those disliking are not Kamite (African).
    Join me on face: Mouka Adam Dade, Beninese pan African living in Japan.
    J'espère que ceux qui n'aiment pas ne sont pas Africains

  45. Moore

    This is giving me goose pimples. I just loop the song and dance with happiness. I love you Yemi

  46. Yeadeh Amazing

    Only white woman or man will dislike this. African the first and will be the last human race

  47. Achille_ Nestor


  48. Gildas Hounmanou

    Can we get a video for this?

  49. Amonke Hounsa

    Je kiff et attends le clip

  50. geo kd tv

    Benin nigeria c'est la famille


    Benin-Nigeria, c'est L'Afrique qui gagne

    Carol Mamy

    Tout à fait d'accord avec vous

  52. Mariam Samassi

    Très belle chanson, bravo 6toi la MAMA Africa ❤👌

  53. Nsibidi script of Arochukwu

    Africa Unite. Please Unite. The time is getting closer everyday.

  54. Leona Nicholas

    I love this 🔥

  55. Roi Makoko

    The princess & the Queen

  56. KAYZA TV

    I.can't Wait to watch this video mama from republic of Benin

  57. La voix Commercial

    They have the same type of voice.,..IS si good

  58. ernest onunze

    waiting for the video, nice colabo. live from Limassol , Cyprus

  59. Loice Kaunda

    This song is too short. Love from zimbabwe

  60. Obinna Izuora

    Yemi, this is very courageous of you. Angelique Kidjo is a massive force!!!

  61. The Garage Chronicles

    Stuck on repeat, my my favorite on the album. Wish it was longer ❤️


    Yemi is a Queen not fused or shoved down our throats. She is sealing her Queenship by linking up with the Greater Queens. A queen does not stand on a table dancing for sugar daddies.

    Princess Adex

    Abi ooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this ur shading no get part two..
    And she's very hard working too... everly consistent I Just love her 👌👌👌👌👌

    Jamii Circle

    A queen does whatever she wants period

    Okonkwo Cosmas

    Idiot tiwa is far better than yemi alade my dear

  63. Boniface GNONLONFOUN

    J’apprécie cette belle chimie entre yemy et angelique depuis Canada👍

  64. BB Pouye

    This song is so sweet like honey, their voices are so melodious and harmonious, such a delightful jam, i am senegalese guy who is so hooked on african culture. My heart is so full... this song is everything

  65. Chels 2.0

    Omg I’ve been waiting for this day that these amazing women did a song together ❤️🔥 I’m in awe right now!! Can’t stop playing it! On repeat 👏🏾

  66. Nelly Anita

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  67. Taire Gabriels


  68. Augusta Dame De Cœur Officiel


  69. Ajisafe WizTemidayo

    You guys voice almost sound the same,,, nice music

  70. soukeyna ba

    From Sénégal..Yemi et Angélique deux voix pref de l'album ❤

    BB Pouye

    soukeyna ba song bi dal neu

  71. Ngum Ngafor

    Great effort Yemi. Look forward to the vid. The original 'wombo lombo' is forever a classic.

  72. Kennie Kings

    I could cry 😭😭😭 of joy

  73. Felix Khale D Entertainer


  74. King King

    I fucking love it!😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  75. Fela bold

    Playing this right now in Germany...OBO fans Love's you, African blood run in you.

  76. Patience Pfavai

    Video soon please can't wait to see you dancing with Angelique

    Je taime Amour de moi


  77. john chukwu

    Splendid colab

  78. Felix Khale D Entertainer

    perfect music,perfect album

  79. Floria Davi

    Angelique Kidjo et Yemi alade ❤. Un clip ou une vidéo live svp... Nous esperons cela avec impatience.😀

    Carol Mamy

    Moi même j'aimerais qu'il y ait une vidéo

    Laurent DEGNON

    N'aie pas peur , je pense que le clip serait entrain d'être réalisé par :capital dreams pictures , clarence shot it, si c'est au Nigeria.

  80. Keita Balla

    Maman angélique yemi Africa🙏

  81. Dieudonne HOUANYE

    Deux belles voix de la musique africaine, j'ai aimé; i like it.....

  82. DIAKITE Daouda


  83. Shiny Theboy

    Yemi and angélique c'est la magie

  84. YeshuaMyLord

    The remix of the song "Wombo Lombo" by Angelique Kidjo, that's great that Yemi gave homage to the great african singers.

  85. Teranga Boutique

    Love Africa Love ❤️yami alade ❤️from Sénégal 🇸🇳

    Je taime Amour de moi


  86. Sergio Beatles

    Africans queens...

  87. Debytes BOB

    Now! this is good music. 👌👌💥💥

  88. maduka Collins

    Yemi song is one of the best song in africa true or flase 👍👍👍

  89. klino kwame

    My favourite song on the album

  90. Barhama International


  91. Benny Dexta

    Jesus of Nazareth... Choi

  92. Antoine Lopez

    YEMI ALADE 👍👍👍🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  93. Busumbala Post

    Two legends

  94. Musicalkelly TV

    Yemi u are two sensitive.. I love u so much..if u also love her hit LIKE NOW💖

  95. Sandra Iwuajoku

    i'm so stuck on this song . difficult to move to other songs on the album. love it so much, they have very strong soulful voices

    Elizabeth Zewdu

    me too i love it so much can any one tell me what sekere means

    Sandra Iwuajoku

    @Elizabeth Zewdu shekere is the nigerian tambourine.

    Brenda Anthony

    That true

  96. Louisa Benter

    The song touches the soul.. Musically unbelievable 🎉🎉🎉🎶

  97. Tatah Daisy

    Dunno how people can put thumbs down to this.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥