Al Green - School Days Lyrics

School days
How I wish for school days
How we used to run and play, oh baby

Now those days are gone
But we keep on going on
Wondering where they're gone
School days

I remember my love
Man, good times were easy all the time
How she really blew my mind

Oh, won't you come back to me
Oh darling, can't you see
I need you here with me always

Oh baby, let me say that it's
Easy together
Loving you whether
Whether you're near or far, oh

Now that we are
We might as well have some fun
Now that you know
Where I'm comin' from

Oh, my life is just your, your
[?] anything

Oh just come back to me
I need you desperately
Honey, won't you stay with me always

Oh, I, I want to, I want to remind her
School days, oh
I want to remind

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Al Green School Days Comments
  1. Keith Adams

    We can all relate to school days having big fun.

  2. clamdraggin

    Sure do make me miss her Al. This and How Do You Mend A Broken Heart are your finest works.