AJ McLean - Live Together Lyrics

I've been through the fire breathing
Took my time so I ain't leaving
And Lord you know I need to be saved
I sure ain't saving myself

We should all, all live together
Or die alone
We should all, all live together
Or die alone
We should all, we should all, all live together
Or die alone
We should all, all live together
Die die alone

I've seen so much hate and breathing
We should take a break from hating
And Lord you know we need to be saved
(Oh yes)
Cause we sure ain't saving ourselves

We should all, all live together
Or die alone
We should all, all live together
Or die alone
We should all, we should all, all live together
Or die alone
We should all, all live together
Die die alone

[Jordan James:]
We've got it all
We nothing but puzzle pieces
Every one of us need this
I'm tired
I don't believe this
Why racism still exists
Don't matter, Catholic or Christian
Buddhist, Jewish, or Muslim
Or twenty dozen some others
I wonder
Ain't Martin Luther bring some truth to this situation?
Cause Jefferson got us looking for justice and we waiting
People still killing
But we got no Batman and Robin
They grabbin' bats man and robbin' each other over their problems
But look
We broke as hell
Some hopeless and go to jail
Murdering, bombing countries like we ain't afraid of hell
Some already know it well
Live it like show and tell
Bragging about selling drugs
I'm calling that blow and tell
And we searching for meaning
Grabbin' books and we reading
Just take a look at that man in the mirror before you leave and see him for what he is
Cause generations of kids is looking up to us thinking like
"This is the way we live?"

We should all, all live together
Or die alone
We should all, all live together
Or die alone
We should all, we should all, all live together
Or die alone
We should all, all live together
Die die alone

All live together
Die die alone

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AJ McLean Live Together Comments
  1. Shannon Pietersen

    Beautiful it reminds of a mj video ❤❤❤ love it

  2. Irene Cvietkovich

    Aj has that rock voice he needs to put out a rock album

  3. Nicole Rogers

    I love this song because it explains Aj in a way that no else can

  4. Adriana Cañas Cruz

    It's my favorite of bsb, I love your voice, style and all your songs both solo and with BSB

  5. Heloise Quintanilha


  6. Baby Doll

    Consciously promoting "coming together" while subconsciously promoting gun control. Hows it feel to be a sell out puppet ?? smh How many Pyramids can we have in one video. ( I counted 7) GODDAMN. You gave Gaga a run for her money! .. nice how you use "fast track moves" to hide the fact that you've completely sold out and are now nothing but a damn pawn. Sad. Enjoying that cage?? Waving that red flag ? Yeeaah. SELLOUT.

    KJ L

    What's wrong with gun control? you gun nuts love death!

  7. Jennifer Gibson

    Love this and the strong message!🔥🔥🔥💜💜🤘

  8. Shy Girl Fly Girl

    Amen! 🙏🏾💛

  9. khalil sa

    Great song wawww

  10. TheSmoothkriminal

    tuned vooice is bullshit music....

  11. Vicky Wright


  12. Irene Cvietkovich

    Live together is a really good song I always loved AJS voice I sing too it would be cool to sing with him at their concert I'm going to in august I've got a floor ticket

  13. GSS610

    This is awesome!

  14. Irene Cvietkovich

    Cool song

  15. Sarah '93

    how have I not heard this......love it ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  16. Frost

    This is beautiful on so many levels.

  17. Zanny Fang

    It looks like a tribute to earth from MJ

  18. Nardia McPhee

    After what happened in NZ last week I think this should be re-released as a great anthem for fighting against racism

  19. Lola kelly


  20. Krissy Behr

    I’m impressed, you start with lovely pagan imagery with nature and a flower child— then dive into Christianity with needing to be saved. Then you bring in the rappers listing off various other religions and ending with pagan imagery—

    I love it.

    an eclectic Pagan with love of science 😆.

  21. Erica S Lannes

    I loveeeee ❤️
    Please come back to Brazil soon!🇧🇷

  22. Priscila Breier


  23. U- Law

    Great message not surprised it's a Backstreet Boy

  24. Bri Watts

    When can we buy it!! Need it!!

  25. tropical 88


  26. Jackeline Faro

    Perfect! LY! Forever yours!

  27. lika oliveira

    👏👏👏😘💕Muito bom

  28. krisluvkev

    Why didn't he make a cd

  29. Felena Irvin

    Aj has a unique voice an love hearing his voice rather talking or singing.an to look at him is ahhh mouth watering.he's so talented.he was blessed with amazing talent.there's nothing he can't do an I will always be a fan with anything he does.been a fan since he first came out with bsb.seen clips before they got put on radio an was hooked from first sound of voice an his look.he doesn't dress to impress others or worry about what they would say.but I love his fashion he pulls it off 100%.doubt anyone else could an look as good as him.

  30. 菜々浅倉

    Oh my gosh what a nice song 😍 Good job guys keep it up🤗

  31. AG uzumaki

    O yeah. ...keep going AJJJJJ .. love ya

  32. Lisa Jankovic


  33. Jenna Ridenhour

    Beautiful little girl

  34. G mikha

    Love you A.J but don't dare to leave the group. 😅 Y'all make magic together 🤣😂😂😍

  35. Julie Glenn

    Love This!!:)

  36. Keisha Iz Awesome

    Just found our about this... I digs it! And that's a beautiful little girl at the beginning

  37. PrincessJen

    AJ McLean. ALWAYS bringing the vocals 😍

  38. Anya Vlad

    Too much of "yo yo yo" .... 😣
    AJ is Amazing, as always tho! !!

  39. Tabitha Stanley

    I lovr aj new song

  40. Kelli Medina-Aviles

    A.J. McLean u got me in my feelings!!!! 💞

  41. Guadalupe Lucio

    Very good song.

  42. Kaffee ohne zucker bitte Café sem açucar por favor

    Brasil te ama❤️

  43. CAR INA

    Awesome 😍

  44. Papu Lera

    Que buen video desde argentina

  45. Free Payne


  46. Cintia e Douglas


  47. Jafor Ahmed

    This is rock!

  48. rimali87

    I'm clearly late in seeing this video but it is awesome! How it hasn't gotten more views, idk. Totally underrated.

  49. Pramod Malinda

    those were real boys. Not drug addicts just use fake music... this is not music, this the voices of universes

  50. nickrackhead

    Wait for his COUNTRY one!!!

  51. sarina montes

    Wow that's the most hottest cuz Aj is in the video

  52. luciana Oliveira

    Love Aj Mclean

  53. suzy 81

    I love youuuu but I don't like this song.Have it all album is much better.

  54. Jonathan Lafuentes

    I know Brian sings Christian music but I didn't know AJ did, too.

    The Secret History

    Jonathan Lafuentes - They all have solo albums except Kevin. There are some cover songs Kevin sang solo you will have to search on YouTube. Nick has more solo albums compare to rest of the boys. Nick also has a collaboration album with Jordon Knight from NKOTB called "Nick & Knight" you should check out too.

  55. jc6594

    Happy 40th Birthday AJ McLean <3

  56. Usani

    Happy Birthday you gorgeous man you!! <3 <3

  57. Lary Laryê

    Sabia que ele tinha uma pegada meio rock💜💜💜

  58. Mr mafia 92

    I'm aj mclean fan forever 100% famous backstreet boy

  59. Jodie Leigh Blackett

    LOVE IT!!!

  60. Bhuvana v

    Still thinking of u AJ😘😍

  61. Elisangela Machado


  62. Helen B

    AJ's voice us just amazing.. great song great video!

  63. Rost Reshetov

    AJ, let's get back to da' root of hip-hop. Great realise!!!!

  64. Solidwolf34

    God I hate the sound of that screaming elephant in the back. This has to be the worst song I have ever heard. It's a shame because I'm a huge AJ fan.

  65. Solidwolf34

    Trash music. Pure trash.

  66. Memo Mclean

    love you AJ from Mecca

  67. queen eliz

    this is so cool! Aj should do more music:)

  68. Mark Rodriguez

    My friend Gage Maverik is in there. He's a police officer in there.

  69. Sarah Sepanski

    Cool song! Awesome music video! I love you Aj! You're awesome! I'm a huge HUGE Backstreet Boys fan and I find it cool how all of them support eachother and respect eachothers individual wants and decisions that at some point they all let them do what THEY wanted while still pursuing the group. That doesn't really happen today. Idk why. But with the BSB, they all sit down together and discuss and respect and support eachothers decisions and they are all still together and going strong while doing things THEM AS THEMSELVES WANT. They all are family men. They all have kids and beautiful families. Brian made his own beautiful Christian album, Howie is in a house selling thing with HIS brothers, Aj and Nick are pursuing their own music and Kevin was on Broadway for a while. :) they truly are like family. I love them all.

  70. Amanda VanVeen

    I heard this song on Spotify first but had to see if there was a video. I didn't even realize that it was AJ from BSB until I watched the video. Epic song!

  71. Aaron Jarrell

    This song should be 2017's official theme since Trump & the Republican Politicians are fucking us Americans over

  72. Cait

    *cop tries to shoot you* *proceeds to shake cops hand* this is some all lives matter BS

  73. Believer John Seventeen

    Happy St. Patrick's Day BSB!☘🍀🕇📖🌈🌌💒

  74. Мария Врагалева

    what a beautiful song and music video is soo cool! Love you, AJ !

  75. Veronica Mott

    love the song and the message is so true.




    Me encanta el video

  78. TheGtoXed

    Hell yea!!! lovin it that AJ from BSB is back and more alive than ever to deliver this message! We should all live together or die alone!

  79. Ana María Caso

    Cada vez me sorprende tu calidad musical y tu alma puesta en cada canción. Que siempre existas AJ!
    Everytime I got even more surprised as I see your voice and soul printed in every song. Live forever AJ!

  80. ツEMELLY

    Love you

  81. MichelleR.

    I was a huge BSB fan back in the 90's until I was like 12 or 13, now I'm into other stuff. But of course, like other people that have been fans, you can't help but have a weak spot for BSB, so sometimes you look them up and see what they're up to these days. AJ was my favorite back in the day and it's nice to see that he's going a bit more political and rebellious with his solo music. I like it! But, it also sounds a tiny bit like Jungle by X Ambassadors & Jamie N Commons... ;)

  82. Krista Harmon

    I've loved him since I was 4 and I'm 27! He's been a major part of my life. He saved my life.

    Nicole Rogers

    Krista Harmon I agree I'm 32 he saved me

    Nicole Rogers

    Aj is strong I'm 32 and he was there when my dad died 10 yrs ago

  83. Brittany Lino

    i loved this man for the past 20 years of my life. so glad he is back. See you in March

  84. Javitha Muñoz

    Te amo a.j

  85. Dee Dixon

    Love this song and video. The little girl in this video is not his daughter but her name on Instagram is @duchessdukes check her out, she is an aspiring model and actress.

  86. Keith Wingo

    needs to be the unofficial anthem of 2016 aj u nailed it bro

  87. Haidy 2015

    Almost 300'000 views only why???

  88. Lisa Mena

    GREAT VIDEO ALEX! Lots of love from Argentina, ktbspa!

  89. Aymen M

    Amazing voice AJ

  90. Dillon!

    Share this video. This message could not be more needed with the shit going on lately in this country!

  91. Missiheartentertainment

    Strong video and words! Wow this was great!

  92. Mary Queen

    What a powerful message especially with this video <3