AJ McLean - Teenage Wildlife Lyrics

She's gonna flash her eyes under moonlit skies
He's gonna meet her there under the exit sign
Yeah, they both look good, they need to be seen
He's a James Dean rebel, she's a beauty queen
Let's dance, let's dance

She wants to go all night, he wants to make no sense
She wants to feel his kiss, it's so much better tensed
She said "trip the lights", that's what she said
And now she's in his head, she's in his head
Let's dance and let the world fall apart

'Cause I need you tonight
Just howl at the moonlight, I say it two times
I love you, I love
'Cause it feels like
Savage that's civilized
A teenage wildlife
I love you, I love you

She says I get so bored living in this place
We all need to go where the music plays
All night, so let's dance
He said this life's a cage, let's jump the fence
All I want is you let's forget the rest
Let's dance, and let the world fall apart

'Cause I need you tonight
Just howl at the moonlight, I say it two times
I love you, I love you
'Cause it feels like
Savage that's civilized
A teenage wildlife
I love you, I love you

All we fall from the sky when we hear the sound
Go on for miles but won't hit the ground
Don't be afraid they can't catch us now
'Cause baby, we are teenage wildlife

'Cause I need you tonight
Just howl at the moonlight, I say it two times
I love you, I love you
'Cause it feels like
Savage that's civilized
A teenage wildlife
I love you, I love you

I love you, I love you
I love you, I love you

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AJ McLean Teenage Wildlife Comments
  1. Nicole Rogers

    His age looks amazing

  2. Nicole Rogers

    He has got better looking with age

  3. thecatwhisper

    the things you find on youtube. AJ from BSB goes on the pull in a furries club. Has his ween checked out and laughed at by a zebra in the gents. Gets punched by a lion. pulls a cat.

  4. LaidBack Moks

    This should have been a Backstreet Boys song. All 5 of them will look good on this song and video.

  5. Nicole Rogers

    His smile

  6. Juliana Puente

    The music Sounds similar to the Killers "Somebody Told Me"

  7. Eliane Mendes

    I Love you Aj!!!!🇧🇷

  8. Nicole

    Omg this was directed by wade robson? 😮

  9. Guy Trix

    Nossa fiquei sabendo do nada desta música
    Nunca na minha vida saberia que aj tinha feito Carrera solo muito top a música

  10. Fortune Gulab


  11. Problemm Childd

    I swear I didn't know JC Chasez wrote this song for him!!!

  12. Pop Culture-sy

    The ultimate furry anthem

  13. Ch bsbfangirl

    sometimes I wonder about u aj then again people love ur weirdnesses lol 😂 got admitt great song

  14. Ingrid Kiminami

    AJ is the best vocal Of Backstreet Boys

  15. me me

    I'm dropping a breadcrumb because I swear I'm on the hunt to find the rabbit! I know he is the master rabbit on Masked Singer it's got to be him those vocals that power amazing tenor

  16. leslie gillmor

    Hate this video, but AJ can do no wrong

  17. Nardia McPhee

    Aj likes anything strange he likes to play aroun with stuff that's why the video is strange. And yes that is Twitch in the video too :)

  18. Erika Cooper

    Mind blown

  19. Moncliii

    I didnt remember how much i love this song!

  20. Jenna Smith

    Wow aj good song I love your moves you should teach me to dance especially like that and why dancing animals why can’t they be dancing girls I would definitely be a good back up dancer in your next music video 😂

  21. FloatinPineapple

    What the fuck


    que linda cansion la adoro

  23. mohegon2001

    this is so AJ! I love it!

  24. Inmate #5580

    It's a bit annoying the Killer's Somebody Told Me was sampled for a furry anthem.

  25. Janeth Janny

    Hahahaha I love it!!

  26. Samm & Misty

    Sampled of The Killer’s Somebody told me :)

  27. Mira Coli

    The video is a bit creepy but so cool at the same time!!.

  28. nynatony

    I love that song and much better the video , soo funny i love you AJ

  29. Ryaka

    Why isn't this song on Spotify? :'(

  30. Tessa Taylor-BSB

    AJ's album is under rated. It is actually really good.

  31. Tessa Taylor-BSB

    No, it is weird, but is set in NYC. Which is why it is a little off.

  32. patou 04

    Trop chou cette vidéo. Je part avec toi si tu veux. Câline. A love you.

  33. S2H

    This sucks

  34. Alexa Smith

    AJ has gotten better looking with age ! Like a fine glass of wine 🍷

  35. Alexa Smith

    Furry fetish ?

  36. blége HDYT

    trop top cette vidéo ça met bonne humeur des le matin🐥🐥🐦

  37. blége HDYT

    trop marrant. 😊😊💜

  38. Rhiley Armstrong

    love this song and listen to it every day

  39. Marlean

    This dancebreak is wonderful. :) Love it.

  40. Ema Milagros Mecugni

    it's somebody told me by the killers....

    Inmate #5580

    It's a sample.

  41. Erivanda Ferreira

    eu amo back street boys

  42. Jillian Gelok

    I've always thought this video is freaking hilarious. The furries idea was genius. Too bad it didn't get a lot of air time.

  43. karla araujo miranda

    i love The song is amazing and the vídeo i like so much

  44. Maria Cristna Alves

    Escuto todos os dias ai Love Aj. 👍👍💕

  45. Satu Wilhelmiina

    Wow I can't believe AJ Mclean is a fucking furry

  46. L. May

    I love this song but the video is very miley cyrus to me


    +Laurie M. But this video was before crazy Miley Cyrus' videos, right?

  47. Marcos Vinícius Ferraz

    1:37 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  48. Bianca Wolf

    The video is weird but i love the song and the dance.

  49. PrincessJen

    The dance off tho 👌🏼

  50. Lauren Krise

    I honestly didn't know AJ wrote and sang this song. I originally heard this on JC's solo album and fell in love with it. So I have to give him props. Out of the entire band AJ I had a soft spot for.

    Terrie Giguere

    JC wrote the song LOL

  51. lola lopez

    Aj Mclean is the best but backstreet boys are awsome there voices are so perfect

  52. Ellie Anderson

    Im a fan but am i the only one who thinks this vid is very weird?

    vevo davis

    @ellie anderson HAHA I was thinking the same thing...I love AJ but....this was not necessary lol


    This sucked. He needs to stick to rb

    Filomena Muondo

    No 🤣🤣


    @vevo davis It's actually pretty funny

  53. Nicole Rogers

    This man is freaky

  54. Jessye Gonzales

    Belated Happy Birthday!!!!

  55. Layne Zens

    I feel like I just saw something I wasn't supposed to see.

  56. Costanza Rossato

    This song is amazing ♡

  57. nena8287

    I LOVE  A.J. Mclean!!!!

  58. Isaias _90

    I Love this song, this is one of our songs with my girlfriend... because the lyrics and it's funny too for the video, from Argentina

  59. Niobe800

    Me encanta!! va en su línea!

  60. Paul D.

    BSB's music should be a little more experimental like this! please spice it up on the next album cycle, @Backstreet Boys 

    Uthpala Bandara

    i agree with you dude... :) 

    Daniela E. Sarmiento Zegarra

    JC Chasez (Ex-Nsync) wrote, composed and produced this.

    Inmate #5580

    Put some speck on The Killers name.

  61. Miranda Craig

    <3 I love this song by AJ mclean

  62. Erika Carter

    no puedo sacar esta canción de mi menteeee AJ!!!!

  63. ermoxxa66

    Love this songg

  64. Marisol Pérez

    No se podía esperar algo menos loco siendo A.J. Pero es cool y el se ve sexy ;3

  65. flyseventeenthirtytw

    Furry Pride

  66. Stacy Harris

    Love the vido

  67. Rosa Perez

    Very nice. I love Aj and the rest of the backstreet boys

  68. Brian Hunsinger

    Animals _ _ _ _!!

  69. Kogi Skul

    Furry Pride :3

  70. Tesia Quinn

    Best. Music. Video. Ever.

  71. Emily Mokotoff

    This has to be the best worst video I've ever seen

  72. Arabic Nationalist

    i bit that this is a song that AJ surely wants to forget .. Bad bad chice

  73. Krista Scholz

    no that is not jc.

  74. Miranda Moreno

    AJ probably is a furrie. Would anyone really be surprised? Lmao

  75. Scott Mckilla

    aj mclean's a furry?

  76. NeoMegaMan

    I'm in that weird part of youtube again...

  77. Elle P.

    teenagers right now are wild!!!

  78. Ruby Jane Ababa

    Wow! Aj Mclean it's so Cool?

  79. Daniel Romero

    Teenage WILDLIFE

  80. sheeq chick

    Oh my gosh his solo music is soooo good! Im surprised they haven't played any of his music on the radio. Or maybe they have? I dunno.. I just got a glimpse of the BSB new album and I didn't like it so much, but I know ill end up liking the songs lol. I was thinking they shud do a mix a little bit of AJ's solo music and Nick's too. His music wasn't so bad either

  81. Mariela Piña

    el talento de cada uno de los BSB es único, me encanto la canción !!

  82. Katie Gremlin

    i see what you mean but apparently its not

  83. MaR

    que talentooooooooooo!!!

  84. Stacie Meyer

    This is a bit odd but it's funnier the shit!

  85. RobZ33

    Not a big backstreet boy fan, but this is actually pretty good. Whoever doesn't like this song is an idiot :p

  86. alois black

    No no no not good

  87. LiliSchmidt

    I still don´t understand WHY THE ANIMALS?!

  88. Alisa Arnold

    Twitch and Misha <3

  89. Maria Mccrory

    Love the show better then chipmunks with Jesse mccarthney

  90. Katie Gremlin

    at the stand off, two dancers on left look like sean william scott and justin timberlake

  91. adreayoung

    Nope that's not JC

  92. SinfulRush


  93. Twangsk8r

    If you look close enough, the guy with the light blue tie and fedora is JC Chasez, ('NSYNC member) He also co-wrote the song! So, I guess boy band members CAN get along.

  94. DanishHellhound

    Furry :3 just saying :)