Alabama - (God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time On You Lyrics

Can this be true? Tell me, can this be real?
How can I put into words how I feel?
My life was complete, I thought I was whole.
Why do I feel like I'm losing control?

I never thought that love could feel like this.
Then you changed my world with just one kiss.
How can it be, that right here with me,
There's an angel, it's a miracle.

Your love is like a river, peaceful and deep.
Your soul is like a secret that I never could keep.
When I look into your eyes I know that it's true,
God must have spent a little more time on you.

In all of creation, all things great and small,
You are the one that surpasses them all.
More precious than any diamond or pearl,
They broke the mold when you came in this world.

And I'm trying hard to figure out
Just how I ever did without.
The warmth of your smile, the heart of a child,
It's deep inside, and leaves me purified.

Your love is like a river, peaceful and deep.
Your soul is like a secret that I never could keep.
When I look into your eyes, I know that it's true,
God must have spent a little more time on you.

I never thought that love could feel like this,
Then you changed my world with just one kiss.
How can it be, that right here with me,
There's an angel, it's a miracle.

Your love is like a river, peaceful and deep.
Your soul is like a secret that I never could keep.
When I look into your eyes, I know that it's true,
God must have spent a little more time on you.
God must have spent a little more time on you.

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Alabama (God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time On You Comments
  1. Guile Jackson

    I like the song by NSYC...
    But Alabama,
    I love their version better...way way better..

  2. Gina Maney

    My favorite song

  3. Debra Nichols


  4. Debra Nichols

    Heaven Sent 👼

  5. Debra Nichols

    Everything in 1

  6. guys05

    I love this version just as much as the one from *NSYNC

  7. instructme

    THinkyouknowmusic on Twitter brought me here.

  8. Ms. Spiritual Gangster1111


  9. seamac206

    I wish Kenny Rogers did this

  10. Brandon Koch

    Decade To mygirlfreind clrissa laub

  11. Gina Maney

    I'm playing this song at my wedding

  12. Debra Nichols

    True Real Love 1 2 3

  13. Debra Nichols

    S U R E 😄

  14. Debra Nichols

    Heaven and Earth BOTH SWEET

  15. Chris William


  16. Clarence Dixon

    Beautifully said 🌞💙❤️🔥💖🖌️🎨⚡💡

  17. Bill Stage

    Anyone else think its funny that Alabama also decided to wear all white

  18. Turquoise blue Lakes

    Love this one and Nsync's version.praying Randy Owens gets better soon.

  19. Leo In Wonderland

    First he practiced: then he made me....🙏

  20. Margarida Sã

    Love this song 😘

  21. krishna prakash

    MAHI I 😍😍😍😘😘😘🖤🖤🖤 I Love You, when I look into your eyes ,I say God must have spent more time on you. Loving you is the most sacred prayers I have.😊 done .

    krishna prakash

    Yes it's true , it's Real , eyes closed and my Angel ,my Miracle every day begins and ends with her Name she's 1 all of creation Babe☺️ you are the manifest prayers answered, Truth " God must have spent more time on you"
    My Radiant 🌟 out in Blue.

  22. 1mtncat1

    God, always makes you feel so special.

  23. JACK Alleman

    This will never get old

  24. AlcoholicDysonSphere

    this was like the most requested song on trl

  25. Diana Hayse

    Ask God He lead us here.

  26. Patricia Hartless

    God Spent A Little More Time On You. This is a beautiful song. I have loved to listen to Alabama. Ever since they first begin their singing career. You can always recognize their voices. So unique and different than other groups.

  27. MargaRitaVille

    God speed time on you too my big huge kkkkkkkkiss!

  28. jewl B


  29. Ellen Mendoza

    Beautiful song for someone who is looking for the same heartbeat of his heart... I have had heartbreaks and betrayals despite I am so faithful and a stick to one man woman.
    I am just waiting til the RIGHT ONE comes who will sing this to me.

    Ellen Mendoza

    And would no longer leave me...

  30. LadyAnne

    Love this song. Love you too...💗💓💗

  31. donna br0wn

    Beautiful song. Touch’s the heart ♥️ like it is mean’t to. Love 💕 can be instant between two people. Think one of them is a ANGEL.💋

  32. Noemi Sanchez

    Awww 😍 😊 love this song ! 🙌 🙌


    Max martin

  34. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Just Love Alabama """ 💘💘

  35. Rockie Dewayne Hatfield

    Please play this at the Rocks funearl he's going to die all alone from June the 29 1985 untill unknown

  36. Faizah Bodeen

    2019 & still listening!

  37. Thomas Powers

    i like this version better

  38. july mash

    Hi there
    Have a good day

  39. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Love this Beautiful Song "" I dedicate to my Special Someone "" that I Love """ every word is so true """ God must have spent a little more time on him"" 💕💕💕💕💕🎶🎶🎶🎶


    Is that the FBI guy from the boys?

  41. Dinah Booth

    I love these kind of songs especially Sang by Alabama😘❤️💙

  42. A T

    Excellent version of one of my favorite love songs.

  43. Jordan McBride

    This is one of the best songs i have heard in a long time has alot of meaning to it

  44. Anne Quintal

    I love this song🤗♥️


    This song is dedicated to my love. Nothing could be more true.

  46. GeeCoach35

    😂😂😂 N'Sync's was better

  47. Joshua Nodine

    Every time I listen to this song it makes me miss you Grandma . I love you

  48. Nicole W

    I still love this song even after all these years that no one hardly shows this song. I'm a huge fan of Alabama and always will be

    Cindy Wolfe


  49. Rhonda Boncutter

    I have loved Alabama for so many years! I love this!

  50. brandonjb2007

    Sorry but the n sync version is better

  51. Doris Night

    Yes, God said I'm setting you two apart for such a time as now. I know you are a special "gift"!!!

    Veritas Aequitas

    God does work in mysterious ways..My husband Brad and I have no doubt he put us together..and I'm thankful Brad says he's never letting me go..

  52. Tabitha M. Broadway

    Im sorry but these men hurt me in the worst way played me so wrong. I just say it through music .i am hurt not only physically eemotionally i cant even walk out my door feeling

  53. Sharon Martin

    IAM try of the beast my face...y'all stop please y'all hurting me deeply...I just love country music...

  54. Petor Galore

    I'm just going to keep skipping until you play a f****** song about a commercial

  55. Sandra Richter

    OH RANDY!! my heart is skipping a beat!!!

  56. Tabitha M. Broadway

    I Remember when they hid me out at my great grandmothers atop of BIG TYLER MOUNTAIN AND BEING TOLD I WAS THE APPLE OF HIS EYE.

  57. Tabitha M. Broadway

    But now he wants to be me i won't let him

  58. Tabitha M. Broadway

    Im not gay but I don't have nothing against the gay man but I turned him straight

  59. Tabitha M. Broadway

    They invaded my upstairs hearing all my thoughts still trying to be me

  60. Tabitha M. Broadway

    Please help to see the world as all good

  61. Barbara Dowd

    Alabama is the best country group I've heard, I love you guys,

  62. Carolina Fransiska


  63. Ashley Blasdell

    Is song for my son when first born he camping have fun camping buddy love u miss u

  64. Teresa McClanahan


  65. babycakes87 Rogers

    2019 Listening 😁

  66. Rosemary Crow

    My true love this song is for you, God has definitely spent more time on you!💌💞💗💝

  67. icun

    I heard this song from RADIO UNASKO Bandung Indonesia - Jalur Musik country in 1999. The anchor is Gilang Pambudi, Ivan Wahastadi and so on

  68. Nancy D. Beam

    Sounds like the twin of a religious figure...

  69. stephanie meadows

    You need know the music you do make some of us mix in to as our family time life that dont go way time here the music play as remembers put for me it was limit but feel good that we are not always limit to members there some many of them love you guys thanks 💔💓🎶👼

  70. Amanda Dixon

    God much of spend a little more time on my boyfriend his is everything I want and more

  71. Gina Costello

    I'm going to play this song at my wedding when I marry my true love tommy keener

  72. Kimberly Sweet

    Alabama an amazing band. Love their music....

  73. Susie Q

    Where’s Nsync??

  74. Dixie Pena

    Love the lyrics!

  75. Angelina Joseph

    who"s listening 2019?

    Guile Jackson

    I rendition is beautiful...

  76. Sharon Rowland


  77. Lulabelle A.

    Even though nsync did this song on their CD alabama also did this song and added nsync to video as giving them the credit. Love both groups

  78. Monica Nixon

    This was play at my daughters funeral. When she took her last breath I know he spent a little more time on her .

  79. Donnie Donahoe

    I know that God spent a little more time on my girl because not only she The love of my life she's my life and 👼 and I don't know where I would be without her baby girl I love you so much baby girl and you are the only one for me and you are my angel from heaven thank you God

  80. Barbara Skinner

    God loves us Darlin 💯

  81. elitestar

    My grandpa could pull better vocals then this shite

  82. ron holt

    one of 2 songs that these guys did that should have hit #1 the other cheap seats

  83. Mike or patty Rhoades

    YEA! thank YOU GOD!

  84. Jennifer Brown

    Love this song

  85. Qwerks Bless

    Awesome track we've got there...!!

  86. Becky Hale

    LOVE this band and Teddy Gentry looks amazing in this video.

  87. Linda Andrews

    I absolutely love Alabama wish I had the chance to see them in person.

  88. Philip Johnsson

    This one is way better than the original

  89. Alex Townsend

    Wonderful song in every way!!!

  90. Jerica hixon

    omg this song is brilliant

  91. White Emerald_

    I dedicate this song to Mc Donalds

  92. Kathy LeBouef

    When Randy was born, God shattered the mold,and through it away!!! LOVE YOU RANDY, AWESOME JOB ON THIS SONG👍😍😘💞💖🎸🎤🎶🎼(better than N'Synic),

  93. Matt Reeves

    Randy lost his singing voice thats why they quit the last concert they had was last year in 2017 and his voice was no where close to the same

  94. Susan

    Superb.loving this..the whole,Beautiful..
    Thank you for this wonderfully awesome material... :-)

  95. Jim Mitchell

    Totally talented, love the compl

  96. saremile

    There's a version where 'Nsync and Alabama are singing together....thats my favorite version💖

  97. Daisy wagoner