AJ Rafael - Shallow Lyrics

In the shallow
In the shallow
In the shallow
We're far from the shallow now

Tell me somethin' girl
Are you happy in this modern world?
Or do you need more?
Is there somethin' else you're searchin' for?

I'm falling
In all the good times I find myself longin' for change
And in the bad times I fear myself

I'm off the deep end, watch as I dive in
I'll never meet the ground
Crash through the surface, where they can't hurt us
We're far from the shallow now

Tell me something boy
Aren't you tired tryin' to fill that void?
Or do you need more?
Ain't it hard keeping it so hardcore?

I'm falling
In all the good times I find myself longing for change
And in the bad times I fear myself

I'm off the deep end, watch as I dive in
I'll never meet the ground
Crash through the surface, where they can't hurt us
We're far from the shallow now

In the shallow
In the shallow
In the shallow
We're far from the shallow now

In the shallow
In the shallow
In the shallow
We're far from the shallow now

I'm off the deep end, watch as I dive in
I'll never meet the ground
Crash through the surface, where they can't hurt us
We're far from the shallow now

In the shallow
In the shallow
In the shallow
We're far from the shallow now

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AJ Rafael Shallow Comments
  1. Noviar Anindhita Machmud

    Totally Awesome!!

  2. exp122830

    AJ, you seem to sing majorly from your throat, as I can hear the strain in your throat and voice in every singing video you've ever posted Although you have melody and can stay in tune, I highly recommend learning how to sing properly from your chest. Some formal training can really help improve the overall sound, control and power of your singing. You have a decent voice, but I feel as though you have SO much more potential. 💙 Much love, from a long time fan of your channel and videos.

  3. Fernanda Santiago

    Very nice! JUNTOS E SHALLOW NOW. 🇧🇷

  4. Shamshi Mekessov

    ShoBean - The Queen!!!😍

  5. Ran's World

    Did it really happened? AJ with The Queen!!! OMG!!!

  6. Liz M.

    This may be my favorite version of this song!!! <3

  7. Healers sanctuary

    Maybe a little less circle circle mr camera man- dizzy, struggling to finish the clip

  8. Healers sanctuary

    Beautiful playing dude- very very nice. Thank you

  9. K J

    AJ has certainly grown as a singer by leaps and bounds. I wonder if he’s had training?

  10. Change Change Lol

    I saw your performance at my school here in guam, it was so great, so is this song you're singing. Its my fav

  11. Pablo

    Too slow for my taste; Shoshana's amazing vocals could've been used way better.

  12. Laura Huggett

    SO beautiful!!! Y’all are great.
    My fiancé and I also covered this song, it would mean so much if you could check it out and subscribe back!!

  13. Chuckie Spinster

    I love Sho's sweater -- looks like Mark's in Rent.

  14. Jessie Anne Aguilar

    This song fits your voice AJ..this is awesome..

  15. Ibiwari pepple

    expected more from a cover with Shoshana but this was nice too

  16. James Buendia

    Do "Is That Alright" PLEASEEEEE

  17. A-Money -Music

    I’ve been listening to your music since I was maybe 6 years old when you released “little piece of home”. I haven’t heard a song of yours and heard lady Gaga’s rendition of this song and fell in love with the melody. Searched covers of the song and again you pop back into my life. Thanks for the fantastic music that I could attach to memories of my childhood. Your talent is a god given gift. Thankyou Aj

  18. Hassan Diallo

    No no no i was waiting for you to yell at 1:15 no no no its start soooo sweetly i was waiting for the boooooom

  19. Fian Pedre

    i just click the button subscribe for you!!

  20. Oscar Alvarenga

    I appreciate that this is their own interpretation but this is very lethargic. A lot of the energy and build up is lost in this one.

    Oscar Alvarenga

    Also the end gets quite messy and feels like they're trying to out do each other. Great voices though.

  21. Ni Le

    I’ve never heard about you but after watching the Story Booth, I straightly came here. I love your voice, how you play the piano and I can tell how much you love music through your smile while playing it. 😊👍 You’re living for your dream and yep, I just knew about your dad, though it’s a long time since your dad passed away, but I’m very sorry to hear that. ❤️💜❤️

  22. cutiepiglete

    I'm totally happy that AJ did a collab Shoshana Bean! A great song to cover together. :D

  23. MerolaMusicEnt Mike


  24. monica Hughs

    Such a mess! The guy needs to let her sing more.

  25. kingsleyarandia

    whaaaat Shoshana Bean 😍😍

  26. Jimmy is Promo

    So Good!!

  27. Annjeanette Renee

    I love it😍❤️

  28. klerviamusic

    Really good

  29. Shara Marie Del Rosario

    Nice voice. Let us support each other.

  30. Iraaa Gotidoc

    So goooodd ❣️ i was so amazed

  31. Ius and The Foods

    I wish you duet with Jessica Sanchez with this song 💕

  32. Nazar Gaming

    Hi Aj, i have seen the story booth video of you and i feel really bad for you.🤧 I know how you feel because my mom also died and i thinks she also loved music. And i don't care if you think i am lying i just really want to share my experience with someone. Also i love your music and i wanted to ask if i can some how get contact with you, please i beg you, because i want to talk about my mom with you also maybe. It makes me really upset that nobody knows how i feel, so if you can please make contact with me. The best way would be to give me your number i'm just saying.❤️

  33. Riio821

    Man there's just something about your voice alongside a piano! Great collab btw :)

  34. Mark Drummer

    Heard about this from Penny’s work colleague. Wonderful cover.

  35. Rolove Rednaxz


  36. Luna Hdez

    Beautiful!!!! 💕👌

  37. K. P.

    I never clicked on anything so fast........

  38. Julyan Christ

    Slayed! Period....

  39. Alejandra Silva

    You guys did so good! Best cover/rendition ❤️

  40. Sharon J Mitchell

    I LOVE THIS! Beautiful! Thank You!

  41. Ed M

    Pretty good job guys. It just doesn’t work for me, because you changed it so much.
    The song is so spectacular because Bradley & Gaga are talking to each other separately in the beginning & together at the end, but in your version everything is blended together.
    Your voices were good though.....

    Elias B

    Ed M I agree!

  42. mendezj1287

    Wow that was incredible you both did a great job what more can I
    say keep up the great work.

  43. Faheem Uddin

    This was not how the song was supposed to be. I'm sorry, you sound good and all, but the premise of this song was just raw-country style conversation between two lovers. This is not raw, nor the intended style of the writer and certainly not a conversation because it has been rehearsed and edited a gazillion times. This youtube trend of people with money deriving their own versions of songs needs to stop. I do not endorse this foolish attempt at fame and subscribers!

    Marc Mondelo

    The world needs bit of honesty but sometimes it doesnt. He did not force you to either listen to him nor to subscribe to him. Just leave him be

    Faheem Uddin

    @Anonymous who said i didn't like listening to covers? For someone named anonymous you sure like labeling and judging people.

    Faheem Uddin

    @Marc Mondelo yea and you're the guy to decide when honesty is needed and when not. No one forced you to consume/watch/listen to anything you gave a negative review about in your entire life. No one forces you to listen to bad music. It just happens to be bad after listening not before listening. If you have never given a bad review to anything in your life just let me know and i will delete my comment and concede my point.


    Shut yo bitch ass up muhfucka. If you dont like it, then just thumbs down and move on. Every musician has a freedom to interpret music in their own way.

  44. Eduardo Willeyhem

    My ears are blessed! Thanks. Lol

  45. DJ Panda

    R.i.p your dad amazing singing btw I watched the story both

    Metaphor: I have a hero named dad he helps me to succeed and smothers me with happiness and great fullness.

  46. Liliana Glez

    Your voice is amazing, will you marry me?😍💓🙈

  47. Coua Vang

    wow.. you make every song sound extra beautiful 💛

  48. rosymar74


  49. Gaylemarie Easton

    My heart :)

  50. Baby Panda

    Love itttttttt

  51. Elisha Khalid

    AJ, I wasn’t planning on crying my eyes out but this is such a beautiful devastating masterpiece. 😭😍😭

  52. Joao Souza


  53. Camy Idy

    Damn, that song is beautiful, and you did it justice !!
    AJ's killing it on the piano as usual <3
    *Hope that you're having a great day everybody* :)

    *If you have any spare time, check my covers if you want, you would make my day* <3

  54. Hannah Wolgemuth

    Yes beech. Crying like a proud stage mom.

  55. lovasoa

    Omg omg Aj ft Shoshana Bean 😍😍😍

  56. Lorraine Dejado

    this is 😭 #eargasm

  57. Marvin Bergh

    love this version, well done!!!!

  58. kat b

    You’re amazing AJ, I’m so happy you made a cover of this song! You should do maybe it’s time from the movie as well!!!

  59. 00juls00

    My goodness! So good!

  60. Lauren Ashley

    Favourite song of all time right now... and this is my favourite cover of it! ☺️❤️🥰

  61. Francesca Flores

    Aggghhh I'm crying. I was sitting in the car wishing you'd cover a song from the soundtrack TODAY. And VOILA!

  62. XxSavage_19240xX

    Woah! I really love both of yalls voices and the playing on the piano; WOAH awesome. That song was awesome. Keep it up!! 🤗🤗

  63. Aoife Ryan

    Soo beautiful!! Your voices blend so nicely💜💜

  64. Justine Rafael

    SO GOOD!!! So good I’m dead

  65. Deborah Bonney

    Love it 🙏🏻

  66. melvinsingss

    I’m floored. This is perfect. I love this so much.

    AJ Rafael

    thank u bro

  67. Talen 305


  68. Neil

    Is this available in Spotifty?

    AJ Rafael

    it will be soon!


    OMG AJ, you Reply! Cant wait!

  69. Christine Sinaguinan

    This is gold. God bless you two 😍❤️💖

  70. Lian Kyla Music

    Omg this is sooooo good! Those subtle differences are amazing, makes the whole thing feel fresh :)

    AJ Rafael

    yay! thank you for noticing :)

    Lian Kyla Music

    @AJ Rafael Thanks for gifting us with this version! <3

  71. nikkinix roses

    So good 💕

  72. gloria yaneui

    He sings like an angel😍😍i love you AJ

  73. Joelle Kate Francisco

    combo of my childhood and my love for broadway ❤️❤️❤️ i honestly love this

    AJ Rafael

    it's a random combo right?!?! im lucky to have met sho!!

  74. Carmela German

    Beautiful... As always ❤️❤️❤️

  75. Well Rodrigues


  76. Paige Reale

    I love this! So beautiful! What harmony!

  77. Trish Tunes

    Bloody talented 👏👏👏

  78. jullian chu


  79. Mataio Music

    I’m in tears, this is beyond beautiful! Thank for sharing this wonderful music! 😭♥️

  80. giuseppe garofalo


  81. Acho Saelee

    AJ!!!!! Great chemistry ! Love you bro !

    AJ Rafael

    i agree!!! love to you!

  82. CM Triveles

    I was just watching Sho's videos and this came up ahhhh!!! Love you both ❤️

  83. jubrilmusiq

    Why is this so good?
    I kinda want to do a cover to this now 😅
    Crazy good AJ & Shoshana

  84. Nicole H.

    Love your covers! Keep up the wonderful work. 😊


    Omg yassss

  86. AJ Rafael

    so very thankful on this Thanksgiving weekend for all who support me and watch my videos til this very day!!! also can you believe that I got to sing with THE Shoshana Bean?! also our outfits were coordinated and UNPLANNED!!! hahah

  87. Ruby B.

    😊💞💞 bu2fuLy done, u guyz are amazinz! hugz!! #luvthemvieandmusic

  88. Ken Woo

    Man...who’s cutting onions

  89. F P

    AJ & one of the best Elphabas, Shoshana. ❤️

    Chuckie Spinster

    THE best*

  90. Nikhil Samuel

    You make my heart melt EVERY...SINGLE ....TIME AJ!!!! <3

  91. Lenmon formyday6

    Amazing 👍👍👍💕

  92. jenjen

    ahhhhh this is so goood 💕

  93. Rhod Calanoc


  94. judal2007

    love the song and love the movie

  95. Books, Broadway And BTS

    This is so beautiful:)