Akinyele - Rather Fuck You Lyrics

Is the Bronx up in here
Is Queens up in here
Is Brooklyn up in here
Staten Island

[Curly - Hook x2]
I'd rather fuck you girl
Spread out spread out spread out
[Complexion][during hook]
Woman when it come to other gee's
We tell them bitches to flee

Now we could start this shit up on the living room couch
At your mother's house
As I push push
Up in your bush
Like a fucking deush
I think of different ways
That we could lay
Before we foreplay
So we could fuck fuck all through the night
And through the day

[Hook x2]

I say fuck them bitches
That I used to mess with
They knew I should of knew when it comes to handling real dick
I like when it's mushy
And the sex is wet and gushy
I love it when you push me
When I'm humping up in your pussy

[Hook x7]

Hey yo this is Ak-nel
With my man complexion
And curly from the Rasta block
We do it like this on funkmaster flex tape
So we give you the real 60 minutes of fuck

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Akinyele Rather Fuck You Comments
  1. Staccx Khan

    This my shit lol spread out spread out spread out

  2. Simon Mattoni


  3. GalaxyJazzGirl


  4. Baltimore Z-Wad

    Classic Ak off one of them classic Funk Flex albums

  5. Alessandro Montõya

    oh man, this track is just great!
    i love this shit d~_~b

  6. Reina Quisha

    It took me forever to find this song! Spread out, spread out, spread out! 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  7. Solokey


  8. Tim Asani

    Easy e shot out

  9. Robert Bones

    Ah okay... Sounds Arab

  10. jakegamesnake

    The f*ck do you pronounce this guys name?

  11. timtechnics

    I luv'd dis fuckin track, shit still do. Where did ya get da full vinyl version?

  12. Oliver Durant

    @SWBBC go and listen to james blunt limp-dick.

  13. Juan321C

    Akinyele is RAW! Movie makers have their audience, let Akinyele have his. It's not like he's on radio! Yeah, radio plays the same thing. But they bleep out the words like kids can't fill in the blanks. This is ADULT MUSIC!!!! Let's forever acknowledge our rights and keep HIP HOP real!

  14. Polo Kid

    @SWBBC, Akinyele is a G. Respected since waaaaaay back, check him out with Nas and large professor back at the bbq.

  15. pooninaki

    Jesus! If you dont like the song, why bother commenting? Get over it & move on. He may not have the best voice or lyrics for that matter but its still good for a laugh. I like the beats he uses thats why i listen to him, may not be the best but is worth a listen every now & then

  16. chuckchizzle

    Bitch...YOU cant tell...the last one you game money to to have sex with you was a man and YOU got fooled...stick with your herpies prone white girls and you will be fine...bitch

  17. Mitchell Roane

    haha.. sad?

  18. Jamma* Wun

    i think it's always been that way, my friend. it'll continue. with "black music" it's all about the beat. lyrics are like nessesities. you know. a cool little something to inhance the appearance. earings, watches, & necklaces. they can can make a world of difference. but you don't really need them.... sad.

  19. Jamma* Wun

    nah. i kind of agree with the other guy who might be a soulja boy fan. AK does kinda suck. that's why he started making nasty songs. i must admit, it did get him a lil' more attention, but he didn't get far. the guy sucks.

  20. Mitchell Roane

    ha i kno rite his lyrics are shit!
    nobody ever gives a shit about lyrics anymore all they care about is blastin out their speakers wit beats

  21. pabloparada

    You must be a Soulja Boy Fan

  22. jbentley8383

    I Love How Akinyele got singing hooks...and the thing is...the singing ain't soft at all...LoL

  23. 1PhatL

    I don't know nuthin. . . what's he talkin' bout?