AJ Rafael - Here, Tonight (Intro) Lyrics

My life is a moving picture
The moon and the stars just ain't enough
I'm feeling so cold and reckless
I can't keep on living without your touch
Do you feel like everythings all right
Even with no one by your side
I'm hoping I'll finally change your mind
I'll stand with these roses here tonight

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AJ Rafael Here, Tonight (Intro) Comments
  1. roseann_ramos

    i have a crazy story about red roses "while we are walking we saw a red roses in a plastic case in a trash can.. it looks really nice and fresh but someone throw it away.. and my guy friend so it and wanted to took it and give it to me so that it won't go to waste!.. we past the trash can and he is still looking at the flowers, he grab my arm because he wanted to go back and he said "i'll gonna get the flowers and give it to you, do u want it?!".. and i said no. I said no bcoz i don't know how will i feel.. em i gonna be happy bcoz he wanted to give me flowers or feel offended coz it came from the trash can?!?!... huuuuu sssooo haaarrdd!!!.... what do u think??

    Ron Eric Canlas

    @Sarie Manok You should have taken it, it's just a matter of how you think of it as sweet or not, but if I were you I would have taken it :)

  2. sonicspeed786

    Why does this remind me of maplestory?

  3. Cat Andrews

    I somehow have this (just the intro) in my iTunes library and I have no idea why

  4. Erwin Joshua Palamara

    /watch?v=bH_ApluXG84 Check out..

  5. Larry Parane

    Here, Tonight sounds like God of This City..

  6. Kevin Cua


  7. chris mihaylov

    there is :D

  8. boles gutierrez

    @5sandwiches he did make it . He just needs to upload it. He said it on he twitter

  9. akocyrahwlngpa2lag

    cliffhanger ! haha.. this is sooooooo beautiful

  10. song

    Here, Tonight continued?

  11. Renz Abueg

    5 people isn't Here tonight

  12. awesomegv13

    Oh my gosh............... i don't think there are any words that explain how amazing this is :D

  13. Brian-Stephen Aquino Domingo

    I don't know about you guys but this intro gives me the chills :))

  14. FeralTurtle

    One of the best 1 minute and 30 seconds of my life.

  15. tyler costales

    man all of our life's are moving pic and all will someday find the one this song ex-planes alto about every ones life

  16. Kevin Garcia

    @blindsightman Why yes that's true, one dislike from me too!

  17. skgg


  18. DivineFeelings

    Full version please!

  19. Nadia Tilton

    i want the full version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH

  20. Darling Orellana

    Short and sweet <3

  21. JacobCG

    @5sandwiches the full version is this and emma watson combined

  22. nuveenal

    you listen to the piano introduction at the beginning, you just completely shut out the world, then he sings these beautiful lyrics and then just wish he was singing about you :')

  23. dicktacular phaggot

    @OhWowJoey it should have a full song that leads into emma watson haha

  24. Melanie Santos

    do you feel like everything's alright? even with no one by your side? im hoping i'll finally change your mind. i'll stand with these roses here tonight <3 <3 <3

  25. Arykay

    Amazing <3

  26. Niamh Yoon

    I wish there was a full length version of this song <3