Airborne Toxic Event, The - Wrong Lyrics

All my young life
I’ve been trying to say
Just one thing right
And now
We’ve come to the day
You’re here in my arms
I don’t know what to say

I believe I was wrong
Probably most of my life
Or I'm just hearing it wrong
I’m just watching the fire light

I see the look in your eyes
Am I trying too hard?
Am I doing this right?
So I fall
I fall down to my knees
I’m not easy to soothe
I’m never easy to please

I believe I was wrong
Probably most of my life
Or I'm just hearing it wrong
I’m just watching the fire light
I don’t care if it’s right
I know your friends are opposed
But we’ve still got tonight
We’ll just keep our eyes closed

I believe I was wrong
Probably most of my life
Or I'm just hearing it wrong
I’m just watching the fire light
I don’t care if it’s right
I know your friends are opposed
But we’ve still got tonight
We’ll just keep our eyes closed

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Airborne Toxic Event, The Wrong Comments
  1. Jeng Wang

    I love it 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. skipwilsonapp

    Just recently got into this band. Second time hearing this song. And it is amazing! Dynamic! Deep! Amazing! I am blown away. And how to Tori feast to feed the insatiable Beast

  3. potato nugs

    Heard this for the first time live. It was fucking incredible. This recorded version feels different but it's still so good.

  4. Catwomai

    All my young life
    I’ve been trying to say
    Just one thing right
    And now
    We’ve come to the day
    You’re here in my arms
    I don’t know what to say

    I believe I was wrong
    Probably most of my life
    Or I'm just hearing it wrong
    I’m just watching the fire light

    I see the look in your eyes
    Am I trying too hard?
    Am I doing this right?
    So I fall
    I fall down to my knees
    I’m not easy to soothe
    I’m never easy to please

    I believe I was wrong
    Probably most of my life
    Or I'm just hearing it wrong
    I’m just watching the fire light
    I don’t care if it’s right
    I know your friends are opposed
    But we’ve still got tonight
    We’ll just keep our eyes closed

    I believe I was wrong
    Probably most of my life
    Or I'm just hearing it wrong
    I’m just watching the fire light
    I don’t care if it’s right
    I know your friends are opposed
    But we’ve still got tonight
    We’ll just keep our eyes closed

  5. j9 Phoenix

    Have only just found this band and now totally immersing myself in every song I can - I love that they all can take on different instruments. And the slow burn of their songs into full passion

  6. meesterkennedy

    This music video will forever hold a place in my heart, really this whole concert. I remember going to the concert that they filmed this at and I was lucky enough to get a hand shake from Mikel at the end of the night. It's the best memory, experience, and birthday I will ever have.

  7. seth hinson

    I feel like the video is a tribute to Bowie & his Lazarus video

  8. large_cat


  9. Callsign: Famine

    This was the sing that started my loving of the band 😁😍

  10. Jeff Blackwood

    I don't know... I like it. Maybe not on the same level as "Sometime Around Midnight" but still....

  11. David Kummer

    May be a different sound but that doesn't mean it isn't amazing still. I'm happy for any new music for these guys. Now if I can just get them to play a concert in Louisville 😂😂

  12. poofyalmond

    Replaced the violin and double bass with EDM textures... hmmm

  13. Magdalena Abarro

    good to creats those song people don't know what the toxic ...thank you your impressed so much

  14. Enfuegotainment

    I enjoy this song quite the bit but is it LIFE-CHANGING like their first 3 albums? Nope.

  15. Jellyn Justiniano

    Beautiful music

  16. Amelia Palmer

    he has pretty eyes

  17. J Candel

    those eyes though


    +J Candel I know!

  18. Katherine Leonard

    love love love this song! it energizes me and just makes me feel good! wish I had seen them live when they came to baltimore.

    Maha Null

    same feeling

  19. Raidderr Raidderr

    who else saw this at carowinds???

  20. Bill Powelson

    i live in costa rica, just listened to wrong for 1st time, then 2nd, great tate

  21. misterRonestar

    Good breathe of fresh air in this market of guitar driven overbite.  I love the album, made a new fan out of me.

  22. Shannon Mess

    Was at this show where they filmed this video...wish I could see myself.

  23. Mr. Swirly

    Saw this live in Baltimore. It's some high octane shit

  24. zenerat

    took me a few listens to get into their new album but now I love it

  25. dallas miller

    I believe I was wrong. Probably most of my life.

  26. Madelyn Lackey

    I've been looking for this song for so long 😍😍

  27. zenny-senpai

    I was ready to hate this song but it turned out pretty great.

  28. clayyayy

    sounds pretty cool to me

    idk who is bitching

  29. Kayla S.

    Why is everyone having a hissy fit? Are artists not allowed to progress or change? They must make the same songs over and over again?

    I personally like both sounds from them.

  30. musefanrubio0189

    Took me a long time to get used to this song. But after experiencing it live it was fucking amazing! These guys don't create music, they create art!

  31. Maria Pratiwi

    I love it, I love it.. Airborne Toxic Event, you are my one favorite band

  32. anna fernandez

    How did I just find this

  33. Mallory Pearce

    I saw them in NC and it was the best show I've ever seen. Sure, their style has changed a bit, but who cares? Do you not understand artistic expression and license? Mikel has moods in his writing like anyone else would have moods in life. Still the same awesome TATE.

  34. robokopus

    Love this song especially but the whole album is good too. 

  35. JinglePoo

    If a band writes a song, and then performs it, then yes, it does sound like that band. Just saying

  36. rebecca kreps

    I'm loving this TATE song! Even though their music has evolved, this is still great and I can't wait to hear more!

  37. Emilie Rose Francis

    Love it! #DopeMachines  is out now!! #TheAirborneToxicEvent  

  38. Miguel Aristizabal

    As the other fans, happy to enjoy their new productions!

  39. Lizzie Ryan

    Just because this doesn't sound like classic TATE doesn't mean its not good! How do people think the Dope Machines" compares to "Songs of God and Whiskey"? Such different sounds off the two new albums.

  40. Chicarcas Palazuelos

    I believe I was wrong....... nop!! they did it right!!!

  41. Del Tettleton

    Showed this to a girl i like, i hope it works for awhile for her to remember me ask went to my mothers house

  42. outlaws9295

    I have this whole album already. It's amazingly catchy.

  43. Paul S

    I'm feeling Killers 2.0 this group has changed since Sometime Around Midnight and Gasoline. I've still preordered the cd and will give it a fair shake, but the electronic sound isn't my thing usually.

  44. shboli

    reminds me of OMD if you leave.

  45. Wayne Akey

    LOVE this song--80's vibe but flat out best song out right now. Irrelevant what people say about "not this not that...".

  46. deltafour1212

    I discovered this song driving home from work today.
    I am not impressed with most of todays music but I have to admit  I LIKE IT!

  47. Jace Lilienthal

    How does Mikel look like a different person in every video I see him in? I can never picture him in my head because he looks like someone else entirely in this video than he does, say, in the All I Ever Wanted Bombastic Video. So strange.

  48. TigerLilly

    Hey Mikel, 
    You inspired me and I love this song. I always sing The Book of Love pretty much all the time and before I sang it to my cat Alaska the day before she passed and the song always reminds me of her. I love your voice and you are very gifted. I went to your concert you had at the Greek Theater and I was wearing pink bunny ears and you where right in front of me and you smiled. It made my night. You are the best and i wish you and TATE the best 
                                                  Your Fan, 

  49. Slagathor

    Hmm... Noah grew his hair out...

  50. Herverenzo Lefebvre

    I love the airborne toxic event songs

  51. poptartsvsmonsters

    I heard them play this song and it was amazing. Therefore I cannot complain about this song.

  52. Mike Spangler

    Awesomely epic song!! 

  53. Stefan Tank

    Everything must evolve, this song is awesome! They can't keep pumping out similar tunes. Love TATE, keep the great songs coming!!! WE WANT THE ALBUM!!!

  54. SteveA....x

    long time fan, seen them a couple of times live.  didn't love timeless when i first heard it either.  confident that there will be something on the new album that will meet all of my/your expectations...  if it sounded/felt like the "old" airborne stuff, i am sure someone would complain about that too...  LOL, the grass is always greener where the dogs are pooping, but you wouldn't want to have a picnic there, would you?

  55. musicbuff51

    Love this band

  56. Brandon Russell

    At 3:04, are you drumming with loaves of bread?

  57. johann villavicencio

    Wen i first heard this song i didnt expect this to be them. But after a few days and keeping an open mind ive fallen in love with this song just like all of others lyrics solos and build ups and all. Ya its different but they make different stuff all the time. Im also a blue october fan and i dont think ill ever get tired of listening too these to bands

  58. Miguel Flor Salcedo

    when is the new album coming? anyone?

  59. GreenPoisn

    I'm amused by the comments that say this doesn't have the same sound or vibe of Airborne's previous works.  That is one thing I have liked about the band since I began listening to them... they don't always sound the same - they are not afraid to experiment.  Funny enough, I knew this was TATE the first time I heard it randomly play on the radio.  To those comparing it to Blue October, I honestly do not get that, but I'm not judging.  I've been a Blue fan for many years.  It's an easy leap from one fandom to the other - both Justin and Mikel put a lot of their souls into each song, both lyrically and musically. 

  60. Danny Summer

    I was at this concert and Im in the video. Pretty sick experience really

  61. sanatana1

    Honestly it does sound different, but the principles that TATE's music showcases are still there. The message of the song is deeper than what you can get from a first listen. It also sounds unique while adopting a more popular sound. This is what I love about TATE. They are chameleons and their music is always evolving. Good for them for following their musical minds, and for continuing to write music with the goal to move people, not to make money. If you don't like this song, then you were never a true fan.

  62. Alan Donnelly

    TATE are my favourite band in the world and I have to admit when I first heard this I wasn't sure about it, it was quite different but after a few listens I got that usual shivers down the spine feeling I got from all their other songs. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best band currently making music today. All Hail The Airborne Toxic Event 🙏

  63. KevinRK

    I will shit myself if this isn't in FIFA 16

  64. Michele Lea Morin

    I have followed TATE before they even had a recording contract. I was excited to have "discovered" such an innovative band. I saw them again recently and it was their best show ever. Yes, I do miss Noah, but things change. If they stayed exactly the same they would get criticized for staying stuck. I love that they push their own envelope of the tried and true.

  65. Rigs Rocks

    this doesn't feel like Airborne

  66. James Colvent

    Doesn't sound like then and that's a GOOD thing!!! It's better than older stuff with the exception sometime around midnight.

  67. Ash Cash

    The first time I heard this song it gave me literal chills.
    It was late at night and there it was. This song is amazing, it's art.
    My heart stopped. This song is beauty, intoxicating, overwhelming. There has only been two other songs that made time seem slow like this. It's one of those rare flowers in the music world. 

  68. Justin Green

    I'm sorry but not, this does not sound or even have a similar feel as the TATE I knew and love. And no, I'm no child, I understand life, love, music, it all must evolve..But so many things are different. Like is this really what Steven, Anna and Darren want? I would also absolutely love to hear how Noah feels about the whole situation. Mikel, he changed so much so fast. He took me and a few of my friends in for our own private viewing of their sound check in Louisville once. I thought then he was the nicest dude, just came out and said "You four have been here hours!! Come on in, chill, no pictures, and...whats your favorite tune?" Got a pitch perfect All I Ever Wanted for me and my 3 friends, best performance I've ever seen of it. But now, he's different. Colder, I can tell. And thats fine, and it's his band to take in any direction he chooses I guess, but look. See these views? Sub 50k. You would think that the same fans who pushed All I Ever Wanted and Sometime Around Midnight to over millions would be there to push this as well, wouldn't you? Hell, looking at Changing right now and it has over 3 million. For new fans, if you like this, than great, I hope they speak to your soul like they used to speak to mine. But they alienated so many of their older fans, just like they seemingly alienated their old bassist. I'm not so sure they can recover, but still wish them well. As for me? I still have the 1st three albums to cherish I suppose.  

    Ash Cash

    The thing is dude, you don't know any of them, and neither do I. You can maybe feel them through their music, but that's different. This is something they clearly want, or else they wouldn't have put all this effort into it. Support them regardless of your preference.

    Justin Green

    No. I respect your opinion but I won't support someone unless they make a product I enjoy. I bought the first 3 albums because I loved them. I won't buy this nor would I support this any more than I would Justin Bieber or something...Support them regardless of my preference? What a weird thing to suggest...As for your first comment, you are correct. Just merely making observations on my limited interactions with them.

    Ash Cash

    @Justin Green,
    You in no means have to love "Wrong". But to totally drop a band due to a song you don't like is a little harsh don't you think. You bought three of their albums, you loved three of their albums.
    Hate the song, but don't stop supporting a band you clearly love, you know??

    Mr. Swirly

    Well said. Their music used to send me. He's a lyrical genius. This isn't good.


    I know how you felt with this album but at least songs of God and Whiskey was a good addition and I hope it was the real 4th album but they are trying new sounds and even if dope machines doesn't sound like TATE at least chains does

  69. ange nm

    fabulous, even more amazing live!

  70. S M

    Looks like it was filmed at Stubbs Amphitheater in Austin

    Timothy D Monkey

    It's the Ogden Theater in Denver.

  71. Grahm Burton

    When a band shows different songs like this you know it's true talent. Just like The Beatles.

  72. cornel maris

    I have no idea why some people are not liking this song.  I think it is great, it builds and builds , you feel the emotion , it makes me want to yell it out and sing along

  73. Jason Kuziej

    this is electronic type song I sure as hell hope their next album is not completely electronic I don't mind as long as its only 1 to 2 songs but the rest must be 100% rock if it advertised to be a rock album

  74. Jason Kuziej

    this is bad my dad is airborne fan but he probably would not like this its like airborn is abandoning rock this is sissy music

    Jason Kuziej

    but this sony was written for this songs for kids event this is why it sounds like this since they don't like rock music or what it stand

    Ash Cash

    This song isn't for anyone but them. You know they're not like that. This is a song they wanted to make or else they wouldn't have made it.

  75. Josh

    Stop saying that it doesn't feel like Airborne. In one of their concerts i was lucky to see in Sacramento, before they played this awesome song, he said that they were getting a lot of comments because of this song that it doesn't fit there music. He simply said "f*ck you" and went on to play the song. 

    Bert John Norcross

    I was there!

    Carlton Couche

    he says it at pretty much every show 


    +Carlton Couche Our boy Mikkel <3.

    Heem Lo

    He sounds like a real jerk.

  76. Pierre McFadden

    10/10 no words required!

  77. Jana Slobodová

    I am completely intoxicating.
    American indie rock band.

  78. dawni30

    I believe ... I love this song!!!! You did it right!

  79. Anthony Seta

    Absolutely love it!!! Powerful!

  80. faulty83logic

    Strangely sounds like a Blue October song for some reason. 

    kody HENRY

    So I'm not the only Blue Fan that listens to TATE

    Ontologically Steve

    @kody HENRY NOPE! I've seen Blue several times in concert and TATE twice. Two of my favorite bands of all time!  

    Andreas Bakken

    Your right! I actually like it.


    faulty83logic i thought i Was the only one

  81. Timothy D Monkey

    Mikel's puppet dancing when the first chorus begins just made my day.
    Shot of Steven in the audience = kinda creepy.

    Richard Fedion

    Thought the same thing about Steven. I was expecting him to go vampire on someone in the crowd.

    Timothy D Monkey

    @Richard Fedion Heh, I was thinking "there's a serial killer among us" kinda vibe, but vampire works too. 

  82. Alaric III

    Cool video, but I really don't like the song at all.

    Citrus Games

    it doesn't feel airborne

  83. Mona613123

    Love it!! Good job on the video!

  84. Drew Mora

    Another great one. I fucking love this band

  85. J Candel

    Probably most of my life...

  86. Erzasama

    OMG! I was in love with it. But now it is more deeply than I thought. I'm speechless now that I watched the video. It has something powerful to explain. TATE never disappoint me and I'm exited for new music and new album, that means "Tour" *0*

  87. JestAGoof

    So very excited!  The song is awesome, the video compliments it very well, and all around a fine package.  Cannot wait to hear and see more!

  88. Angela Baines

    I love it! It feels like my own 4 min documentary clip from the shows I saw this tour. It's great live and perfectly captured in this video.

  89. Dave Greenlees

    The most talented, inspiring, and incredibly cool band out there.  So good.   

  90. rollingdogchick

    Loving the return of The Airborne Toxic Event. The band are looking awesome and this video is so sharp! 2015 is looking bright for this band and I'm excited for the new album!

  91. Tradusense

    The shooting on the crowd is like all at once album's cover

  92. BobbleCow

    Can't wait for the new album.

  93. Ashley Rice

    Love love love this song! Excellent! Sitting up at 3 am watching this. It couldn't wait until morning! :) love you guys so much!

  94. Emiliano Pizarro

    I like the song more now that I heard with the video for some reason, its like I get it now


    I came here to post the exact same thing!
    I loved hearing it live but when I first heard the electro studio version I wasnt impressed. I've heard it a bit more now ane seeing this... it just clicked and I liked it.

    Riah G.

    I agree!

    Kamil Szabo

    Again, exactly what I came here to say... But also I was worried that they somehow fired that chick that played violin, but I only forgot that she plays piano also... I'm looking for the new album!


    Same thing with me and Latch by Disclosure and I didn't think I could be more in love with that song!

  95. Indie Guy

    So happy to see new music!

  96. Nichole L