Al Stewart - A Small Fruit Song Lyrics

Said the apple to the orange:
"Oh I wanted you to come
Close to me and kiss me to the core
Then you might know me like no other orange
Has ever done before"

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Al Stewart A Small Fruit Song Comments
  1. Doug Reed

    Best song ever about an apple & orange!

  2. Gavin MacNeish

    Al Stewart, Ah yes when I was 15 I was listening to this. I wasn't advanced in academic study but I was listening to cool music and never stopped. How about a bit of Hank Williams, and I'm not being ironic!

  3. Bouncy Spring

    Does anyone know more info like this

  4. Shaun Donnelly

    Just discovered this and the guitar playing is incredible, thanks for posting 🙂

  5. erika7674

    I've been singing this in my head all my life - since 1970 when I had the album Fill your Head with Rock. Great to hear it again!

  6. Gavin MacNeish

    Al at his best!

  7. Rafael Deustua

    absolutamente magnífico

  8. Emmet Nolan

    A legend then and now.

  9. Otto Greenleaf

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Thanks Al.

  10. big frank

    a girlfriend turned me on to Al 1973 he played the Cleveland agora alot I became a fan

  11. Michael Finney

    fab fab fab

  12. Norah Larkin

    Shithot al stewart int he

  13. rich de schutter

    Fantastic .

  14. Ainslee Trudeau

    this might be a total stupid question but my bud has her music in her favorites and adds to it all the time. I cant find the option to add to favorites hmm help lol


    In case you still haven't found it, under the uploader's avatar and subscribe button you'll find and 'add to' - option. Click on it and you can add videos to your favorites or any other playlist.

  15. ruud jurriaans

    still brilliant as ever, XXX

  16. JackBreadfruit

    I just found my orange. What an amazing feeling.

    Filbert R Weltite

    hope i can find mine :)

  17. Michael Connolly

    Chinese Man Ordinary Man brought me here


    Odal Rune same


    Thanks Saphide!


    now listen to Kormac - Another Screen. - more nice guitar

    Leene Monster2

    Odal Rune 😅 me too

  18. Tomas Unefäldt

    Best little cute song I ever heard!

  19. pete Stone

    man i love this song!!!

  20. Lanford Ripley

    It sounds like Al Stewart may have been influenced by Nick Drake.

    Michael Tew

    +Lanford Ripley doubtful.......they were contemporaries at the very least

    Roses of Time

    The other way around Lanford...Al started before..


    Roses of Time et le

  21. Aurelio Gago

    amazing Stewart,s tune.

  22. david hadley

    Loved this so many years ago and still love it.

  23. Steve Woods

    Loved the Laura Nyro Track (but sadly not on this Youtube compilation). Also Al Stewart and Johnny Winter plus Trees - Why did record companies stop doing these samplers?

    Ian Gourlay

    possibly because folk found the tracks with appeal were on the sampler and the albums they came from were sometimes rather on the drossy side? The Laura Nyro track Gibsom Street was like that. But then again the Cohen song was like all his stuff - pure dead brilliant!

  24. Phil Na

    fucking brilliant.

  25. John Francis

    thank you

  26. joe ok

    Intricate jaunt exquisitely constructed

  27. Ángel P S

    jajajaja Dedos arriba quien haya cantado "la flor le dijo al agua: '¿qué tal juntos tú y yo? Yo pondré el aroma y tú el frescor'"... Cuánto daño han hecho los anuncios de colonia de los 70 y 80...

  28. george stirling

    im just a big smoothie.

  29. Lily Land

    Bought this album especially to play at my 18th birthday party. Played it again for my 60th. It was still new to most of the mundanes.

    Roses of Time


  30. Ruth N

    Just so brilliant

  31. TheGarabella

    Said the apple to the orange:
    "Oh I wanted you to come
    Close to me and kiss me to the core
    Then you might know me like no other orange
    Has ever done before"


    yES E KNOW ....

  32. TheGarabella

    I love this song, thankyou very much!!

  33. John Dierickx

    have the album too, and this is really outstanding :-)

  34. jamesjonesss

    This cannot be any better

  35. NewsicHome

    I've just uploaded my acoustic cover of this wonderful song, as rendition to Al Stewart.
    Al's song is simple brilliant, so don't judge my cover too hard.

  36. Pifles Bosch


  37. scottishwomble1988

    I still have that album lying in the loft somewhere. Chicago, Laura Nyro, Rod Argent among many others. A fantastic sampler and put me on the road to many great acts, Al Stewart well up there among them.

  38. Matthew

    i thought that haha

  39. Jordan Pierce

    kinda sounds like anji