AJ Rafael - Brand New Lyrics

Pretty sure I had a dream
That you woke up here by my side
Not sure what had happened, but I know
When I'm with you, I'm alright

I know that you're from far away
And I know it will takes some time
Can we live in this moment cause I know
Don't want to say our goodbyes
Cause I feel so...

Brand new
I feel so brand new
With you I'm brand new
Girl you knock me off my shoes
I feel so brand new
I feel so brand new
With you I'm brand new
Didn't think I'd fall for you
Didn't think I'd fall for you

Cause they said that you were trouble
I tell them I don't really care (I don't care)
Cause you make all my sadness disappear
I'm better with you, yes I swear (this I swear, I swear)

And I know that it's been so hard to deal with
Only see you once in awhile, baby it's killing me
But I need to hear that you're down to take care of
Take a chance on me

I feel so brand new
I feel so brand new
With you I'm brand new
Girl you knock me off my shoes
I feel so brand new
With you I'm brand new
I feel so brand new
Didn't think I'd fall for you
Didn't think I'd fall for you

(Ahhhhh... Ahhhh)

I feel so brand new
When I am with you baby
I feel so brand new
When I am with you baby
I feel so brand new
When I am with you baby
I feel so brand new
When I am with you baby

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  1. Cloud Leonhart

    2019 anyone?

  2. Kat Mendoza

    AJ's smile tho 😍

  3. hyun _

    Ayyeeee japanese citizen here.

  4. Sunshine

    hey i heard this Song in a Shopping centre in Germany. and I was thinking what a cool voice! hou is it? so I started shazam and that's how I found you. so now you gota fan in me :-)

  5. jayemesdee

    Jenn ❤️

  6. The Traveler

    this song is so amazing.. I loved it hahah the beat and everything.. every time I got home from school, I play this music and it gives me goodvibes :D

  7. GIFan 2608

    worst song ever

  8. GIFan 2608

    worst song ever

    Seannie Bautista


    GIFan 2608

    +Seannie Bautista Huhh...Every one has their music taste bitch


    AmosG Games if you hated this the least you would've done was stop listening and fuck off

  9. Let's swim to South Korea

    I saw this on an advertisement now I'm here.

  10. Jeon Kyle

    I really love this song. I listen to this everyday!!

  11. Sandra k,

    it's a year and still enjoy this song as much since on release date.

  12. SheenShow

    Omg!! I have been looking for this song for soooooo long! Saw this on YouTube Ad! Finally, found it!!!!!!!!!! :D

  13. Umut

    nice kanal name freu dich auf den Bann

  14. Karina Tedjamulja

    let's make this video to 1M views


    Not even close ( I mean your grammar )

  15. Lam Do Tung


  16. Cristine Jane Rafales

    you're so cool here :) <3 +AJRAFAEL

  17. Listeners OOF

    Nice song AJ your the best making songs :D

  18. GamingGirl Videos101

    I have a crush 😜 on AJ

  19. Oumquone Ins

    I love this song

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    What are you..half or full filipino

  21. Klyde Urbiztondo

    Proud Pinoy here :)

  22. Fox

    this song is boring... i hate when songs say the same words over and over...

  23. The Arivul

    I know you. Because I watched roi wassbi #wassbi production

  24. Samiyah Samiyah

    Bagus banget aj rafael.

  25. mikaela jaso

    You're so cute when you're jealous hahahaha

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    Hey how about you make a video about your ivory ball python

  27. Jelly beans and the rockets official

    Hey why don't you ever do a video about your ball python

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    I saw you one of ‪#‎YTFFManila then I searched you on Twitter and the YouTube link in your bio brought me here. After watching this, I subscribed your channel.

  29. DADDYWHEEIN moba

    This guy makes me feel I'm brand new♥ I Love you AJ :* :)
    #FANGIRL :3

  30. Sean Diegan

    Hey man, just checking up on you! haven't seen you so active and youtube as you have been before. Remember, i did a poor cover of we could happen a while back on piano which was my young self playing. Would like to do a mature cover eventually but  keep it up man! need to see more music coming from you

  31. Brandon Le

    What happened to your cover of cascadas everytime we touch. I always want to show people how amazing you are but can never find that video

  32. Pency Delwyn

    Why did u stop uploading 😭

  33. Aditya

    same happened with me

  34. League Boy


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    The think I love about this song is the lyrics is just easy to understand and I can't stop listening to this song good work J

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    Dang great song and music video!👍

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    Shout out from Lake Elsinore, Keep up the good music!

  38. Lian teves

    I feel so brand new too

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    @AJ Rafael You're advertisement brought me here btw this is sick :).

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    One of the most talented filos on the internet
    Teach me ur ways

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    those dancers tho.. I love the silhouettes and the dancers' costume :p

  42. Arya Dipa

    Best Music now !!!

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    Wow this is just really great music. I've been a fan since "I just want you" and all the other songs you wrote and once I listened to this song, I clicked. This is a fantastic song. Gonna download it asap haha. Good stuff AJ! Keep doing what you're doing.

  44. archeyangel1

    This is so cool! I love it! So happy to see that you continue to make videos, been a fan for years and years and never stopped, keep doing your thing AJ! <3

  45. Olevianable

    Like this yoo

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    LSS O________________________O

  48. Zack Galtera

    i fill so brand new

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    Great song I'm
    New to the channel!

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    Men... sorry there was a trouble. It won't subscribe but I'll always be supporting you in all your videos

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    I like the message from this video it tells you like just be yourself I'm going to subscribe you're channel

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    nice video.

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    fuck, this ad music video is so annoying

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    This inspires me a lot! Gonna apply this idea for myself, thanks for the inspirational song AJ! YOU ROCK!

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    Saw this song in a YouTube ad and it was so amazing I was lured into listening to it and not press skip ad

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    The way you look at her is just precious.. xDDDD
    This is why smelling good adds up your hotness :D

  62. HelenWinn10

    you're so inspiring :). dream big🎥

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    This song is amazing! Love it :D

  64. AJ Rafael

    this is crazy. i never thought this song would resonate with the fans the way it is... love y'all 

    Ryan The Great

    You rock Aj! Spread the love! 

    GamingGirl Videos101

    Nice song 😍

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    Can't wait for your new songs. 💜 this song is amazingly catchy. I can't wait to see what else you got in store. Keep up the good work AJ.

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    I'm digging all your new songs ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Your music gives me all the right feels <3

  72. xoxonatalie.

    Oh AJ, I love this! Missing your songs. :] The whole music video was so simple yet I love it! The whole outline of the video and the way it was shot was great because you don't need much to get the message out. Kurt did a brilliant job with it all! I mean, from watching this, I get the message of just being yourself and don't be like others. To me, not "fitting in" is the best thing because it makes you different and unique as well as even stand out. To just be you and express who you are. One way is definitely through clothing/style (like how it was the focus in the video) because it allows you to express yourself in a different way as in how people express it through literal art or even makeup or other things. It's such a cute song and video, and to have Jenn as the main female lead is perfect since she's such a fashionista! Love her style! Makes me wonder if it was fitted to her because she's so amazingly awesome and beautiful! :D

    AJ Rafael

    you got it spot on!! thank you for this!! =) 

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    AJ pls check my youtube channel and tell me what you think

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    AJ - great video and song, it's really catchy :) Also, I don't know if you've tried this before but I think you'd make a great actor! I can tell my your facial expressions in the video that you've got some talent in that area as well.

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    Really loved it . applauds A J .

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    when i see this video, i'm thinking "just be your self" :)
    *mmm... just my opinion

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