AJ Rafael - Showstopper Lyrics

You make my dreams come true
And I love all the small things that you do,
Like blink 182
You make my days go better and the way
That the sun is shining through girl it's all because of you

And I know it's tough right now but you'll get it together
And just know that I am here through all kinds of weather
I won't ever leave your side day or night or whenever
But right now I just gotta say
I just gotta say

But you're a
Showstopper you are so hot and I can't get you off my mind
Showstopper you're a jaw dropper
When I see you in the lights
You make everything alright
And I know that Id be fine if I had you

You make me wanna dance
Cause I'm happy but just know that I can't dance
So I'm sorry in advance

You make the stars shine brighter and the way
That the moonlight hits your eyes makes me wanna be your guy
And I know it's tough right now now but we'll get it together
And just know that I am here through all kinds of weather
And I will ever leave your side day or night or whenever
But at this moment I just wanna say, I just gotta say

That you're a
Showstopper you are so hot and I can't get you off my mind
Showstopper you're a jaw dropper
When I see you in the lights
You make everything alright
And I know that Id be fine if I had you

And you make me feel like I'm flying
And no one can stop me from feelin
The way I do now there's no denying
That you got me goin and now I'm falling

Showstopper you are so hot and I can't get you off my mind
Showstopper you're a jaw dropper
When I see you in the lights
You make everything alright
And I know that Id be fine if I had you

Showstopper you are so hot and I can't get you off my mind

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AJ Rafael Showstopper Comments
  1. So Artsy

    omg my sister was 2 when this was made

  2. Kenny Guerrero

    Can we get this on Spotify 😭

  3. Diandra Taylor

    I remember watching this years ago before my kids and loving this song. Now I have 6 year old who just started learning the ukulele and reminded me of this song so I’m back in 2019 with a 3 month old and a 6 year old listening to this.

  4. Mayva Locs

    Day 1 fan! 2019 baby!! Still loooooovvvvvveeee this song .

  5. Paige Farmer

    Please put this on iTunes! I looked and couldn’t find it 😭 still remember listening to this in middle school. Have always loved this song!

  6. Jessica Addis-mcglashan

    Still love this song 11 years on 💕

  7. christian lajoie

    Add this to Spotify

  8. Jocke Z

    Im here cuz i type "Y7O" when i searched for youtube xD

  9. TheNick5301

    I found you from Gibson

  10. Tenzing Woeser

    2019 xoxo

  11. Kunio119

    Just ran across this video again. Haven't heard this song in years... Best song ever.. still

  12. Alyssa Stull

    10 years ago, how crazy. I was 11 when this came out.. a little kid. Now I’m 21 and it’s so funny how I still know every word.

  13. SSCSD and SSCSDz Gaming

    Your sound is also Great😄🙂

  14. SSCSD and SSCSDz Gaming

    Wow 😮 that song is the best it sounds so peaceful

  15. Angela Marie Fernandez

    Hi Aj, can you please do a newer cover/version of this song? :3

  16. TheMariahKai

    Wow I remember listening to this song back in 2008, when I was middle school! I still know every word! I need it on Spotify 💖

  17. Heath Panganiban

    August 2018. Still watching.

  18. JQ Ooi

    Ayeee can u add this song on Spotify

  19. Jonathan Atencio

    Good stuff

  20. Greg Chavez

    10 years later and I'm still here

  21. Austin Sime

    I want to see the Adrian williams project cover

  22. Ayo Idowu

    So awesome man. Just came from your video with Jake roque. 🙂

  23. Nicxs

    Have a crush on 2008 aj

  24. Katherine G

    I still love this song, 9 years later 🙋🏻😊

  25. Justine Ragos

    Miss you!

  26. Lauren Hamasu

    Watching you live today made me want to come back to this!!! I will always love your originals.

  27. duyor

    2017 still here the old days is when youtube was won by the likes of AJ, Gabe, Passion.

  28. Nikki

    I wish boys still dressed like that <3

  29. Albert Nabo

    Aj your my idol

  30. Albert Nabo

    Aj your my idol

  31. Hannah

    i remember listening to this on repeat for hours in middle school. i'm now three months away from graduating college. what the hell.

  32. Michelle Le

    i wish this was on spotify

  33. tonisantos16

    Never gets old

  34. notkeziah

    Ilysm will never get tired of listening to this 💖

  35. ivyysaurrr

    Was there ever a studio/full recording of this song??

  36. Makayla Weist


  37. Dark night

    2016 still love this song

  38. Alli Fitz


    xobaby girlxo

    omg Alli just came from you're video😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂You be killin it gurl

    Brooklynn Montgomery

    oh hey Alli I just came to this when I came on ur my space song video

    SJ TV

    AlliCattt i jus watched this last but his ad to watch it again and i like your musical.ly

  39. Biel Sabas

    still so good! your songs are timeless heeh

  40. Biel Sabas

    cant believe he was 19 heree. ahh throwback

  41. valerie barcial

    The guitar chord progression sounded like The remedy by Jason Mraz. :)

  42. Fredericke Brakweh

    Goodness this used to be one of my fav songs and really just can't believe is more than five years ago that you published it! Again I fell in love with it ! 😍 thank you so much Aj for your music. It means a lot to me!

    Aadil Kurji

    It literally just popped in my head as I was wandering the streets in a city I have just moved back to. Got caught singing it out loud before I realized it wasn't my inside (my head) voice. ^^

    Fredericke Brakweh

    haha yes it's still a super good song also still tend to listen to

  43. Steven Gonzales

    throwback to the max

  44. Hayley Morris

    Still one of my favourite songs from you! Can't believe how long ago this was!

  45. Salad _

    Fetus Aj lol

  46. stephanie mendoza

    The lyrics get me every time

  47. Kier Hatch

    like if your listening in 2015!

    Melanie Galima

    +Kier Hatch 2016!

    Anareen Biado

    Kier Hatch 2017

  48. Marcella Ariani

    2015 and still listening :)

  49. Darren

    Like if you're listening to this in 2014!

  50. alice

    Man, the original website for the mp3 link doesn't exist anymore! It's a damn shame :\.

  51. Josh Gane

    Where is the mp3 link?!

  52. katrice barcelona

    wow man. 6 freaking years.

  53. Anaya Brannon

    almost 6 years ago. wow.

  54. Nicole O

    still so good 

  55. JIAN _

    I wanna be like you ur my idol

  56. Casey Frank

    Brings back fond memories...... :)
    This song was once dedicated to me and that person is still often in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for all the wonderful memories and let's forget the bad ones, okay PianoMan? <3

  57. 00juls00

    Oh my...this was the first video I ever watched of AJs back in the day! Haven't watched it in years! :) Can't believe I've been watching for almost 6 years! 

  58. Maria Lowe

    if anyone has the gabe bondoc cover of this PLEASE send it to me I miss that video like crazy

  59. Joy Braga

    this song was my childhood

  60. Mathias Storm-Mathisen

    Can u plz take this song on spotify?

  61. Potato -chan

    He kinda got chubbier xD

  62. BrokenHearted

    Super galing mo kuya AJ ❤❤❤❤❤Regards from italy xD

  63. Tim van der Vlies

    my friend sings your song the hol time

  64. Rick

    Covered your song so many times! Keep up the good work my man listening to it years later

  65. Erica Rowe

    He's AMAZING!

  66. tom pollyn

    Been listening to this for 3 years now!

  67. justmetiffy

    1.5 million views but only 10k likes!!?

  68. Nick Fury

    been trying to find this song.!

  69. Rafael Hudson

    AJ, this song is freakin awesome man!. I love your all your music, but this was the osng that got my attention!. Wow, keep making great music!

  70. EcoForever101

    Just randomly started singing this today... I couldn't remember what is was though or how I knew it SO happy I found this again :)

  71. Notme8

    Aj mi youtube name is showstopper do u mind you mind if I use ur song as mi intronplz respond back and great song

  72. Ax'l Brian

    you mean "thumbs up" right?

  73. Dyanaplays

    wow. its been 4 years. If im not wrong aj gave a link to download this version in mp3 form. Proud to be one of those few!

  74. Philip Jennelle

    Wow this is so awesome. I've actually known about his video for several years and loved it cuz its so cool. I'm sorry I should have commented and gave thumbs up the moment I joined

  75. EsMusstRock

    No ! In 2013.

  76. Adrian Salazar

    Como le hacen para escribir en chino japoness.... woww no lo entiendo.....

  77. Timothy Her

    Love This Song

  78. Timothy Her

    Hey I Really Wanna Know the Chords The to Song

  79. Angel Hdz

    Cool Hair Bro, Keep up the Good work ;)

  80. Haley Phillips

    Love it!

  81. Bri

    I heard him say happy and it sounded like "Heppy"... Suite Life Of Zack and Cody XD

  82. Jadon Prewitt

    This song has been my fav since I first listened 3 years ago.

  83. Alyssa Garcia

    stop at 4:28 look at that sweet smile :)

  84. Alyssa Garcia

    my friend baby face has that hairstyle.. :P i met you once and you talked to me :) k byee

  85. Sammy Othman

    he's playing it exactly how it's written.. he's just using different chord variations throughout the song

  86. Arlene S

    what kinda ukulele is that? cause i want one..

  87. Michelle Caraballo

    Heard this song when it first came out and am still obsessed with it... Just wish they had this version on iTunes

  88. Sierra Bush

    omg!AJ y....y....you are amazing!!!Thank You for Singing that it is like totes awesome!!


  89. kami c

    nice hair

  90. Annalisa Han

    marry mee ?

  91. maeberry

    Still my favorite song

  92. ChrisThe BestGuitarist

    Its a D chord or F#

  93. Auston Dennis

    ya know actually, I looked at the chords, and I think he plays it a little differently than written anyway

  94. Auston Dennis

    the /F# means the F# is the lowest not in the chord, 2 fret G string, muted C string, 2nd fret E string, and open A string, but it doesn't look like he's muting the C so I guess you could just play it as a D7