Akinyele - Break A Bitch Lyrics

[A:] Akinyele, you know I break a bitch neck!
[K:] Kool G. Rap, you know I break a bitch neck!
[A:] Yeah break a bitch neck!
[K:] Break a bitch neck!
[A:] Break her neck, aiyo G catch the fucking wreck, set it!

[Verse 1: Kool G. Rap]
I can't stand a bitch so I don't treat and I don't need 'em
They want a niggaz cunt, so I just fuck 'em like I hate 'em
Hoes wanna oppose, like they know me or they knew me
But bitch you never blew me, so don't say a fuckin' thing to me
Cause I'm too fly to say hello HA HA
See you later, long good-BYE
Bitch yo, what you want pa
[A:] But you bitches look so good
But it don't mean no give a fuck
If there's one less bitches out the neighbourhood
Because I never did respect 'em
You know you could never give a
Kool G. Rap a swift kick in the rectum
Check 'em, develop a chick is a pig
Because mad niggaz bitches
They put they lips around a nigga dick (Come on niggaz)
Did they tell me how my dick is so much bigger (Yeah)
Swallow my nut if they forgot to call me Mister Nigga (Ah)
Sit back slap a bitch, Kool G. Rap
Bitch runnin' off for the track
Then a bitch got it slapped
So don't be a nigga sex-slave bitch
Don't try to be brave bitch
You be a dead bitch in the grave bitch
Bitch you think a nigga and come beef out
Come bitch the-these house
Bitch I slap your motherfucking teeth out (Aight, my man)
Break it off bitch you want the drama bitch
You'll have to homa, bitch you broke a seven bomber
Bitch I slap your mama bitch (Whoo-hie)
Pull out my dick and start suckin' bitch
Or keep on puckin' bitch, you stupid motherfuckin' bitch!
Hog bitch you come and stalk bitch
You got a lot of heart bitch
For you to me you ain't too smart bitch
Slap a bitch, I got a bag full of bitches
Try to steal a bitch, you get a head full of stitches
I'm hittin' bitches with a tec

[K:] Aiiyo break a bitch neck, break a bitch neck
[A:] Come on!
[K:] Break a bitch neck!
[A:] Break a bitch neck!
[K:] Break a bitch neck!
[A:] Come here bitch, let me break your neck!
[K:] Yeah break a bitch neck!
[A:] Break a bitch neck!
[K:] Break a bitch neck, aiiyo Ak catch some motherfucking wreck

[Verse 2: Akinyele]
Yo, beatin' bitches up ain't nothing new to me
Whether you're down with social security
Or you're just here in furity
A ain't nothing but an agenda
You young bat, that comes and after all
You better hold on to your changes
Don't come talkin that slappin' shit
Cause that you're a woman, Miss
Don't think that it can't happen bitch
I make, bitches panick and sweat for their life
It's bad that bitches mostly get
Stabbed to death with they own knife
Todd skin bitches feel lack of blue
I cruise around town, cruise their ass with a .22 (Bitch)
Cali bitches get the gat that I'm blastin'
I think straight slang
Sprinklers I'ma [?] when they askin'
Get the man and his wolfpack
I pay them like D-pack
Each and everyone of them bitch is get slapped
Martial arts bitches get me fat
Who sees rollin' Bun
We say; Return of the living dead (Huhh)
Nobody's shit goes live
Miss Hong-Kong bitch
I break my foot up off in your ass (Yeah)
And don't bitch that keep 'em full of it
And the nigga alcoholic fake the thing
Some eyes in the third
And you are snitches, and never said it
Cause I be stompin' they ass
Just like the class of the wedded
And dancin' girls get me pissed
I'm the first straight hater to yell out:
Go stupid bitch! Go stupid bitch!
Ain't nothing good about me, girlfriend
You want a good boyfriend, check the Merige[?]
I heard they got a few good men (Yeahh)
Don't hear me I ain't get no love (Fuck that)
I'm member of the bitch haters club
I don't kiss and don't pump 'em up bitch
You stuck up bitch
"Don't call me a bitch"
Oh shut the fuck up bitch!
You don't get no respect, hell no!

[A:] Break a bitch neck!
[A:] Break a bitch neck!
[K&A:] Yeah ahahaha, word up!
[A:] See that fuckin' bitch
[K:] Bitches must be fuckin' crazy (Bitch, bitch)
You must be out your fuckin' minds (Bitch, bitch)
Suck my motherfuckin' dick! (Bitches ahaha)
[A:] You look like thaaaat
[K:] Bitch haters come, come and act up baby (Stop me)

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Akinyele Break A Bitch Comments
  1. My name is Stephanie

    Looked up most offense rap song and this popped up!!! Hahaha

  2. nic

    someelse here because of Discogs most expensive sells of October 2018?

    Patrick Barbaro Sant

    HahaHa yes. And I never read comments. Dunno why I read this. Not disappointed with the track