Alade, Yemi - Open, Close Lyrics

Awon slay mamas
Open, close
Boogie down, whine am
Yemi Alade
Egar boi

Monkey go go market, e no go fit to come back o
Choir master wey dey mess for church go smell am
(Pastor go smell am, pastor wife go smell am)
I no dey like to make plenty noise o
I dey cut my coat according to my size
How I wan dey steal maggi from market
When I get the spice
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Wan wa mi
Wan wa mi
Wan wa mi ni gboro
Wan le
Wan te mi
Wan wa mi ni gboro
Wan wa mi
Wan wa mi
Wan wa mi ni gboro
Wan le
Wan te mi
I no dey like to blow my trumpet
I no dey like to blow my trumpet
You know say I no dey like to blow

Open, close
Boogie down, whine am
Boogie down, whine am
Boogie down, whine am
Open, close

Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner oh
Monkey dey worku worku, baboon come dey chop am oh
Ebegi please, please don't kill my vibe
The girl just dey vibe you can feel the vibration
Why you wanna kill my vibe?
If you kill my light, I go switch to generator

Wan wa mi
Wan wa mi
Wan wa mi ni gboro
Wan le
Wan te mi
Wan wa mi ni gboro
Wan wa mi
Wan wa mi
Wan wa mi ni gboro
Wan le
Wan te mi
I no dey like to blow my trumpet
I no dey like to blow my trumpet
You know say I no dey like to blow

Open, close
Boogie down, whine am

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Alade, Yemi Open, Close Comments
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    I love this lady...ready to marry her....I'm not Nigerian

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    Can someone explain me the meaning of this song? what she is talking bout?

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    Yemi alade love ur music greating from Somalia 🇸🇴 👍🏻

  8. Rochelle

    This song is so awesome thank you sis

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    Very nice song... Greetings Mozambique 🇲🇿 Germany 🇩🇪

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    Who still listen this 2020

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    I like that the Nigerian singer are using more of their language....💙

  18. Army Giovanna

    La musique est cool mais elle a un peu plagié Mr.Eazy avec le design de la vidéo et le titre de la musique

  19. BAKARY Kamateh

    Yemi alade amazing lady

  20. Ellen Macharia

    I love you Yemi Alade, I am from Kenya so that means I don't understand a thing your saying, but I rather listen to your songs than ours!!!!
    Love you😘😘😘

  21. Mental and Floss

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    wizzo Zizo

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    That’s the same song as mr.eazi -open and close

    Gskittlez Boss

    I t 's s a f i a literally what I was just about to say. Like I like this song too BUT, the whole art style, the name, the twerking stuff. Same thing as Mr. eazi

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    When it comes to these types of dancehall-afrobeat vibes, Yemi is a Queen 👸🏽.

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    Yemi for life

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    Yemi any day... Love it, keep up the good job 👏


    Yemi alade , je t'aime grave ivory coast

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    I am so into afro music new found yemi

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    Am I the only one who thinks the intro sounds like Wizkid?🤔

    nv. temi

    it is I think


    @nv. temi no its yemi

  46. Thanks N Please.!


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    Yemi u r just so amazing...let nobody tell anythg different💪💪💪💪💪💪powerful lady...❤

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    beautiful video by all standards .... Great song, beautiful animation!! Guys subscribe to my channel and I will subb back. Thnx

  57. Edna Wangui

    It's a really nice song but I feel it's a copy and paste of Mr.Eazi from the animation

    Lion Ready

    Art is open for everyone, sky is the limit, the animations have been done by many artists even before Mr.Eazi... It just shows that The both are creative 😚

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    🇭🇹Haïti love u mama africa #Queen of the vibe

    Stephanie Payas

    James Mezil me too😄

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    Nigerians can be so hard on Yemi, this lady puts in so much work in her art than we can even imagine. and its clear that she is not stopping anytime soon..thumbs up Yemi..🙌

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    there's a glitch in the video?

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    I don't understand the language but Nigeria you kill in music Yemi alade bravooo gel

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    Have a feeling Effyzie is all bout sampling passed hit... Still cool thou.

    Chris Oghenetega Maloney

    Azemazi Gilles which passed hits they have sampled before? Hmmmm

    Azemazi Gilles

    @Chris Oghenetega Maloney if you were a keen music listener you will realise this track sounds not different from Tekno's 'Go'... Especially the beats. Even Yemi's "Bumbum" sound pretty much like it. That's we call track sampling.

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