Airbourne - Backseat Boogie Lyrics

Find a sweet spot, put it in park
It don't even matter if it's light or dark
Follow my lead, give you what you need
Fogging up the windows, have you beggin' me, please
Get the horn honking, get your boots knocking
Top of the mountain above the city lights
Rolling up a smoke, cheap bottle of wine

Backseat boogie
Hot on the beat
Backseat boogie
Turn up the heat
Hoochie coochie
Know what I mean
Backseat boogie
Do it with me

We could go to the show or just ride around
Stay up all night and never get found
From the north to south, the west to the east
Bouncing to the rhythm of the bumble bees
Roll the windows up, get the rock rockin'
On top of the mountain above the city lights
Rolling up a smoke, cheap bottle of wine

Backseat boogie
Hot on the beat
Backseat boogie
Turn up the heat
Hoochie coochie
Know what I mean
Backseat boogie
C'mon, do it with me...


Backseat boogie
Hot on the beat
Backseat boogie
Turn up the heat
Hoochie coochie
Know what I mean
Do the backseat boogie
C'mon, do it with me

B-b-b-backseat boogie
B-b-b-backseat boogie
Hoochie coochie
B-b-b-backseat boogie
Backseat boogie
In the backseat
In the backseat do it with me

Do the backseat, the backseat boogie

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Airbourne Backseat Boogie Comments
  1. Scott Young

    To show you how the music industry is full of idiots that don’t have a clue, a band called Amyl And The Sniffers won a ARIA award for best album this year. Check them out. They are a joke. Can hardly play their instruments and the girl lead singer struggles to hit notes. Now Airbourne have been slugging it out round the world for 15 years and have built up a huge following not only in Australia, but around the world. Yet Australian radio still doesn’t play them. Now anyone with any common sense can see that Airbourne are the next ACDC. Airbourne would be as big as ACDC if they get the airplay they deserve in their own country and in America. But someone high up in the music industry is obviously trying their best to keep Airbourne from being heard. We need to weed this person, or people, out of the music industry because they are stopping real talent from getting the worldwide success they deserve.

  2. Steve Finnerty

    Is there a better active live band? Not for me!

  3. Andrés Young

    R. N. R. F. L

  4. Johnny thunder iowa

    These guys actually SUCK ,...and their Songs are pretty lame ,...redundant ,... Def Lep Clones at best,, how they keep getting into huge festivals is weird,..must have connex i guess,...

  5. Christian Stieler

    ACDC ,....Krokus.-- Rose Tattoo und unzählige andere bessere... eine Coverband., die jedes Riff geklaut zusammenschustert.---lächerlich

  6. Simos Kaggelaris

    no comment...meh

  7. Jana Radke

    Cool sounds a bit like ACDC

    Aaron Adams

    Jana Radke r/whoosh


    It sounds like Australian pub rock, which is what AC/DC also is. Same with Rose Tattoo

  8. daniel maniel

    joel and angus can be a very good combo

  9. daniel maniel

    Joel king of power chords

  10. Mort3 Combo5

    Yes old school😍😍❤❤

  11. King Zarathos

    I swear, this guy doesn't age

  12. Kentman Kent

    Saw the boys in Oxford on Saturday, and as usual, they show everyone how to rock hard! It is a shame the stage was too small for them. Awesome gig though! Keep rockin'!

  13. DaveWJay

    If only I could give more than one like to tune. my favourite of the new album. The guys blew Oxford apart on Saturday. Also I think my GF now wants Harry's babies after meeting him.

  14. David Brown


  15. steve riggs

    Rhino bucket do it better!!

  16. Anne Thomsen

    This song makes my day, everyday!

  17. Tommers

    It's sad how auto manufacturers have made back seats so tiny and cramped in today,s cars... hardly no leg room at all...They have no consideration for today's youth at all !! :-)

  18. Mr. Beck

    Joel, tshirt... hmmmm why?

  19. Moosifer


  20. Joe Kauffman

    seen Airbourne 4 times, they always put on amazing show!!

  21. mckoypaul

    ACDC sound..

  22. Rock&Roll Guitar Covers

    It's almost a brand new guitar tone. Can really tell they are using the Schaffer Replica at full blast now!

  23. kyoungbare

    CANNOT EVEN WAIT TILL YOU COME TO ME HERE IN THE US!!! I hope you r close enough I can swing it!!! If not....well. ROAD TRIP BIGTIME!!!! LOL

  24. Stevo

    If Bon and Brian had a baby

  25. EAJ97

    I can’t wait for a US tour. Come to Texas and I’ll buy a ticket.

  26. Mohamed Chehimi

    AC/DC meets Status Quo

  27. Michael Lachance

    this off brand acdc tastes good

  28. Carlos López

    Great !!!

  29. Martin Kubek

    the bass could have been a little stronger in the mix

  30. Irfan Andi Suhada

    finally he wear a shirt. lol

  31. The FunToon! Clips & Gaming

    Let`s make the 20s the new rock decade

  32. Squidward’s House

    Swear this is the sequel to It’s a Long Way to the Top

  33. AOW 3 Wieshaq

    My neighbour didnt like the song
    Next day car crashed into him
    And i lost driving license

    Aaron Adams

    AOW 3 Wieshaq lolol

  34. tuff 701

    Awesome band! I also highly recommend everyone to also check out Rhino bucket if you are an ac/dc fan.

  35. Bass and Amp


  36. Jamsem Chalastra


  37. Joseph Johnson

    When I hear a new Airbourne song, so do my neighbors! YEAH MAN!

  38. Charlyrockeur

    AC/DC are getting young !

  39. SlipperySlope

    In a world of pussy ass sell-out pop stars; I can always count on Airbourne to put out a real rock song. Thank you.

  40. Guillaume Malaquin

    Their worst album so far

  41. MotorSteelMachine

    AC/DC's legacy will last forever

  42. Paul Anderson

    Sorry - the vocaĺ has no colour. None of the subtlety of Bon at all. Ok riffs but pretty beige overall.

  43. Aiden

    Very AC/DC vibe and I love it

  44. Romchikthelemon

    Шикарно ⚡

  45. Nonrev Nosnibor

    It's a long way to the top,,,,,,,

  46. Richard Dragven

    Sweet! - pick up where AC☇DC left off. No sarcasm here. Some of us actually like our new rock to actually be rock.....many thanks 🤘

  47. NJG Jovi

    Am I the only one who gets the feeling Joel is just never gonna stop going? And he’ll be making new music and touring till he dies

    Aaron Adams

    NJG Jovi agreed

  48. sergio ivan

    Bon scott? No puede ser

  49. Alex Herasima

    Like from Ukraine!

  50. Funk Vader

    fun song

  51. james grames

    Greetings from Poland. I was at the concert on 24 X 2019 in "Ucho " Gdynia and I already can't wait for another show. See you there.

  52. Green Bay SixxString

    You absolutely suck

  53. Daniel Lastday

    O Ac/dc da atualizade

  54. Miku Miku Milk


  55. azcinch

    I’m so excited they are BACK!!!

  56. sky7209

    praticamente prendi la discografia degli ac-dc tieni la stessa base musicale e ci cambi le parole e il gioco è fatto

  57. sky7209

    una canzone così è vergognosa......capisco essere influenzati ma qui si parla di plagio bello e buono......santo dio tutti i dischi sempre la stessa canzone.....che palle

  58. Verm48

    James Hetfield Wanna Be

  59. Jan Brln

    Saw them yesterday live in Berlin, hell yeah this guys have endless energy!!!

  60. Dean Weedon

    Keep flying the 🇦🇺 flag for us guys! Next Aussie pub rock n roll band to take the world!! Love all your shit! Hope to see you guys in Melbourne soon 🤘

  61. CockRockin'

    Blonde, bad, Andrés beautifuuuul!! !

  62. humpiedumpie gompie

    You guys ROCK 🤟 Enough said.

  63. vicente800130

    Classic rock AC/DC?......No is Airbourne classic new generational relay forever rock and rol yeah!

  64. Tucker RvB

    Led zeppelin has Greta Van Fleet and ACDC has these dudes! So tuff!

  65. gtr362012

    Holy god son i love this fucking song ! And he captured the sound of a very aggresive bon scott awesome!!! 😱

  66. Franzy7

    Ain’t that the intro to “It’s a long way to the top if you wanna Rock n’Roll”?

  67. Jorge Santos

    Sucks that it's this time and not the 70s these guys would have been arena gang.

  68. jeremy banks

    Ive seen these guys more than 7 times and every night i reckon they came on stage after downing a couple of red cordial longnecks they rock🤙

  69. Игорь Воронин

    Во делают супер сильнейшие рокеры супер таких не много

  70. Nightmare Project

    Been a fan of these guys for years! They rock! Lovin' the new album!

  71. Michael Kochnev


  72. Philippe Nix

    classy backseat boogie :D

  73. A.S. W.

    They should play the halftime show at the super bowl

  74. Wolfoe 3604

    Never heard of these guys before, I just saw an explorer and figured it had to be some good rock music. Damn, this is fun.

    Sam Westrup

    Listen to the running wild album!

    romain formet

    Or more simply every airbourne's album ! And of course boneshaker !

  75. Juan Carlos Garcia Gomariz

    Hola tronkos!
    Lo compartimos en "Neguri Rock Murcia"

  76. Nova Sixty5

    AC/DC and and dangerous toys mixed together

  77. O87E19

    AC/DC reincarnated?

  78. Death by Punisher

    Airbourne should be bigger then what they are they kickass

  79. Raymond

    Looks is decieving, without sound they play (trash)metal. Epic song, very AC/DC!

  80. Gökhan Saraç

    Take look at my band's latest track on my page!

  81. Tammy Rogne

    Something tells me they love AC DC!


    Tammy Rogne they are producted by Angus Young It’s logic

    Tammy Rogne

    @Blackpot Interesting


    @Blackpot This album was produced by Dave Cobb. I don't think Angus has anything to do with them.

  82. Paul Courtney

    Okay sounds like ACDC. Good.

  83. Shurid Alam AkA ভোটকা সুহৃদ

    Ac Dc junior ...

  84. Paul Wylde

    these guys looks like Kreator, play as ACDC and dress like metal heads.... lol

  85. Amrish Singh

    Love from india 🇮🇳
    Airbourne Rocks 🇦🇺
    My favorite band of all tym 😎😎😎😎

  86. Phil Dale

    Were the hell did these guys come from. Just discovered them in my feed, absolutely brilliant rock n roll band.

    Jkevinbonjo Kon

    Phil Dale Australia

    Phil Dale

    @Jkevinbonjo Kon Amazing band, love them.

  87. Redgehog Sound

    Drummer lv: Freshman hahaha

  88. Randy Fricke

    Why didn't AC/DC recruit this guy? He could have pulled double-duty.

    james grames

    because he has his own band

    Simon Brown

    So did Axl, but they still used him 🤷🏼‍♂️


    Wow. spirit ac/dc

  90. Qwerrrz

    A younger version of AD/DC, I like it.

  91. Lyndon Hanbury

    I’ve followed and watched rock bands since I was old enough to go to the Donington monsters of rock festivals and these guys are up there with the best of them! So much energy from start to finish, “Stand up for rock n roll”

  92. Broke At Best Music

    I was just reminiscing and thought "Whatever happened to AIrbourne?" I have a lot of catching up to do! This rocks, but I keep singing "It's a long way to the top, if you wanna rock n roll" lol

  93. David Brown


  94. Devin Malice

    Just straight up jeans and t-shirt barebones rock n' roll, no bullshit. The way it should be. People whine way too much about them "sounding like AC/DC". Ha. Since when is that a bad thing?

  95. Baz

    Amazing that he’s managed to keep his voice 👏👏👏. Another killer track 🤘

    Aaron Adams

    Baz agreed 💯💯🤯

  96. Ian Jesalva

    Better than any gay pop, I'm a fan from the Philippines

  97. Pat Russell

    I've listened to this song over 100 times in the last 48 hours

  98. Mr Draper

    Brilliant song!! Airbourne in my opinion are the best rock band out there today! ROCK ON!!! 🤘🤘🤘

  99. david cutcher

    ok well uuummm that was fuckin awesome