Akinyele - Ak Da Hoe Lyrics

My name is Akinyele
I be rolling like Pirelli
Knocking niggas out the box like skullies
Taking hoes directly to the telly
Make them scream my name two times like Pelle Pelle
Then I put her on they belly
Play it cool like Fonzerelli
From New York to L.A.
Will they
Sell they
Body to me to escape poverty
Before I started boning chicks
I used to watch the porno flicks
Every night I would fuck that same Yoko Ono chick
Anything to get wet
I guess I was just young sad and blue
Like the Lissette cassette
The world made me like this
Girls very rare gave me a kiss
Pulling my dick out only to piss
Now the tables switched and turned
And niggas straight like a perm
Bank I earn
No time to learn
One girl give me all of them
I'll have a ball with them
And when we do change the numbers so they don't call again
We probably see them at the mall again
Or the dance hall again
Fuck it if they wit it we could do it all again
You're a true baller when
They treat you like a king like Soloman
Fuck them like you [?]
Who pussy who pussy
Now bring the chorus in

[Complexion - Hook]
He's your ho
You know he's your ho
He rocks three different [?] after every show
He's your ho
You know he's your ho
How do you know cause I told you so
He's your ho

I don't want to be a ho like no more
I'm ready to find some girl I can save my love for

You'll be dick sucking
Clit fucking
My dick stuck in your back
Cause we heard that you like it like that
So when your man's [?] bring your fucking ass back


Go fuck her then come fuck me
Well you're shit out of luck cause this bitch ain't free
I had a fat piece of that and it must get bust
But you're going everywhere and you want you're dick sucked
And you want to come home pass diseases to me
Have me scratching my pussy like I'm looking for fleas
But I'm noooooooooooot
You're ho bitch
And you can't fuck me around
Cause you're a ho


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