Al Stewart - Bad Reputation Lyrics

You've got a bad reputation
All over the street
There's some indication
You've been indiscreet

Oh I know you can turn on the charm
When you feel so inclined
Whatever I do
I can't get you out of my mind

It's a sad situation
I'm coming apart
A clear invitation
For trouble to start

If I knew what it was that you did
It's so hard to define
But whatever it is
I can't get you out of my mind

Maybe I'm seeing
What I want to see
Trying to make you
What you'll never be

Perhaps it's just the simple fact
You only want the things that you can't have
Well I suppose somebody broke your trust
Now I see you kicking up the dust

I wouldn't be at all surprised
If some of it got in my eyes
You've got a bad reputation
They're telling me so

I've got a strong motivation
To get up and go
If I knew what it was that you did
I'd just leave you behind

But whatever it is
I can't get you out of my mind
I suppose this will come to a close
It's just a matter of time

But whatever I do,
I can't get you out of my mind
Can't get you out of my mind
Oh no, whatever I do, I can't get you out of my mind

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Al Stewart Bad Reputation Comments
  1. Kubale Nyaundi

    Published on Jan 18 2017

  2. Giorgio Bianchi


  3. Mark Byfield

    Great artist. Top shelf song from a great album.

  4. Antonio Durán Andrade

    Great....Al Stewart.... this drum remember me sound TAMA.....

  5. Joe Tark

    The Best!! Thanks for posting.

  6. Corea Kixx

    I was in broadcast college when this came out in '88, and i was absolutely floored. i really hadn't listened to Al that much since his '78 epic "time passages" album was released, but "last day's..." started me on a journey to discover everything by him. His entire body of work is mesmerizing. Thanks so much for this!!!

  7. kings_of_beers

    great song from great album from great artist!! one of the most beatiful singer, and is ignored by the 80% of people!!!


    I agree Al Steward was ignor by most music listeners from lack of Radio play from what I remember... No doubt Al is a great poet and musician!

  8. mabell3yah

    Great song from Al's last album with the full band. Al said this song was inspired by the Neil Jordan movie Mona Lisa.

  9. kringles Paul

    thank you for posting, I saw him in NH two nights ago, and met Al....a great person too.

    Rafael Deustua

    I hope Al live forever

  10. Chris Heyn

    Awesome Al 35 years of fantastic music like you did't spot this one until stumbled on the King Of Portugal

  11. Narasimhan S

    awesome number. First time I'm hearing this. Love Al Sewart. he's rocker even soft voice notwithstamding

  12. rac717

    Another truly GREAT song from Al Stewart!!

  13. peterwilliamham

    Thankyou for posting....

  14. burton48

    This cut from the fine "Last Days of the Century" album features some excellent saxophone and guitar work as well as the ever gentle, melodious, and kind voice of Al Stewart. Good post.

  15. ceri weaver

    Great track from a great album. Shame on the record company, they forgot to tell anybody that this album existed. I had to get my dj friend to steal it from his radio station. Good on him!