AJ Rafael - Emma Watson Lyrics

You are a star
And I'm just a nobody

You're not just a girl
You are a somebody
And I wanna be
That someone for you

You cast your spells
I watch in the movies
Can I pick you up
At 7 o clock please
Cause I wanna be
That someone for you

And I know that
It's hard for you to see
Just a normal guy like me
Can be just what you need

But if you would notice me
I'll give you everything
That you are missing can I be the ordinary guy for you
So take a good look at me
Cause I'll show you everything
Cause you showed me magic
Can I be the ordinary guy for you
The ordinary guy for you?

So can I be
Can I be your secret
Just give me your heart
I promise to keep it
Cause I wanna be that someone for you

And I know that
It's hard for you to see
Just a normal guy like me
Can be just what you need

But if you would notice me
I'll give you everything
That you are missing can I be the ordinary guy for you
So take a good look at me
Cause I'll show you everything
Cause you showed me magic
Can I be the ordinary guy for you
The ordinary guy for you

The ordinary guy for you

So can you notice me
Cause I'll give you everything
That you are missing can I be the ordinary guy for you

So take a good look at me
Cause I'll show you everything
Cause you showed me magic
Can I be the ordinary guy for you
The ordinary guy for you
The ordinary guy for you
The ordinary guy for you

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AJ Rafael Emma Watson Comments
  1. Violette Roe

    im still here. 2019 anybody?

    Jen Salvador

    Same here and still wondering if Emma Watson has seen this

  2. Lianne Abon

    Hope that Emma Watson would really notice this

  3. sifa fauziah


  4. Mila Guinhappy

    2018 anyone?

  5. Ace Smith

    did she notice this video?

  6. sunny dead man

    Never take emma she is mine😈😈😈😈😈😤

  7. Serrated71

    Only if I was old enough to date her.😩😩😩😩


    Coming back here I can barely remember the lyrics ✌️

  9. Irene Sanchez

    2018 :)

  10. JSingDreams

    2018? lol

  11. Dilshan Pieris

    Awwwwww Justine ☺️☺️

  12. Kuthos Tsutso

    I love this song!

  13. Just a passer by

    I wish i could cover this and send it to my celebrity crush 😂

  14. TheAdrenalinerush25

    justine was so small aww

  15. Angie Dela Cruz

    look at baby justine!!!

  16. Gin Terez

    Is that Ryan Higa at 2:43?

  17. Cedie Gamotin

    2018 but still good 💯

  18. N F

    I freaking saw Ryan Higa bub😍❤💞

  19. Leopoldo Victor

    i hope emma notice you . u deserve it bro. god bless u

  20. jambistor

    Oh my😮😂 I just realized Justine was in here! I don’t really read captions😅

  21. Sorin Zugravu

    I’m the single person who sings this for Emma Watson?❤️

  22. angel grace dorde

    Taylor😍😍 this is for you

  23. Sorin Zugravu

    I want Emma notice me. I can give she everything❤️

  24. Nicholie Serrano

    This song is so❤

  25. Mumtaz Raeza DMA Taeza

    This is cool !

  26. Bettybeingstaddyyy

    THATS not about emma watson

    Praveen bagri - mysterious lie

    It is about emma watson

  27. Da.Nobody Nameless

    standing on te back pourch .......first memory

  28. kay eljay

    This one here is for Benjamin Kheng xD

  29. Yen Amoroso

    Me to Francis Magundayao. Yes, only to him ❤️

  30. Gwen Lim

    Here because i'm in love Emma Watson too 😍

  31. sara

    I remember listening to this song when I was younger and I loved it! It had been in the back of my mind, forgotten, until I saw a trailer with Emma Watson in it and I ran straight to my laptop to search this song up! Ah! Memories!

  32. Andy Gee

    This looks like something I would have loved to help out with

  33. Nahara Martinez

    This is how i'll end up with Tori Kelly, lol, i'm not kidding.

  34. Ninja Jel Gaming

    it's been 4 years now! Has Aj met Emma Watson yet? maybe we should all tweet it till she does!!

  35. ResellisLife

    Can we get Emma Watson to see this in 2017? Everyone FB, Tweet, IG, Tag anything. lol I've always wanted her to see this.

  36. Alvin seachon

    ordinary guy for you <3

  37. Adriana Tee

    Listening to this in 2017 and remembered when I made the fan submission oh goodness....I did this just so I could get noticed by AJ

  38. Rane

    ugh this is my song for Tom Felton <3

  39. Sychosis

    She's mine

    Domenico Baldino

    No,she is MINE

  40. RiceManArts

    I dedicate this song to my crush....and I'm gonna say her name! KAI ELAMPARO!

  41. Stephen Cortez

    I dedicate this song to Tori Kelly 😔❤️

  42. Rod Villegas

    Lots of filipino cameos :)

  43. Katrina Fondales

    haha lol 2016 na still listening to this?

  44. Jane Wawang

    Can I be the ordinary girl for you?

    Jane Wawang

    +J lol :3

  45. leigh bobo

    oooh this song is so cute. i mwish dan radcliffe would sing this to emma!

  46. Lykz V

    If only I could like it like a thousand times I would do it but unfortunately I can't lol XD

  47. justxbecca

    the original musical.lys


    the non-cringey one's :)

  48. Christian Dimalanta

    This is the ultimate "Notice me senpai" song and I love it

  49. bhea rose apatan

    My song for Jongin... 😭

  50. FireShyPhantom

    I love this video, seeing all these ordinary faces. Not to make it sound like a bad thing. I just love seeing all these beautiful humans in their bedrooms, rocking out, being themselves, and seeing them comfortable in their own skin. I just think it's beautiful when people opens themselves up to the world...

  51. pj del rosario

    for cameron dallas

  52. ᴘɪᴄᴋʟᴇ ғᴇʀɴ

    Jovenshire :)

    Brian A. C

    Hahaha i was thinking about Joven too

  53. Lashie Mae Rico

    mah song for tori kelly 😿💛

  54. Cyrus Hotsome Paclar

    MARRY TORI! <3

  55. Karen Lam

    this song screams "SENPAI NOTICE ME"

  56. PandaBoiGaming YT

    just wondering...why is most of the people on here of asian descendants or standing/sitting/laying down next to someone of asian descendants..please reply <3
    i love this song btw


    his fanbase of course.

    marjorie salvaleon

    because Aj Raphael is a filipino, an asian.


    +Pandish Hope GamingXperience The word you're looking for is descent, not descendant.

    Kevin Tran

    +Phone Guy Cause most of his fanbase are asians lol. I talk to an asian and if I mention Aj Rafael, they'll instantly know who he is whereas if I ask a nonasian, most likely they won't know

  57. juan twotree

    Woah!  someone held a picture of mason musso, I was like "is that mason?" Didint know he was still doing music.  SO weird to have known him back when he was a kid in 4th grade.  Good for him.

  58. Shannon O'Leary

    Well *&^% I did not think someone would write a song for her, but in a way I'm not surprised... Crap... Do you think someone should still write a song for a specific celebrity if it's already been done?

  59. Mark Devin Elises

    I wish I was in the MV too haha

  60. Mikha Harly

    lol That lighting

  61. Jade Aphrodite


  62. Dennisse Napuli


  63. Mina Nathans

    Ohh, man, I was at the movies today and they were playing this song over the loudspeakers in the lobby! It was so strange to hear it outside of youtube, and yet so very awesome.

  64. Jude Asirou Sario

    wow what a great song :D

  65. Bovic Leuterio

    notice me senpai...?


    Still listening 2015 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THUMBS UP PEOPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CTurtles 29

    IM THE 600,000 VIEWER!!!!

  67. John Henry

    Wow while i'am listening to this song i thought of someone i knew thinking if tell her that i'am the ordinary guy for her what will be the outcome

  68. Janay Rowland

    Emma Watson is amazing

  69. normalkai

    Stop at 2:34 and look at the bottom-right corner. Jessica Cruz!!!

  70. shaMROCK

    has emma watson seen this?
    if not, he needs to

    Jude Asirou Sario

    @Shanelle Enguito he?

    john paul

    @Shanelle Enguito he.... ok =.=

    Kaillah Yee

    @Jude Asirou Sario


    haha XD sorry

    i meant *she

    Low-End Lover

    No he don't need tonknow but she do need to know about it

  71. j b38

    Tactical nuke, incoming! Bee doo bee doo bee do. No .. stop.. we must join forces. Emma watson will be ours! Then i will be top lad.

  72. Em C

    "senpai notice me plz" *cries*

  73. Anisa Porter

    I love you AJ Rafael my favorite song is without you

  74. diovi rae tumampos

    So did emma finally notice?

  75. Allen Hazen

    No one has their own Emma Watson!!!  

  76. Nandhini Kumar

    This is so sweet Emma pls see this

  77. Hanna Kim

    my fav AJ Rafael song :)

  78. Ashton Skys

    Fam. this is my life for tori kelly haha


    @eppstep I know she is so beautiful, right!!!!!!!!!!!!??

  79. AaronOrpia

    who was the first video that showed in the montage? I can't remember the name of that account and they had cute videos!

  80. Nindya Putri Fadillah

    Is it too much when everybody think this is cute, I'm here watching and shed a tear.... It's amazing how someone can inspire and bring happiness to every day in our life even if they don't even know our existences.. this is so beautiful AJ (:

  81. Taiyee Vue

    she famous now XP 

  82. Juliver Ramirez

    @naruto0187 yeah it was Dianna Agron! I would know because that's me holding her picture lol

  83. chrislin jung

    relate much:) hahahaha. super love the song.

  84. Aly Kwon

    if only you would notice me....AJ Rafael <3

  85. James Martin

    dead passionate and sweet, and can jam to it = very special song

  86. Rich Reign

    why is everyone asian?

    Pete McAuliffe

    @***** lol


    obviously you didnt watch all of it... not everone is Asian here. and i mean why not?? oh..wait.. damn you trolled me..


    @***** it was for Rich. lol oh wait... you trolling me too

    Ma. Socorro Vallejos

    Anong meron? Masama ba? 😠😠

    Fernando Lopez

    Lol I'm in it and I'm Mexican

  87. naruto0187

    Was that Dianna Agron at 0:55? Damn, I'm 100% sure a picture of her is what I'd be showing had I been a part of this vid.

  88. Delphine

    GAH! I love this!!

  89. NialasDubh

    There are people in this video that I would consider very attractive, and even they are still  plaintively singing "If you would notice me..."

    Kind of gives me hope.

  90. Mariko Pineau

    Love the song

  91. Erica Bautista

    Hi. Hahahaha

  92. luiscomentarios

    joder, que buena canción es tio  :D  , ojala yo cantara así de bien XD. No estendí mucho porque estaba en inglés, pero esta muy bien.
    pd: Yo también amo a Emma : D

  93. Roma Arbigoso

    So cute. ^_^ loving it so much.. <3 <3 <3

  94. Terence Reyes


  95. ikay xxvii

     Thumbs Up liked ..

  96. Mark Y

    Parang Narda lang