Akinyele - In The Zone Lyrics

[Verse 1: Akinyele]
I swing swords like musketeers, the gun blaze
Lay you down like wave, when you brushin your hair
I don't care who you are and get, go tell, Ak-nel
Been on every record la-bel, CEO's know
that I dead Presidents like Lee Harvey Os-well
Look what they did to Prazwell, put together the Fugees
You see how they (Doo) like (Scooby)
But Ak truly use dem for, dey use me
Money to make, Spongecake like Suzy
Fool I spill [?] like Lucy - these hot and double slugs
make your blood boil and bubble like jacuzzis
Nigga I did Biz like Cool V
Get it, Biz and Cool V
The dude who used to spin for Markie
God you small like yawkies[?] fuck the car keys
You frail I trail you home like RV's
Automatic Desert Eagle haunt me
Cause I keep static, like walkie talkies
Go to studio with my love, just to talk
As my voice skate on the board like Tony Hawk

Ak, ak, come the fuck on
[scratched:] "let me set you straight"
I put rappers and singers in they place
[scratch:] "that's right"
Smack fire out ya ass
"Sorry if my loud crude vulgar voice is givin you a headache!"

[Verse 2: Akinyele]
The real rhyme sayer, that gotta spray ya
This dude been rude since Ice Cube used to wear, activator
Who the fuck you wanna be, "Boyz N the Hood"
Nowadays kids grow up, wantin to be Suge
But fuck that, buck that, real rap, come back
Clik-clak, and stick yo' ass like thumbtacks
Nevermind where my slugs at, I'm finnin
to have your head spinnin down the street, like a hubcap
My gat clap, like pitty-pat, fuck a Smith & Wes
I pack a Funk Flex, cause I bust (Big Kaps)
I lay you nigs flat
My AK spray at your toupee, and push your wig back
I got lyrics as soon as you hear it
It sound sick and psychotic, you be like Ak still got it
I'm exotic, I'm dope like narcotic
Thoughts so ripe they feedin me antibiotics
The world hottest, they say I'm a little too modest
cause I walk holdin my balls like the Globetrotters

You think you can hang with Ak? Ha, come the fuck on
[scratched:] "let me set you straight"
I put rappers and singers in they place
[scratch:] "that's right"
Smack fire out ya ass
That's what you get if you step to the Ak
[two loud explosions] [scratched:] "blown to bits"
[scratched:] "blown to bits"

[Verse 3: Akinyele]
Let's go, yo
You don't want no part of, you soft like Jimmy carter
I'm big like Nell Carter
Slam yo' ass like Vince Carter, you want harder?
I, part your head like a barber
Bomb yo' ass like Pearl Harbor
Slaughter throw ya body in the water
You want harder? I'll, straight, slaughter your daughter
Make your Dame Dash like Shawn Carter
Fuckin jet like a charter
You want harder? I dress harder
I wear a baseball bat cause I'm a troublemaker real starter
Niggaz is fish like tartar, you want harder?
I, go to Atlanta bust yo' ass like the martyr/Mardi
Twentyfive to life for four bodies, fourth quarter
You want harder? There's no harder
I'm the hardest, rap artist, yo regardless shit
if you a gold or platinum artist
My mac-10 stick men like the (Midnight Marauders)
Get it? Stic men, album cover, "Midnight Marauders"
Split your coconut, like pina coladas, yeah

Come the fuck on

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Akinyele In The Zone Comments
  1. Grover Kirkland

    ill beat. ill MC.

  2. John Downs Jr


  3. Michael Howard

    Peace to AK. This song is bananas.

  4. Toshi Aburakoji

    Akinyele is still one of my favorite rappers, this joint with J-Zone is just ill