AJ McLean - London Lyrics

When I wake up in the sunlight
And look into your eyes
And I hold you for a little while
and I see behind your smile
I remember how beautiful I used to think you are
Now the only love that meant something is gone

I should have let you go when I saw that it was over in your eyes
What do I have to do to get rid of you
I'll be better on my own
Now, I miss the sun, but as long as I'm with you
It's just another rainy day in London
It's just another rainy day in London

I still hold onto the memory of how we were meant to be
And I wonder did you ever care
You were never there for me
I thought I was stronger
But then why am I here when there's nothing left to say
Now the only love that meant something is gone...

I should have let you go when I saw that it was over in your eyes
What do I have to do to get rid of you
I'll be better on my own
Now, I miss the sun, but as long as I'm with you
It's just another rainy day in London
It's just another rainy day in London

[Instrumental Break]

I remember how beautiful I used to think you are...

I should have let you go when I saw that it was over in your eyes
What do I have to do to get rid of you
I'll be better on my own
Now, I miss the sun, but as long as I'm with you
It's just another rainy day in London
It's just another rainy day in London

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AJ McLean London Comments
  1. Cami Jeral

    A.j your music is really good

  2. Sasha Grabenstetter

    Anyone else listening in 2019?

    Ali Shitenda

    one of the best songs ive ever heard still dont know why its not a hit!!!!!!

  3. J Rob

    This sounds like a bsb song

  4. Esther kando

    2019 who is listening?

  5. Memphis Draven

    I like Aj. Backstreet Boys is a top of the line band. Evanescence is too. I love all the BSB men. They are beautiful. Listen to their songs. And Amy Lee is awesome too

  6. Farah Ejaz

    very beautiful song

  7. Silvia Oliveira

    The best Backstreet Boys' voice.

  8. Jennifet Dipinto

    This song is good but i love night visions

  9. Sohini Bose Bera

    love this song a lot.cant stop hearing it.

  10. HelloNello

    I don't see the lyrics on screen 🤔.

  11. Jessica Amaral

    Único .. voz única não existe igual

  12. DSN

    2019 here! Such a good song! 💖

  13. MusicLover_KB

    This is the best song on his solo album

  14. Piero Spedale


  15. kyleen ko

    I love you AJ !!!!

  16. Leyya Mohammed


  17. Josieli Menezes

    Como é bom ver o meu grande ídolo inovando maravilhoso

    Nonato Santana

    Linda 😊

  18. Edna Mazivila

    2018....Mais alguém??? 😍😍😍😍😍

    CrónicasLiterarias Fantasía,Terror, y más

    Así es! 2018

  19. CrónicasLiterarias Fantasía,Terror, y más

    Un crack!

  20. eiram gre

    this is a good song

  21. Alexandra Sklifus

    he is the best

  22. Amber Burrell

    AJ please do song with Kevin Brown the country singer and can you do Tor in nrowich UK as well as well as a backstreet tor god bless amber burrell x

  23. Dhruvang Banker

    one of the greatest song compare to any other english song

  24. Denise M

    Wow, AJ had a surprisingly good solo album! It's too bad it didn't catch on more, really catchy songs.

  25. juan luk

    Gran cancion y gran voz

  26. 2 New Adventures

    This song is so underrated! Love it :) I just discovered it

  27. Michal Azulay

    amazing! amazing! amazing!! I hear it nonstop!
    His voice is so beautiful
    AJ is the best <3

  28. itsjemmabond

    100% better than that 'country' song


    Hey Jemma are you referring to Night Visions?


    The best song of his solo album.

  30. Queen Jen Jen

    this is pretty good song!

  31. nada swidan

    Perfect 😍

    Elizabeth Phillips

    nada swidan
    He sang this at one of the deck parties on the 2018 Cruise.
    Oh boy. Still playing it about a week later. Love it.

  32. Благовеста Добринска

    Perfect voice and song.

  33. mafrediniify

    My ex introduced me to his songs ,now each time I listened to any songs of AJ McLean I deeply think of him !!!

  34. pb4ugo19

    Did this song ever chart in the US? Surprised that it wasn't more recognized. Loved AJ's voice back in the day. It was so unique.

    Ali Shitenda

    me too...even istagram music filter does not have it,,,its a hit!

  35. Jaime Ramos

    What's the lyric in the very beginning?.

  36. Izabelle Machado

    Beautiful song
    A.j 😎

  37. Boom Johnson

    Yo this slick a kickass song

  38. DKritik DKritik

    yesss aj

  39. Adeilda Lima

    Cara sensacional !!!!

  40. Suzana Betamelo

    Love this Song ❤❤❤❤❤

  41. Marverin Lopes

    cara eu amo esse cara kkkkkkkk

  42. ੭৴૭ه

    ااااااحلى اغنيه ماعرف ترجمتها لكن توصل الى قلبي واذكر عمي المهاجر فيها هواي

  43. ੭৴૭ه

    اعشق هذي الاغنيه


    Great song! 😍😍😍

  45. Naye Rodríguez

    te amo 💜

  46. Samantha Jones

    I think aj music is wonderful when here sing rainy day in London so on point this song helped me threw old relashion ships 😉😎😉😊

    Amit Singh Rana

    Same Here...

  47. Suzana Betamelo

    Perfect 😘😘😘😘😘

  48. Justin England

    Fav song!

  49. Ale

    mi bsb favorito♥

  50. Ov50 music

    great song

  51. Albert Thamane

    Fuck this is a nice song...shit!!!

  52. Amanda Martins

    just obsessed with this song!

  53. Sarita Šabanov

    Great song 👌👌

  54. Cross John Williams Anderson

    alexander james wrote this song

    Ali Shitenda

    its a great song...still dont know why it wasnt a hit!!

  55. DyniaX

    the lyrics you have written is wrong ._.

  56. Starra87

    Love this song so much

  57. Shuhena Meah

    Obessed with this song!!!

  58. Desiree Haley

    Hey everyone can someone please tell me where I can find this album I looked everywhere for it I can't find it thanks!

    Shuhena Meah

    I found it ebay seems to come from japan and other country

  59. Gisele

    C**** ♥

  60. Lalnunthari Khawlhring

    i've got goosebumps everytime i listen to this song love u so much aj

  61. Heba Hosni

    he should make more solo albums

  62. allandnothingn1

    Thias song is amazing! I love the honesty you put in the things you do. I love you alex. You're an amazing man and a great artist. Lve you form italy. Hugs. KBPAF

    ps= let's meke 1.000,000 views! c'mon!

  63. angelofmercy21

    This album is the truth

  64. Justin England

    I love this song but what does it say in the intro and ending sounds like Video?

    Tanvi Patney

    I think she's saying pick me up

    Justin England

    Thanks, I think you are right :)

    Amit Singh Rana

    She is speaking Hindi Language. It is spoken in India. It translates to ''Your sufferings my Love"

  65. Ingrid

    Whoa....someone pinch me:o

    Ali Shitenda

    its good to see that people listen to this song!!! its supposed to be a hit!!!!!!

  66. Rebecca Lemmon

    Does Kevin get back-up vocals credit on this?

    Ashley E.

    @keeley001 ohhhhh....that's how he knew the words!

    Boom Johnson

    +keeley001 where is the proof of this?

    Rebecca Lemmon

    Brian might sing along when AJ did it live in the past, but I still think the recording sounds like Kevin.  I mean, it isn't that important a thing to argue with, but I always feel like Kevin deserves more credit than he gets.


    back vocals is jc chasez and a.j ...(I've searched it after the cruise duet)..

  67. Ron Golan

    can't stop hearing this song!! (a.j my love)

    Katja R.

    Ron Golan can't stop hearing his voice!!! I am so in love with this attractive man

  68. AndreaSoul07

    Great, great song!

  69. Erynne Carter

    This really is a great song.

  70. marxelamoshxanime


  71. Justin England

    Best song ever!

  72. Michael Sumrow

    go to best buy and have them deliver it to you. that's how i got it

  73. Juan Carlos Paz

    Hi!!! could someone help me... i´ve been trying to buy A.J´s Cd but i cant find it... not even on amazon or itunes... does anybody knows where can i get it???? thanks!!!!!!!!

  74. Justin England

    Nice song - I miss the BSB

  75. Kian Serri

    Vozes mais bonita na minha opinião, gosto de todos... mas aj é show!!

  76. Widley A

    nice song

  77. a ax

    3 people are literally DEAF!!!

  78. Crystasorrow

    AJ always had the most soulful and powerful voice in BSB, aside from Kevin's bass verses and so forth in my opinion. All the boys have great voices...but AJ is just one of them that set BSB apart from the typical boy band. I should just say vocal harmony group, because let's face it, the BSB's have killer harmonies.

    Tiffany Barnes

    Yes I agree 100% without aj amazing unique voice bsb would almost be the same as any other boyband

  79. 07Strawberry08

    AJ is seriously AMAZING and his voice is just pure gold... his solo CD is just fantastic

  80. Míša Novča

    baba bazdmeg ez a zene testverek nem acsehek najdu malej byt a budu jen tak zit fasz fasz fasz.

  81. iagosamet

    I came here, because of HIS VOICE!!!! REALLL

  82. Krisztián Korom

    legjobb <3

  83. Brianbsb1

    this song is amazing, <3

  84. Christopher Morrow

    Just sayin, Sarah Hargett... this is the way I feel!!

  85. FaithHillFANatic

    This song is the main reason why I purchased the All I Have album. AJ's voice makes me wanna do bad, bad things. WINK! WINK! His voice is smooth as silk and speaks to my soul.


    nothing smooth about his voice! It is raspy and raw and raunchy!!! Girrrrl I agree with u though it makes me want to do bad bad oh so bad things lol

  86. Ivana Bjc

    never heard a song that describes my current situation like this song.. just perfect

  87. trulybridget

    Can't stop listening to this song!

  88. alice kwambi


  89. superrs99hk

    kool <3<3

  90. youngarmenian


  91. Tamy Oliveira

    Música lindaaaa!!!

  92. Lisa Miller

    Love his Voice.. love this song.. as well..

  93. TheWantedManIsBack

    Wow!!! Too Much Too Say??? Priceless!!

  94. mopargirlcrystal

    and its "look into your eyes" not "look through your eyes

  95. mopargirlcrystal

    Im pretty sure what the girl saying isn't in english