Airbourne - It's All For Rock N' Roll Lyrics

Aw. C'mon!

He did it all, enough for you and me.
Played rock n' roll hard fast and free.
Full speed ahead like a bullet train.
Lost sleep 'till death, his ghost still haunts the stage.

It's all for one and one for all.
Together we stand; together we fall.
'Cause it's all for one and one for all.
It's all for rock n' roll.

Around the world he left his mark.
A million eardrums shattered like a glass.
There was no surrender. The stage is empty.
So raise a glass and have a drink with me.

It's all for one and one for all.
Together we stand; together we fall.
'Cause it's all for one and one for all.
'Cause it's all for rock n' roll.

All for one. One for all.
All for one. For rock n' roll.
All for one. One for all.
All for one. For rock n' roll.

It's all for one and one for all.
Together we stand; together we fall.
'Cause it's all for one and one for all.
Together we stand for rock n' roll.

All for one and one for all.
Together we stand; together we fall.
'Cause it's all for one and one for all.
It's all for rock n roll.

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Airbourne It's All For Rock N' Roll Comments
  1. sun floyd

    Don't need shitty tribute bands, but just a damn good tribute song!

  2. RomanSiebenPalmen

    Lemmy is proud!

  3. Jigsaw 128

    RIP Lemmy thank you for everything brother we love you and wel see you soon

  4. Yoenz Suazana

    Life is so empty without rock n roll

  5. maiden4 greece

    Long Live...RNR

  6. CanamRider228

    Kinda sounds like a mix of skid row and ac dc

  7. Simone 81 simonello


  8. Sébastien Vinterstein

    Ca ressemble trop à ac dc mon groupe préféré ils sont bon mais la c est plus que de s inspire de leurs glorieux aînés

  9. M. Körner

    raise the glasses ...
    it's all for Rock n' Roll

  10. pro mod steve

    Lemmy would be proud. He IS MOTORHEAD and he plays rock and roll.DAMN I miss him.

  11. Jens-Uwe Lademacher

    Best Band

  12. Thrash Noodle

    Lemmy is god

  13. Michael Hudson

    Airborne got me with this one

  14. Reinhold György

    Good ---soo good- my godnes


    Outstanding live. These guys have a deep respect for Lemmy. The JD and coke passed around half way through song was an amazing tribute to Lemmy. Amazing song one of the best memories I will ever have. Any one out there that enjoyed this song I promise they will not disappoint live. If they are near you go see them and if not travel to see them.. As for the Marshalls they are real and maxed out.

  16. Space Emo Cosplay

    I'm in the minority here, but I prefer Airbourne over AC/DC, and I am a big time fan of Motörhead, AC/DC's stuff just all sounds the same as their popular songs, and if anything songs by Motörhead that need to played more, are "In the name of Tragedy" and "Boogeyman" rather than "Ace of Spades" that gets so boring after you hear it so many times

  17. BestCanKeanRob2

    From an Oasis fan a Sex Pistols and Stone Roses fan steppin on to another genre,ive had had a taste for the hard rock sound.Airbourne are that classic sound.

  18. metallero fett

    Esta banda tiene un parecido con A se de se!!!

  19. Hašiš Baja

    Enough with the Mario+Rabbids nonsense! This song is about Lemmy ♠️ Mention Mario once more, and I'll break your nose.

  20. Dayn Kachur

    I grew up in 80's a metalhead with AC/DC being my favorite band.....I turn 50 this year and still consider them my favorite...... But Airbourne.....You just got a new fan! I found this song just last night and have searched out the rest on youtube...loved everyone. Thankyou for keeping Rock-n-Roll alive!

    Matthew Franks

    I bought their cd 15 years ago as a senior in highschool, was out in the car having my friends listen to it outside the parents house when his dad came out and said, now guys, as much as I love ac/dc, you gotta keep it down.

  21. Giulia Baracchi

    It's all for rock n roll!! 😎🎸✌

  22. Ermal Koci

    Genius! Can't believe this is 2000's music!

  23. Trevor Philips

    Lemmy's still alive, I don't get why people are saying he's dead. He never died!

  24. Jake

    Lemmy tribute by an AC/DC clone. However, it works, but not in North America, where rock remains dead as ever.

  25. Heizer Black Widder

    the beast song of this album

  26. Les Jendryk

    There you goes 🌎✌for rock

  27. Moacir Fassina

    A beautiful tribute to Lemmy

  28. The Flamengo

    Great band! RIP great Lemmy!

  29. Austen Jackson

    Love these boys. This is a rock hard tribute to the killer, Lemmy. Tired of hearing people say this is the new ACDC or that Joel o'Keefe can replace bryan Johnson. wrong they are not replacements for any of our rock.heroes. these boys are entrepreneurs
    . Not replacements.
    It's like quiet riot and Acdc had a baby and this is the monster that came through.

  30. Srđan Popović

    Nice one

  31. CrushingRock

    Damn those riffs are out of this world

  32. rafael garcia casado

    Los sucesores de AC/DC

  33. Aivar Uueda

    Süngelt hea Värk. 👂👂👌👌👌

  34. Bamometha

    God help me, I love a tribute! Good work lads! They should set up a mic stand for Lemme at every show.

  35. Евгений Драчук

    Ништяк ✌✌✌

  36. Małgorzata Adamowicz

    klasa sama w sobie:)

  37. ravagebang

    Reminiscent of nervous shakedown (AC/DC). But let me tell you that you are doing an amazing job guys. Rock never dies!

  38. Luciano NitRock

    We Love You, AirBourne!! Come to Brazil!!!

  39. Egidio Fioravanti

    does'nt watch Rikembaker bass in this video only Lemmy was a god of rock Bass R.I.P.

  40. Кирилл Вадимович2

    Кайф. Спасибо.

  41. Lord_Bubble

    You know when they play this live the bar is open!

  42. Nathan Mayall

    Lemmy would be grinning fuking ear to ear

  43. Aaron Alcala

    Holy shit who are these guys!!!! I love this!!!!!!

  44. Евгений Ковгорь

    На чём играет водитель фуры?

  45. Ps2peter

    Seen them 3 times in the uk. Craziest Giggs iv ever been to. Such an amazing band

  46. Barb Ditty

    Fantastic!!! Thank you!!

  47. Dead Guy


  48. Евгений Ковгорь


  49. Blackpink Sabbath



  50. london man

    great song

  51. urizen

    nice tribute

  52. Daniel Melo

    KZG brought me here.

  53. John Locke

    "Nervous Shakedown" by AC/DC just modernized.

  54. jeff A

    def leppard meet AC/DC

  55. вячеслав 134

    Как выглядела бы AC/DC если вокалистом был бы Агнус Янг))))

  56. Игорь Воронин

    В наушниках воопще полный у лет супер таких не много групп

  57. rockerseven

    When you want to look like Metallica, but sound like AC/DC lol

  58. Philip E.

    Another Aussie band, I like their sound but so much like AC/DC.

  59. Kurwa

    Rip lemmy kilmister

  60. Alejandro G. Almaraz

    Tu que vas a saber de rock chamaco p3ndejo

  61. Mateo Clivio

    Man this dudes can have It all, just need one hit and that It

  62. Birgit Mank

    I love AC/DC, this is the future, GREAT

  63. mihir deshmukh

    RIP Lemmy

  64. Juan T

    Very influenced by ac/dc and hard rock from the 80's..but who cares?! They have their own energy (identity if you like it more) so.. let's rock n' roll !!

  65. mario antagonist

    Nice Lemmy tribute from an AC/DC tribute...

  66. Benjamin Lees

    Sweat.. Noise an' Rock N' Roll baby!

  67. Benjamin Lees

    This is dope... Rock.... On!

  68. Ali T

    Rest in peace, Mr. Kilmister!

  69. Βασιλης Οικονομου

    This might be the evolution of hells bells :)

  70. rykgoldenoldies

    dude i cried like f**king baby when i heard that lemmy passed away, this is the best tribute for him ever period.

    change my mind.

  71. DejaVuSx

    Rock & Roll

  72. martin wiltrout

    AC/DC with a bit of Def Leppard thrown in for good measure.

  73. AMS officiel

    Its all for rock and rolllllll😍😍😍😍💪💪

  74. Terezinha Hilbig

    Is Rock N Rool Wow

  75. Maciel

    Música incrível🤘é muito bom ouvir um grito da palavra "Rock N' Roll"

  76. Lawrence Lepes

    I love this band! RIP Lemmy!

  77. Lem Revett

    radio just wont play these guys or any heavy stuff in aussie.thank fuck for the internet

  78. Susan Moran

    Good tribute.

  79. martin wiltrout

    There's always room for one more Marshall stack.... I'm hearing AC/DC.... In a good way.

  80. Stefan Graf

    Aussie rules

  81. mouzak rock

    Play rock'n'roll forever....

  82. rick ricky

    must be nice to be sponsored by marshall amps

  83. Axel Vázquez

    Lástima que no hay nada nuevo, la gente ya no tiene escencia

  84. Windsor Corbin

    Had to try a shot and man, im hooked. Much respect RIP Lemmy!!!!

  85. gyslain beauchamp

    Rip lemmy, rocknroll

  86. Зейнолла Алтынбеков

    It's good

  87. BlacK LabeL TeA

    WTF AC/DC has a second life or what???


    second life ? AC/DC never die !

  88. Ethan Payero

    I fell like I'm listening to this song in the 80s

  89. Bernard Chapella

    Right on boys!!!! Lemmy would be proud!!!! I use this song to drown out the bullshit music I hear in my area. Rock and roll forever!!!!!!!!!!! Runnin wild

  90. Daniel Moeller

    Awesome tribute to an awesome musician

  91. Zandocaster

    My hero academia ?

  92. RafitaCool454

    It looks like other AC/DC

  93. Payoloscovk Norris


  94. Jason Rojas

    kindda AC/DC, isn't it?

  95. Tim Owens

    Can't wait for new CD ⛽

  96. Steven Cliffe

    Cya at Wacken

  97. maxitoto

    rock in hd

  98. Dibbo 92

    The Best Aussie Hard Rock Band Since AC/DC And Rose Tattoo

  99. Kristopher mathis

    Wtf is wrong with kids these days listening to mumble (c)rap? It sucks ass!
    This however kicks ass!!