Alabama - Tonight Is Christmas Lyrics

The factories are all shut down
The shopping malls are all closed
The busy streets are all empty
Except for the falling snow
And in the small towns, in the cities
Families gather as one
'Cause the night of love and sharing
They've looked forward to has come

'Cause tonight is Christmas, tonight is love
Tonight we celebrate God's one and only Son
Tonight there's hope for peace on earth eternally
Tonight is Christmas and the world's in harmony

But across the seas two armies
Stare down at each other's guns
Each believing in their cause enough
To die or kill the other one
But tonight there'll be no shooting,
Not a drop of blood will spill
They will cease their fire this silent night
In the name of peace and goodwill

'Cause tonight is Christmas, tonight is love
Tonight we celebrate God's one and only Son
Tonight there's hope for peace on earth eternally
Tonight is Christmas and the world's in harmony

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Alabama Tonight Is Christmas Comments
  1. Peggy Latham Oneill

    God please protect all our men and women who fight for our freedom everyday amen

  2. Peggy Latham Oneill

    I hate war . It's so sad

  3. Sam Smith

    Thank you to all our soldiers in all branches of Armed forces. Thank you Jesus for blessed salvation. Merry Christmas to everyone.

  4. ILovestorms

    Every time I hear this song, I think of Christmas 29 years ago in 1990 - when our troops couldn't have Christmas with the families, friends and loved ones because they were in Saudi Arabia with Operation Desert Shield, soon to be Operation Desert Storm.

  5. Sheila Caissey

    This song goes out to all the men and the women who serve our country police firefighters emt and to the us army navy air force and marines may God bless you all

  6. Rich Bland

    My wife loves this song! I like it too.

  7. Sargehill67 Rudnick

    Remind me Christmas 90 In desert before desert storm started

  8. Joni Michalski

    Merry Christmas And happy Hanukkah And Happy Other Holidays.To All of Are Service People And Their Families and friends Around the world

  9. Kathy Vanderschans

    i love this song

  10. Glen Yates

    Born raise in Lubbock Texas big spring Texas Arkansas Oklahoma sure miss the good old days growing up and Christmas time and life in Oklahoma Texas Arkansas nice song track my Alabama ps ps got any old gospel songs tracks like amazing grace i fly away and got any tracks of real country music singers too mickey gilly tracey Lawrence's sammy kersaw joe enly dont send Glenn any of that shit shit pop rab country music from listener Glenn Linda cats Glenn Oklahoma hope to hear from you channel owner ps ok

  11. Brian Mears

    To see a photo that says Saudi Arabia, 1990. Was this during Operation Desert Shield which would become Operation Desert Storm after the first of the year, the first gulf war?

  12. Harley Barker

    I grew up my whole life listen to this whole album during christmas every year and now i listen to it for thr memories and for those weve lost ..

  13. David Wadsworth

    Just lost it, saw the folks serving, got a son deployed another one will be. when I was decades ago i was single, just my parents, no wife or kid to miss. Did have Bob Hope though. And Joey Heatherton, hotter than the sun.

  14. randy helton

    I fell in love with these guys music in 1977 I don’t know who the lead guitarist is on this song But man can he make that six string talk

    Wayne Spainhoward

    Jeff Cook

    Rich Bland

    Jeff Cook is the lead guitarist. He is also their fiddler.

  15. Robert Arseneault

    Alabama my favorite band since a have 14 year. Now a turn 50 still like Alabama song

    Rhonda Boncutter

    Mine, too! I just turned 65! Saw them in concert twice in Cincinnati! It was one of the best concerts ever!

  16. Rhonda Boncutter

    I wish for the cease fire to never end! We are all made inhis eyes, love each other

  17. Patsy Alexshonis

    Merry Christmas to all of the service people near and far. My thought is one day we can live in peace.

  18. Linda Sue

    This is an all time favorite of mine.....too many memories...Thanks guys!

  19. Andrew Douglas

    Awesome, ty

  20. Christian st-pierre

    Love this band. i became a fan at age 17. Imagine a group of young frenchmen from Québec. Listening Alabama songs in their car, all windows wide open..... EPIC


    +Christian st-pierre Now thats kool any way u slice it lol THANKSSSSS

    Rhonda Boncutter

    I saw them in concert back in the early 80's! Have loved them for years!

  21. Brandy Trietsch

    wow sad song tear jerker

  22. nanaPhyllis Bennett

    to all those out there fighting for us,may you all have a night of peace 
    thank you fir keeping us safe

    nanaPhyllis Bennett

    Awe same today!!!! They are still out fighting for us!! Pray for our military!!

  23. Rich Mountains

    Thanks Soldiers, Young and old.
    I appreciate the freedom you have given me.

  24. mary jane Prouty

    Praise to the Prince of Peace and thanks to those who serve us.

  25. Sally Gentry

    My daddy....Thank you for the upload!! Merry Christmas, Love, and God Bless!!! xoxo

    Becky Hale

    This song would not be what it is without Teddy Gentry singing lead, you can hear how heartfelt the song is with your daddy's voice. Not sure the others could have got the feeling to come across when recording.

  26. Mihai Buris

    Nice, thanks