AJ Rafael - Here All Alone, Pt. 2 Lyrics

The times that we had yeah they were memorable
And yeah the chance of us together was improbable
but I took a chance for you and everything that I've done
Was for you to be happy
I wanted to be your only one
I remember we'd talk every night
Loving every millisecond yeah I knew this was right
We talked about being perfect in this cold dark world
But now your truth is finally told
Ohhh oh I asked if you were sure
Ohhh oh Ohhh oh well I guess you didn't want it anymore
Ohhh oh Ohhh oh I kinda had a feeling that in the end
Ohhh oh Ohhh oh That you'd chose to just be my friend
Just to be my friend
Hope that you still care and that you still think about me
You know I think of you every night in my dreams

I really didn't mean to make things end up like this
And now I'm sitting here still in the cold lonely mist
Ohhh oh I asked if you were sure
Ohhh oh Ohhh oh well I guess you didn't want it anymore
Ohhh oh Ohhh oh I kinda had a feeling that in the end
Ohhh oh Ohhh oh you'd chose to just be my friend
Ohhh oh Ohhh oh You just say that you care
Ohhh oh Ohhh oh I remember all that we share
Ohhh oh Ohhh oh Stuck in 100 problems
Ohhh Ohhh Didn't have to end up this way
No it didn't have to end up this way
Ohhh oh Ohhh oh Ohhhh oh

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AJ Rafael Here All Alone, Pt. 2 Comments
  1. heyyitsmatchew


  2. Brandon Ponce

    I came back to this song after a few years. I hate to say that i can relate to this once again. Does anyone know the chords used in this song? 

  3. ijpokemon

    make an official music vid of this!! It would be so awesome!

  4. joojoobeez

    where's part 1?

  5. Elizabeth Vuong

    until this day, regardless of how successful you are, every die-hard aj rafael fan should know this song and how much emotion you put into writing music. you are suuuch an inspiration. been listening since the very beginning! <3

  6. Tian Lei

    AJ you are forever beautiful

  7. PIXMAip1980

    This.. This is awesome. :D

  8. gummiebaerrs

    I got goosebumps darnit. Haha

  9. HoneeMustard

    I wish this had made it onto the cd, would've made my life lol

  10. Amy Belle

    @Misswizgets2 wow you're stupid.

  11. Eileen Vedar

    @Misswizgets2 yea u can see it at certain parts, you cant see his hands complete all the time cos hes not playing at that certain part of the keyboard...

  12. markj

    ah man this brings a tear to my eye. I miss my girl..

  13. Emily Pafoua

    Gahh.. this song is everything i'm going through. and.
    i'm actualyl crying right now too. gah Thanks Aj.. i love you.
    I'm so glad God put you on this earth. gahh thanks so much. -_-

  14. Gracie Blair

    reminds me of tyler, gone, without notice, no breakup, he just left...

  15. April Waldrop

    This is incredible!

  16. sexciliousbubbles

    <3 the way u played and sang that song was sooo touched by it!! - also <3'ed 'juicebox too - at first i thought it was a very cute song n realized it was sooo sad in the end!! - AJ keep up the great job <3 ur songs!! =]

  17. Jireh Magayanes

    This is freaking sad. WTH you made me cry. It was just...my song. It definitely describes my situation right now, especially the lines
    "oh i asked if you were sure
    well i guess you didnt want it anymore
    i kinda had a feeling that in the end
    you'd choose to just be my friend"
    OUCH. D: But I love, love, love AJ!

  18. Jessica Abadilla

    i looooooove this. made me cry. ='(

  19. Kaitleen Joson

    love this song! i love all ur songs :)

  20. RaenaeBaby

    awe aj....people come and go...you'll know when the right one comes along . :]

  21. bedabedo

    its amazing! this is my favourite

  22. Kelly Liang

    you are are amazing....:)
    keep on going!wonderful piano playing!!

  23. blackkbunny

    its really wad happened to me, at goes out to those like me. AJ all the way! it makes my cry every time i hear this.

  24. Charlie Baker

    Your songs are the story of my life.
    You are amazing. Keep going, you've got something special.

  25. ch0c0lic0us

    if this song is really his relationship,
    I salute him.
    He is so good to express it out of music and make it sound so good.
    A relationship like that is god damn painful.
    But hey, it's life. Gotta move on right? =D

  26. Kevin Rabang

    kua can i hve chords? great fan of urs!!

  27. MSK SKM

    If I ever meet you, you wonderful man, I will hug you and I won't let go unless you promise you'll make an album!
    Your talent ... wow... just... <3

  28. yves abila

    i'm feeling you

  29. gc95

    it's good to be reminded of the good things. friends may just be right.(: you're inspiring..

  30. Linus Andersson

    hehe du var juh inte lite bra :D <33

  31. Zuzka G

    you are so cute :) oh i wish i could give you a kiss ... :)

  32. Nicole O

    aww whoever it was you were thinking about, she is one lucky girl.

  33. Isabel Lam

    i love all your music videos.
    no matter on the piano or guitar, you're awesome. =]


  34. Allison Kosmiski

    this is honestly one of the most amazing songs i have ever heard... actually, amazing doesn't even begin to cut it. <3.

  35. Theresa Damaso

    this song reminds me of my "friend" he broke up with me cos he said he wasn;t ready yet to have a girlfriend, so he just wanted to be "friends " so yeah

  36. Jason Goodlett

    Psshh, bruh everybody been there and this song takes you right back to the spot u were first broken - masterful.

  37. 54spiritedwill54

    you're just amazing!

  38. Taylor C.

    this song really touched my heart. i love hte piano.

  39. Taylor C.

    you sing like you really mean it...

  40. pinta08

    Dude you rock!


  41. arahn

    i really want to lkearn this on piano any cance of letting me see them? i love it and you are just amazig

  42. andrwapya

    i love this love... i reminds me about me and my "friend".

  43. Josephine Mac

    i love you

  44. Alianna Per

    omfg <3

  45. rockey1994

    um where can you can get this sheet music? i absolutely love this song<3333

  46. KqKaffirlily

    Insane talent right there!!
    You're originals are so meaningful! Thanks for showing me how powerful music can be =)

  47. Jessica Tong

    is there sheet music for this?! :o
    it suchhhhh a pretty song. sad, but the melody is so pretty. [=

  48. leelersz

    you went to the wonderland flip fest ?

  49. eluosesita

    touching. i d never break up with such talanted and sweet bf=)

  50. Emine Demiray

    i hope you make it too. i can really relate to this song :( keep it up!!!

  51. Brittany Seng

    same goes for mee. ):

  52. heybella

    feels like ure singing about my life. this is exactly the words i've been looking for. exactly what i want to say to him.

    please, please, please, im begging u;
    what are the chords to this song?
    really, im BEGGING!

  53. Pa Vang

    this song describes how i feel now!

    "oh i asked if you were sure
    well i guess you didnt want it anymore
    i kinda had a feeling that in the end
    you'd choose to just be my friend"


  54. Brittany Seng

    Aj, this song is the most amazing song i ever heard in my life;
    and aj, we all know that you're gonna make it. [:

  55. 94coolthings

    i love ur voice and ur a good singer keep it up plus ur cute teehee =)

  56. Leiah Andres

    Heh the exact thing happened to me and it takes me back too..
    ur songs are absolutely amazing aj

  57. Miranda B

    you gave me chills

  58. BluntBella

    2:10 love the random person who walks by :]

  59. NoobusCrane

    beautiful =)

  60. xjoyees

    mmm. i feel you. :/

  61. evilmui57

    i la la la LOVE this song, im kinda feeling this kinda ish

  62. Jess Thomas

    I love your music! I downloaded this song on my ipod and I can't stop listening to it. Thank you for making amazing music!

  63. ilylauraa

    you're amazing,
    :] ily. i love this song.

  64. CantoOrange

    my friend told me to listen to you.. and i did .. and wow you are amazing.. very talented
    you should have at least a million views in your songs !

  65. 555cookies555

    WOW this is absolutely fantastic!! I'm totally SOLD! :)

  66. Penny Liwanag

    can u sing a tagalog song?

    ill wait 4 that ;)

    thnx for the muzic bro ;)

  67. Ninjaxdemi09

    ur music is soo good. like i thought u woulldnt make videos for a long time but u made these songs pretty fast. and i could tell u hav a lot a feeling to it. did it take u a long time to make these songs?

  68. ens0mbl3

    dang... any chance aj gives lessons then?? lols

  69. Brittany Thomson

    i cried.
    this song represents the exact situation that i've been struggling with for awhile...
    thanks for writing this and posting it again :]

  70. kim kimbo

    aj make a video for part 1 :]

  71. Kristina Palis Agoncillo

    This song hits me ever time..
    Dictating ever word of my 2008..
    I'll be cheering for you at the SG Fiesta.


  72. ens0mbl3

    do u tk singing lessons?

  73. Ninjaxdemi09

    nvm i read it rong. it was on myspace blog. lol!!

  74. Ninjaxdemi09

    oh ic. and i cant find the here all alone in ur blogspot.

  75. Ninjaxdemi09

    howcome u made it out of order?

  76. Sherry

    You're an amazing singer, which I'm sure you already knew.

  77. spunky Xee

    what happened to part one?

  78. Yessija

    great! looking forward to seeing you and Gabe in one vid, that's gonna be amazing :D

  79. Daniel Cody

    That was definitely awesome :D Thanks Aj

  80. chriscendana

    and this is why you made it to boston. :)

    speechless man, i love you.

  81. ian

    sad song =[
    but i like it, i love your songs and your performances

  82. Thhat Guy

    Aj, i really felt that song, it made me cry and made me remember the past of my girlfriend, i love this song im still kinda crying lol

    Your Incredible

  83. natztheflip

    aj man, you're so blessed. =]
    love this.

  84. Benjamin Hardy

    the lip ring is sickening! good song tho, lol.

  85. Brigada510

    oh man that hat is awesome so is the song....gj

  86. Celina Chanthachine

    dont worry AJ! you ARE going to make it. plus you have a bunch of supporters behind you all the way! dont stop doing your thing =] you're such an inspiration to me<3

  87. Hey You

    dude, ur brilliant. what else can i say?

  88. hammy sung

    AJ that was SO lovely and sad. I really love this song.

  89. Ninjaxdemi09

    another amazing peice!! but u put alot of oh,oh,
    but i could tell thats kinda of the chorus part. but good job anywiaz

  90. lalalamael

    i loooove this song! thanks for re-recording it

  91. sugarisallineed

    amazing song. love the melody.
    i can't wait to hear your collab with gabeeee. yeeee :D

  92. mimi tran

    wow, i never found a song that really relates to what im going through until i found this video. amazing(: are you going to record this on myspace?

  93. itsconniex

    absolutely beautiful. it made me teary listening to it ! you're amazing, i cant explain how amazing you are

  94. Claurence Diaz

    aj man, i dont know why but keep writing songs like this. your emotions seem to come out more. good work man.

  95. moooshelle

    awesome song.
    can't wait for those collabs.

  96. Taylor Kathryn

    absolutely amazing as always =

  97. ShawnG

    best song in the world .

  98. sawpsawplove

    This song gets to me everytime )= my favorite of the three<3

  99. MelissaRawrs8

    Wow. That was beautiful.
    LOVED the Melody. <3