AJ Rafael - Like Me Lyrics

I've never clicked so fast with anyone
It's been a while since I've had this much fun
So hey, would you go out with me?
I've never had to look down at my phone
As much as I have lately I just don't
So please, would you go out with me?

'Cause I don't know how to handle
These three words and they go:
I like you, do you like me?

It's hard to tell so could I get a sign
Is this more than movies and red wine
So please, would you just let me know
I've been around this game for way too long
But I still don't know when my sense is wrong
So please, could you just let me know

'Cause I don't know how to handle
These three words and they go:
I like you, do you like me?
Oh and I don't know how to process
'Cause I did not expect this
I like you, do you like me?

It's been sometime and hey, we've really grown
It's easy to say you're the best I've known
So please, could I call you mine?

'Cause I don't know how to handle
These three words and they go
I love you, do you love me?

Oh, 'cause I love you, do you love me too?
I love you, do you love me?

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AJ Rafael Like Me Comments
  1. Ver Villaflor

    Dahil sa kantang 'to umamin ako sa crush ko. Ngayon 1 week na kami...

  2. EPICcapricornUNICORN


  3. Bryan Abellana

    2019 anyone? This deserves more views!

  4. jollie bryle

    Ang ganda ng kantang to grabe sarap ulit ulitin

  5. Micca Bacunawa

    1:42 💛

  6. Shai Leonida

    mag-iipon muna ako ng lakas ng loob after that i'll shoot my shot with this song pls pray for meeee

  7. Laf Horton

    Judy brought me here from itsjudyslife

  8. Erma Sihotang

    Still listening this song today.

  9. Legend Gamer

    Quality over quantity worth it going to wait for more ❤️

  10. Mooshroom Status

    I just heard this song a couple days ago on Spotify for the first time and I honestly love it! Please don't stop making more, It's such a beautiful song :D

  11. Rosinta Dinanty Pakpahan

    2019 anyone? ❤💓

  12. Awkward Human


  13. ThingsILove

    This really needs a music viddo. I love this song

  14. Richard T K Hunt

    Great song dude If you don’t mind I’m going to use it on my drone footage of when i propose to my gf.... that’s the plan anyway haha we go travelling next month and I plan on popping the question

  15. lingrith baronia

    This is the first i hear this song... pls create more like this❤️❤️❤️

    Vocals 💯

    I super love this song!!!! It makes me cry😭😭😭

    Supeeeee repeat 15x already...

  16. Gerald Francisco

    Great song!!!

  17. Maria Bernardino

    Why this song is like drug in my ears.. cant help myself everyday... i feel kilig everytime i listen to this.. so nostalgic...

  18. Noelani B

    I LOVED THIS SONG EVER SINCE I FIRST HEARD IT AT THE WISH LAUNCH IN LA. We were so close but still never got to meet you. I LOVE YOU!!❤️

  19. BBoyDrkNova

    Need some guitar chords so I can play this >.> please AJ!

  20. JoRam Chan

    Aj deserves more subscriber, he is someone with real talent to show.

  21. Jackylene Franceliso

    lovs youuuuuu since high school. im in my post graduate course now

  22. Roman Jz

    I really ❤ this song.

  23. jerry

    its been a while since i have this fun listening again to your song.

  24. Theng Madriaga

    How come I only heard this for the first time??? Wow sobrang kilig 🥰

  25. Minda Para

    AJ, mooooooore originsls, please? 💕

  26. Bella Pandili

    😭😭😭😭 Super gandaaaaaa

  27. Kathrina Resurreccion

    This song brings all the butterflies to my stomach. I love it 💖

  28. Diandra Artianti

    Worth the wait. Please make 100 more, your songs are beautiful

  29. JoRam Chan

    Beautiful theme song for a movie

  30. Edwin Fernandez

    Ganda bro....😄😄

  31. _skyfullofstars

    I'm glad you're releasing your creations again, AJ. You're always amazing, I hope you find the confidence to share what you make with us! ❤

  32. raee y

    im in love with this song!! i can’t get it out of my head🤩

  33. raee y

    i love this song so muchhh it’s like my all time favorite! it surprisingly describes what im going through perfectly omgg love this!

  34. Rach Light

    This is just beautiful, we've loved you from the start. You're incredible and the warmth in your music is so distinctive x

  35. Bache Enriquez

    man i love this! i cant stop myself from listening!

  36. mansi mehta


  37. Valentinussteven

    I am waiting for another sweet love song from you. Great job! Haha keep making great music.

  38. Evil Boxman

    Anyone else here from story both

  39. Allison Jane

    thank you myael ursolino for recommending this song omgggg

  40. DanFKGD !

    im really sad for your dad D=

  41. Julz West

    Ah this is beautiful man!!

  42. Krizelle Ann Getutua

    Beautiful song! I think you should collab with Day6's Jae. He looks up to you so much. We want to see what music both of you can make. <3

  43. Sandy K

    I saw your story on storybooth! I can see your true talent in music!

  44. Hippo !

    I saw your amazing Storybooth story. I am so sorry for your lose and God Bless your family and you. God Bless those affected by loses and sadness.

  45. Rody Drawinzz

    Im from storybooth ur story was so heart touching

  46. Meth Emeth

    Man I love all your songs!!

  47. Gavin Zhao

    It's so good to hear your new song! Hope to meet you face to face somewhere sometime:) Cheers!

  48. Anne xo


  49. Mirasol Elcano

    Pls do a cover of Jason Mraz, have it all. 💓

  50. dan dalan

    Why am i picturing aj rafael stuck in a castle like a disney princess singing?

  51. Blaster Loft

    Wish I could show this song to my ex

  52. Xen p

    I see your story in story bot are you a filipino or your dad is the only filipino

  53. Chris

    I saw the video. The one where your dad went to the sky I cried..

  54. Shirme R. Shimray


  55. Julkifley

    At Least You're Doing Piano And Other Music Instruments Like Your Dad...
    I Also Watched Storybooth
    R.I.P Mr. Rafael

  56. Erickk Tamayo

    Beautiful song!
    Ill sing this song to my girl. I wish she say yes now

  57. Chloe Rae

    Please please make a music video for this song

  58. Lina Frances Music

    This sounds great, can’t wait to hear more of your original music 🎶🙌☺️

  59. Tom Zion Pasco

    As promised, here's my cover of this song. I know i dont sing well, but please dont be too hard on me. Thank you and God Bless.


  60. BBoyDrkNova

    Please AJ, post a guitar video of this song. I'd really like to learn. You don't gotta teach, just post one so that I can visually see😁

  61. Liana Muradian

    Sorry for your sad :(

  62. Gordon242


  63. MusaedRahman14

    if you're father was there he would've been proud of you!

  64. Yhan Taekook

    Oh..I really love all your songs...hoping to see and meet you in person..❤❤❤

  65. Amir Kun

    Good bye

  66. Amir Kun

    He would have been really proud I know he was a good man I’m sorry unharmed to say god bye

  67. Amir Kun

    I’m sorry your dad passed away 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  68. Tommy K

    OMG I just know you from this song. So beautiful!

  69. Marcelo Imperial

    Man this song really reps what I am going thru thanks for making music again

  70. you make me feel much better

    Ahh miss you so much
    Thanks for coming back with kinda awesome song ♡

  71. Czarina C

    more songs to release please!!

  72. Annesley McQuillens

    Perhaps i cried while listening to this. 😭😭😭😭

  73. Cristina Batalla

    aaaa heard this live when you played in the PH a few weeks ago!! still makes my heart leap and smile :)

  74. Tom Zion Pasco

    I'm gonna make a cover of this song if AJ Rafael would notice me and my channel before I make the cover. So pleeeaaaseeee AJ,big Filipino Fan here 😊😊😊👆

  75. J Woods

    Just recently discovered your music and let me say I'm so glad that I finally found you !!!! True talent!!!!

  76. Skip Goat

    Finally. 👌❤️

  77. L Lawliet

    Its a beautiful song 😊😊😊 nakakaLSS sarap pakinggan I love it

  78. Benjamin Macalma II

    Fan of your songs bro! Especially “Without you”


    kuyaaaa ang galing po neto 💓💓💓💓

  80. BigTimeSpider

    Dude just got into your music this summer and so glad to see you released a new song. You are gifted dude keep at it !

  81. Dreary Deary

    so beautiful, AJ! you will always be one my biggest inspirations in music and in life

  82. Komonostar

    what genre of music would this be? I've been wondering this because AJ Rafael, Jeremy Passion, and other artists have the same kind of genre music.

  83. イルミナオゲリータ

    I love this song. The song changed my life..... Thank you sooooooooo much.

  84. Clara Fidel

    Love you, AJ 😭

  85. oWlan

    #1 fan :)

  86. oWlan

    i love the way you make stories of your songs sir AJ.. <3 CAN I MAKE A COVER for this? <3

  87. Eman Granada

    Eargasm! Waited for years. I can't even decide which one is my fave in all of your songs. 😎👏👏

  88. Anghel Dorin

    I know you from storyboth

  89. Chie

    yes, kuya aj!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  90. Bache Enriquez

    it is amazing! i love you keyboard skills!

  91. Doreen Enguio


    from philippines

  92. qian kun's

    you're the best! thank you, aj! it'a really beautiful!

  93. Hallejah Paler

    Aj, you're the best! Thank you for putting heart and love on your craft! God bless you always!

  94. Pikuwu

    This song makes me Imagine:

    A girl and a boy broke up and the girl is going on a plane to get away and the boy regrets breaking up so he is running in the city of new york and he is trying look for her but he always finds someone that looks like her. And now he is at the airport and he almost finds her but fails and at the last moment he finds her and they kiss.

    Rack Slzr

    This song is about a boy who's secretly in love with a girl and he wants to confess to her. Just saying though.

  95. Kristin Manzo

    ..its time to begin loving life again❣️