Airbourne - Sex To Go Lyrics

I know what I want, always order on the run
Gotta get a little bit of meat on the bun
Supersize, cheese and fries
All I really want is your apple pie
Got no drinks, got no food
There's only one thing on this menu

(Sex to go)
(Sex to go) it'll hit your spot
(Sex to go) you know what I want
(Sex to go) I'll be your drive through window

Don't need to marinade or wait all day
All I really want is your take away
Don't need no chef, no white tablecloth
You just give me everything that you got
If you own a phone you don't have to eat alone
You just let me know

(Sex to go) get it while it's hot
(Sex to go) I'll hit your spot
(Sex to go) I got what I want
(Sex to go) just give me the whole fuckin' menu

Has it been a while since you had a good meal?
C'mon on over here

(Sex to go) get it while it's hot
(Sex to go) everything on the menu
(Sex to go) I'll hit your spot
(Sex to go) just open up your drive through window
Sex to go
(Sex to go...)
Yes yes, so greasy, the grease gimme the oil, rub it on, baby
Yeah, 24/7 days a week, we're open, we're just like heaven, c'mon up!

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Airbourne Sex To Go Comments
  1. Gary Rooney

    Straight outta 1976

  2. Luca Nicoletti

    rock'n'blues riff.. Great song... 😊😊🤙

  3. Musikarchitekt

    Great track, Sounds like it was from "Dirty deeds done dirt cheap "

  4. lucas Camilo

    Já imagino a putaria quando esses malucos resolver vir para o Brasil

  5. PHagen

    As long as you're alive and we're alive
    Rock'n'Roll will never die!

  6. Jari Gustafsson

    Sounds like David Coverdale had a really bad day & night & has a terrible hangover in the - 70's...

  7. Bombo Klaa

    Wait a second, that's the riff from the unreleased 'Get On Ya Bikes' track!

    Blind Lemon Lipschitz

    Never heard that song besides a short live clip. Not sure if it's the same, but it's a badass riff!

  8. John Bender

    Black Sabbath and ZZ Top walk into a bar...


    Sounds like the ac dc song love at first feel

  10. SteMa

    Black sabbath riff, great song 👍🏻

  11. doejeff

    Keeping rock alive

  12. Shaun Richens

    Sounds a bit like bad for love by rose tattoo drum beat.

  13. Maciel

    Mais um som foda🤘🎸

  14. Gui

    Bon Scott is living ! really impressive and fucking great !!! Thank you guys RNRFL