Alabama - Once Upon A Lifetime Lyrics

Once upon a lifetime
I looked in someone's eyes
And felt the fire burning in my heart
For the very first time
She was scared and young
And had never tasted love
So I took her by the hand
And a boy became a man
Once upon a lifetime

And once upon a lifetime
You hold the queen of hearts
But if you gamble on a diamond
When the dealing starts
You stand to lose it all
As the cards begins to fall
An the lesson learned is hard
You're only dealt the queen of hearts
Once upon a lifetime

So if your taking chances know the chance you take
A broken hearts a high price to pay
Foolish ways will make fools of the wise
And the best thing seldom come along twice

Once upon a lifetime
You know that you've been blessed
When you hold your first born
Tenderly against your chest
The innocent you see
The value of a family
And you feel a special bond
That only comes a long
Once upon a lifetime

So if you taking chances know the chance you take
A broken heart a high price to pay
Foolish ways will make fool's of the wise
And the best things seldom come along twice

And people only find
A love like yours and mine
Once upon a lifetime

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Alabama Once Upon A Lifetime Comments
  1. MMAFighter38

    This is the way country music should sound

  2. Alexis Clinton

    I feel this song gets more truer as years go by.

  3. David Fisher

    This song is so true, I had the love of my life but I lost her. I think about her everyday. You never recover from a broken heart. At least I can say I have felt love. I met her in high school, she was perfect........I wish I could change things

  4. Kim richardson

    One of the best songs they ever sang!!!!!

  5. David Fisher

    Absolutely the truest song ever! Broken heart is a horrible feeling its even worse when you are honest with the other person and they no longer want to be even friends with you. All because you said I think I love you. You never get over your first love ever, or at least I haven't

  6. wise and humble!!

    She was scared and young never tasted cum. Hoes today. No morals

  7. Barren Seen

    Some really good life learning lessons. The song struck deeply when my dad passed away it fits since he and mom my met at a young age

  8. Donald Marshall

    This song (Once Upon A Lifetime) embraces the sensation of truly felt effection; The honesty of the values held by Alabama are conveyed by their lyrical intent; Alabama's integral dearness, for all that is Divine of life, is evident in their music and lyrics. ALABAMA is extremely well accepted and appreciated by an audience who find life to be precious (the greatest of Divine Love and Divine purpose [The Divinity / The Creator's intent of Divine Providence]).

  9. Andrew Murphy

    Very fortunate to know frank myers who was 1 of 2 writers for this!!!!! Couldnt have gotten a better band to record it!

  10. Lori

    makes me cry everytime

  11. April Langley


  12. Esther Rodriguez

    Yes! That's what happens when you play. You lost us all. Too bad, too sad.

  13. Amanda Chambers

    My honey I love you sosooooo much!!

  14. AngelFace

    Beautiful song.They dont make music like this anymore.

  15. Andy Hagg

    The best country group of all time

    Marcos Adriano Chicatto

    From Brazil

  16. Jamie Ford

    I absolutely love this song Randy voice is beautiful

  17. Billie Renz

    Love this song..

  18. Robin Brock

    One of the legends of country music..I just cherish all of their music still

  19. Jim York

    Only once, remember when temptation comes your way resist. Once upon a life time, how true I know I made some stupid mistakes myself

    But we made it through and just celebrated our 52nd anniversary.

    Monica Haley

    I love this song so much.

  20. Martha aka/ Marti Whipple

    I Love this so much!!! Richard Brister is singing this right now, and he does this so well! I hope somebody signs this guy soon! What a talent

  21. Karen Love

    ❤️ this song!

  22. Shelia Burleson

    Such talent. Love Alabama

  23. Bobbie Geer

    the fire was there when it began but all the lies hurts abuse mostly all the tears ! he had the queen of hearts I payed with my broken heart .larry l geer your rotten, loneliness is what you deserve , you knew the chances you took you broke and stole my life . from someone that used to be bobbie

    D Rice

    Bobbie Geer , don't give up. I stayed in a abusive marriage for 10 years. I found my one true love. We have been married 31 years. Learn from the pain. Look for the good. Don't make the right man pay for the wrong man's mistakes.

  24. Charles Runyan

    this is my favorite Alabama song!!

  25. McKenna Fain

    Badlands bruce

  26. Elizabeth Jones

    Love this song . so very pretty

  27. Steve

    wish my wife could see how much she means to me...

    Acres ninety

    Me too too

  28. Zac Fitz

    My wedding song.

    Stacey Armetta

    I want it to be mine as well. It fits for me and my fiance. We are getting our second chance together after 20+ years.

  29. Dave Wollenberg

    ACC's #54 song of the '93 survey year. The boys from Ft. Payne hit #3 in Billboard, 3-13-93. God bless y'all, Alabama cousins! Thanx, fan, for postin' it. Have a blessed rest of the week!


    +Dave Wollenberg  Should have been a number one. Really beautiful.

    Dave Wollenberg

    +moonrice555 It was, on another chart.


    @Dave Wollenberg Oh. That is good to hear, then.

  30. Kelly Glessner

    Love alabama