Airbourne - Hellfire Lyrics

Driving through hell just to get back home
I can't find the way there's too much smoke
I'm choking on the air that I breathe
I can't turn around coz I'm in too deep

I'm in a Hellfire
It's better to die young
I'm in a Hellfire
It's better to die young

With driving wheels I was born to ride
straight outta hell and to the other side
I don't give a damn about the big boss man
for all I care he can kiss my arse

With driving wheels
I was born to ride
straight outta hell
and to the other side

I beenslavin' workin' kickin' livin' screamin' in a hellfire
It's better to die young
I'm in a hellfire
It's better to die young
I'm in a Hellfire
It's better to die young
Yeah all alone in a hellfire
It's better to die young

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Airbourne Hellfire Comments
  1. Pat Russell


  2. Joel Wilnierak

    1:10 did streety fall over? XD

  3. Jay Basalaj

    Some real rock n fuckin roll here!

  4. Mervi Vuorenvirta

    R'n'R, True live band!

  5. La Station 709

    C'est toujours bon pour l'oreille, ... clair.

  6. Glen Proenings

    Now acdc are in thoughts of leaving the rock& roll life i know its a sad thing but we still got airbourne its clise to acdc but still a peace of my heart is away i love acdc soo much and i still do but its time to find another bamd i can still see perform

  7. pgrlopes

    Holy shit snape is in the drums!

  8. euanairbourne666 euanairbourne666

    i think it was justin (the bass player)

  9. rdkdjarfur

    I saw them at fortarock great !!!

  10. Tom DH

    I like the fact that he's got no tattoos at all :D

  11. megamanioler

    la van a cagar toda si se presenta raimstein en ese festival

  12. FlyingMrPoo

    cant wait to see them at Fortarock :D

  13. Defty I

    PQP muuito booom *u*

  14. darthwulfking

    Rock fottuto Roll!!! yeaahhh

  15. B. K. Hutterer

    One of the best rock and roll songs ever!

  16. B. K. Hutterer

    This is in Germany, Dummkopf!

  17. TwistedMindCroatia

    That's the way to do it! ;)

  18. Reptilian Overlord

    Australia is badass (with the notable exception of their pussy gun laws).

  19. Petew1985

    what people dont understand is that this is the classic aussie pub rock sound !
    acdc rose tattoo airbourne
    its not copying acdc its just the type of music born and bread in australia

  20. waffenamt7

    You cannot compare, they are both Amazing.

  21. waffenamt7

    Caution: It is physically impossible to keep head still while listening to Airbourne.

  22. Pablo Scarpa

    Fucking Wild Rock n' Roll!

  23. JaguarOrtiz

    The Bass player is the Malcolm Young to the band!!!

  24. Jank Kumori

    why is everybody talkin about AcDc when they should be Talkin about this awesome song!!! i listen to this song every time i want to get pumped up!! i listen to it and believe me in that moment im so hyped! the big boss man can actually kiss my ass!!

  25. Jersy Blafoski

    There was heaps of bands in Australia in the 1970s with that sound. Alot of it derived from the heavier glam bands. Ac/dc is a heavier version of easybeats mixed up with some lobby loyde and alex harvey. Bon Scott was a version of stevie wright.

  26. MaximZazulak

    I didnt say that they should, Airbourne is fucking amazing and have some different attributes to ACDC, but im big fans of both :p

  27. Punk's not red

    true, but i hate how everybody is only talking about ac/dc on airbourne vids. You gotta give these guys recognition for the kick ass shit they come up with. Yes they sound a little bit like acdc, but they're not an ac/dc tribute band, so people should stop comparing them to acdc and respect them as a different band from acdc.

  28. MaximZazulak

    They're both Australian though >:o?

  29. Punk's not red

    agreed, they're better than those croccodile hunters

  30. Jake Hunt Music

    I vote there alot like the darkness or stone gods. ;)

  31. Emperor Benjamin

    Airbourne > Ac/Dc

    (my opinion)

  32. MysticalTechno

    Seriously, while they sound like an exact copy of ACDC...I think they are better :| much much better. Looks like ACDC need to get moving...

  33. Simo' James

    I fucking love this band!!!!!!!! R'n'R!!!!!

  34. Orlando Castillo

    oh shit! Steve Harris in drums! :o

  35. Pol Teixido

    @nixgr94 yes but it's the first impresion guy, i know that ACDC it's sooo diferent. But its the best band who can be compared with ACDC.

  36. trouble demon

    This is a great sounding Rock Band Keeping Rock n Roll real they are !

  37. ◢ VegoTenx ◣


  38. Box




  39. Morgan McDaniel

    @nixgr94 plus im ok with having a kick ass band that is reminiscent of another kick ass band... my generation should learn from this a form good bands...

  40. LazgomaN1

    @MyGunsNRomance GnRoses is a pop rock

    Could not resist!

  41. MercilessTide

    Clones? Haha fuck you so called Rockers that say that kinda shit. This is the greatest rock n roll in the our generation.

  42. Alfredo Téllez Déctor

    @MrWALLYBERT hahaha i saw it XD

  43. Noneofyourbusiness0

    Anyone else see someone fall at 1:11 ?

  44. parapunziperopero

    I was there in WACKEN!!!! ;-)

  45. kalosanin2

    Even AC/DC could learn a ting or 2 because these guys rock

  46. MrPedrorcc

    @pixiescam man, just listen the fuckin rocks!!

  47. Cam Allen

    @nixgr94 are you fucking Joking? They are clones are you deaf?

  48. Legoman19892

    @69r0xx I think the Bassist slipped.

  49. TheBaconCrusader

    Just seen this live tonight supporting Iron Maiden...VERY Impressive!

  50. teramasz

    @69r0xx yeah, he was catching the bottle falling from his amp ;>

  51. Medioda

    Well, if rock'n'roll isn't dead it's not thanks to that kind of bands.

  52. Iszil

    @nixgr94 You try to sound like you know something, kiddo, but lemme tell you what you just said is complete bullshit. If you knew anything about music you would know it's just a massive rip off - which sells a lot, but rip off nevertheless.

  53. Charlie Brown

    Anyone notice someone falling on stage at 1:11 ?

  54. erpvb

    @nico261086 fuck you and die they don't thats just cause joell his voice sounds a bit the same thats why all you idiots call it acdc copycasts

  55. erpvb

    kicked 2 guys in the balls for calling them acdc clones

  56. Nick Hodder

    @nixgr94 ....i have. and no theres not lol

  57. Lucas K.

    About straight ahead kick ass Rock 'n' Roll you know as much about it as the man in the moon! Believe me!

  58. nicolas bothuan

    it sounds like AC/DC

  59. 666metal333

    @355vk1 really dude? you've got to be kidding.
    they are from Warrnambool in Victoria. You sir, are a derp.

  60. MrAcdckid

    They are my brothers and I'm son of AC/DC xD

  61. Peter Ensingh


  62. Horisk


  63. bakersfieldmusicnow

    ahhhyeaah,,acdc,,,is reborn.!

  64. obiwanfisher537

    @Pitchredbrigade Lol, but anyway cool band

  65. Draltar Moonwolf

    @teramasz he fell for rock

  66. Draltar Moonwolf

    kick-ass voice

  67. teramasz

    what happened at 1:11? ;)

  68. N Holt

    Being compared to AC/DC is one of the greatest compliments a band can recieve in my opinion.

    I don't crank this to 11 I crank it up to 12!!!!! Airbourne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. MysteryNote

    @aleajactaest11690 It was never gone

  70. headwhop26

    Thank you! Finally someone knows what the fuck theyre talking about!

  71. nixgr94

    oh just stfu with all the "AC/DC clone" shit.... if you had really studied ac dc and airbourne you would see there's a really big difference between the bands...

  72. LimaVictor

    @ketsuekiblood lol wtf is your prob?

  73. DanM

    ACDC clones going to Wacken and saying "This is the best Rock n Roll festival".. surely these guys are trolling?

  74. brant morris

    @divinityboy We perfect them

  75. Johnny Filth

    @aleajactaest11690 AMEN for that mate A M E N

  76. Johannes

    It feels so good to be a part of rock and metal community as a youth, when all my other friends listen to rihanna, eminem, 50 cent and you name the other shit. ^^

  77. salud y riqueza

    Son muy grandes!!! Cañeros!!!

  78. Cesare Fereveutto

    I like how they look and sort of act like a heavy metal band but they play rock 'n roll...interesting combination I suppose.

  79. James Hickey

    only thing missing...crowd surfing

  80. rappy90


  81. Guts

    Ich werde sie 2011 in Wacken sehen. Das wird so geil. \m/

  82. léa mcs

    fucking world!!!!!!!

  83. IrethPL

    he's got amazing voice :)

  84. Filip Knižka

    airbourne su peckovy

  85. 69cheekymonkey1

    See ya in hell boys hoooooah!

  86. 69cheekymonkey1

    John 3:16

  87. David Graham

    @GojiraFan15 And he said that at T In The Park. Seen them at download too but went to another stage at T, But my mate said that he came onstage shouting that at T :P

  88. iscareuiknowit

    I love the cliche wall of like 16 Marshall cabs on each side of the drummer. lmao

  89. David Stoklosa

    this rocks

  90. crackerHero


  91. higuitacrack

    this makes me think there is hope for hard rock

  92. Jacek Lech

    @ThallesNinja all of the AC/DC songs end like that live :D

  93. Igna Red


  94. demonwx10

    Hard Rock 4 LIFE!

  95. 666bonscott

    @masterofinsanity1993 i say that everyday man

  96. 666bonscott

    @masterofinsanity1993 i say that everyday man

  97. chris gorrill

    not very new and certainly not very original or overly talented but a new generation of rockers ...good to see anyway

  98. tallicahead87

    Ha i searched airbourne hellfire to see what album its off then thought i know that cover looked in my cd collection i have it! \m/