Airborne Toxic Event, The - Wishing Well Lyrics

Standing on a bus stop
Feeling your head pop
Out in the night
In the kind of night
Where you want to be out
On the street, on the street
Crawling up the walls
Like a cat in heat

And the air is thin
And it blows through your skin
And you feel like something
Is about to begin
But you don't know what
And you don't know when
So you tear at your hair
And you scratch at your skin

You wanna run away, run away
Just get on the fucking train and leave today
And it doesn't matter where you spend the night
You just might end up somewhere in a fight, in a fight
Or caught in your room in a concrete shell
Fighting all alone, with yourself, with yourself
And you just wanna feel like a coin that's been tossed
In a wishing well, a wishing well
A wishing well, a wishing well
Well you're tossed in the air
And you fell and you fell
Through the dark blue waters
Where you cast your spell
Like you were just a wish that could turn out well

So you stand on the corner
Where the angels sit
And you think to yourself,
"This is it, this is it
This is all that I have
All I can stand
Is this air in my lungs
And this coin in my hand
That you tossed in the air
And I fell, and I fell
All the way to the bottom
Of the well, of the well."
Like those soft little secrets
That you tell, that you tell
To yourself when you think
No one's listening too well

And the walls spin
And you're paper-thin
From the haze of the smoke
And the mescaline
The sweat of your brow
Under unmade sheets
In your ear with the noise
From the darkened streets
Where you ran far and wide
You screamed, you cried
You thought suicide was an alibi
But you were always a mess
You were always aloof
Yeah, it's awful, I guess
But it's the awful truth
It was true from the first
To the last words that she read

And she emerged from the dark
Like a ghost in my head
She said, "I haven't forgot
Any words that you said
I just stare at the clocks
And I cry in my sleep
And I tear up your letters
And I burn them in heaps
And I gather the ashes
In that hole in the ground
Where we fell"

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Airborne Toxic Event, The Wishing Well Comments
  1. Hayleigh Jones

    Coming back to this song hurts. It reminds me of the final year I had with my great grandmother. It reminds me of how we fought and I would leave the house in the dead of night so she could have some peace. One night 4 years ago she went to the hospital and I waited for her to come home but she never did. If I could go back in time I would not have fought with her. I would have tried to be her best friend and the day she went to the hospital I would have told her that I loved her before she walked out the front door.

  2. Admin M14

    Am I the only one who's actually sane and know this from tap tap revenge

  3. Rose Productions

    This gives me memories of my childhood.

    My dad was a soldier and we would go from base to base living a crazy, hectic, fun, amazing life, and he’d listen to this song.

    I remember hating it because I was way younger and wanted pop, but now that I’ve grown a little bit I can appreciate it and it gives me nostalgia of amazing times ❤️

  4. The Underground Man

    This song reminds me I only really had one friend when this album came out, he showed it to me, now we cant get along. I cant get along with anyone anymore...

    Rexi Kay

    Chin up :) it'll work out.

  5. Jenny S

    I bought an old car and it only has a CD player and I felt like it was 2000 but I put this song on a mix CD. And it never ever gets old. When it ends I start it over again.

  6. Ryan Beverly

    Found this song bc if Royal Pains. Who’s listening in 2019?

  7. ThatLittleKitten

    Ah this brings me back to middle school

  8. Wear Montgomery

    #SIMONE %_.._..

  9. Jim Guthals

    Love you my friends.. Fight and fight my friends......... I wish you well!!!!

  10. Retro Unicorn

    Remember this being the only song I could 100% on the hardest difficulty on tap tap revenge. Good times

  11. Inside the Mind Meditation

    An amazing work of art. So unique, fresh, original, real, poetically classic yet musically modern as never done before. Thank you for creating.

  12. Mirabu Carr

    Thumbs up if you're listening to this in 2017 ❤️❤️❤️

    branden white

    Mirabu Carr and 2018

  13. Mirabu Carr

    My ears are being reunited with a song I've loved so much since I was in Middle school ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. George E Brebner

    God, I love this song.

  15. Audrey B

    inspiring. im buying a drum kit because of this song

  16. Audrey B

    that voice <3333 & that drumming. & the guitar. this song is so fkn good.

  17. Hamel Barrós

    Escuche esto en doble 9 en el 2009 buena canción!

  18. Thomas Mormon

    any time life pulls me down and I want to vanish this song is here for me. gives me a shred of hope when all is lost. love it

    Rose Productions

    Just a little reminder of this song Incase you lost it in the years haha

  19. Carlos Antepara

    I used to play tap tap with this song, loved it

  20. Jeff Fast

    Its from the haze of the smoke and the mescaline, not the mess calling

  21. Susan Gardner

    love this band

  22. 8bit Lost

    this song reminds me of my little cousin...

  23. M. Werk

    I can't believe I haven't heard this song before today.

    8bit Lost

    welcome to the good stuff

  24. LulubellWilley

    So I definitely listened to this song when I was 15 and feeling like a friendless loser that couldn't do anything right just wandering aimlessly through life and I'm so happy this song existed then.  A year ago I came home from college and visited some of the really close friends I made in the last two years of high school.  At one in the morning I was riding in the passenger seat of my friend's car down this long street that goes through the center of our town.  Usually it's very busy but at one in the morning there's only streetlights and sleeping houses lining the road. This song came on my friend's i-pod and she was like "OMG this is like my favorite song ever" and then we proceeded to have the best damned jam session/bonding to music experience I've ever had.


    Whenever anyone else knows about the Airborne Toxic Event, I get so freaking excited, so I can relate.


    I can dig that!

    Admin M14

    But, did anyone ask?

  25. Mark Ruble

    (and) I tear up your letters, and I burn them in heaps, (and) I gather the ashes in a hole in the ground where they fell...anyone who's loved and lost would understand the analogy of a surgeon warning  of the dangers of opening up old wounds..."better to have  loved and lost, than to not...blah-blah-blah"    <-    yeah? ...try it.  :(

  26. grasscid

    This song is my life. I found it completely on accident too; the lyrics to Trent D'Arby's "Wishing Well" were stuck in my head, and I was trying to find the song those lyrics were from.
    I'm glad I clicked on this first.

  27. MrFullDiaper

    holy shit this is awful. 1.6 well earned

  28. Shelby Brown

    This entire album never gets old. I love it so much.

    Joe O'Malley

    Yep, agreed.

  29. exdrip

    For my best friend... what a chaotic fucking life we have. I Love you nomatter what.

  30. Gabriel Mahamad

    tap tap anyone?

    Mirabu Carr

    Gabriel Mahamad yesssss.

  31. JB Murdock

    Wow, forgot how much I loved this album

  32. Dezerey

    "Yeah, it's awful I guess, but it's the awful truth." One of my favorite lines from a song<3

    Jim Guthals


  33. Domenic Ochal

    @LordFarsanky Get out

  34. Josh Pittman

    There is no need to bash autotune or lil wayne. I mean, Conartist554 is a schmuck sure, but still no need for that.

  35. Jake Cook

    I really really love this song! I covered it and it's on my channel if you want to listen..

  36. Lord Farsanky

    If they would enlist Justin Bieber as a singer it would be heaven I can wish XD

    Thumbs up if you are listening to this song in 2013

  37. Jonny Giovani

    Cocaine's a hell of drug.

  38. Veishan

    This song will always remind me of college...

  39. LCM013

    sometimes, dude, you've just got to accept that some people have opinions that people are going to disagree with and say fuck it

  40. Linus Wohlken

    i actually kind of liked your comment until you insulted Lil Wayne. It's not like I listen to him and i'm offended, it's just that you couldve made your point without insulting Lil Wayne so that everyone would like your comment.

  41. Lalz Party

    I hear ya bratha

  42. ToniDReanimate

    bahahahaha, you're stupid.

  43. 00sAreTops


    I am sure that many things amaze someone like you.

  44. TheBenieboy

    ive had the most thumbed up comment 6 time,we had a good run jack ;) ,still listening too this song,that says something

  45. Aira Jane Ang

    I love this song.

  46. Gerrard Winstanley

    I like the swearing - because it's big AND clever

  47. Barry Wright

    @norevelation - is that your pet name for her lady garden?

  48. Barry Wright

    is that your petname for her lady garden?

  49. Barry Wright

    is that your pet name for her ladygarden?

  50. Barry Wright

    is that your pet name for her vagina?

    apologies if this offends but I couldn't resist :D

  51. TheBenieboy

    back in the day where i had both top comments,still listening too this

  52. NohonstoleMyName

    I'd rather listen to Brian setzer orchestra, or simon and garfunkel

  53. TheNuttcase313

    Then go listen to nickleback. : )

  54. DarkLSE1984

    Beautiful song. Thank you.

  55. ybrik222

    I like how your argument that the other person's opinion is invalid is mentioning that he probably likes, on no obvious basis, another musician from a completely different genre and the fact that he uses autotune sometimes.

  56. okerm1601

    I really like the tune but I don't like the way the singer sings D:

    Take Jaylor

    okerm1601 lol you stupid

  57. The Master Pancake

    I love this song... this band gets me through my worst days. THANK you for existing.

  58. Gabriel Lowe

    nice swering

  59. DesertDemons

    This song sounds like he went through a painful experience...

  60. Ishimaru Kiyotaka

    This song makes everything amazing.

  61. getasweater

    great song!

  62. Will

    A hallucinogenic and intoxicating compound present in mescal buttons from the peyote cactus

  63. NohonstoleMyName

    lil wayne sucks all he does is whine and no i listen to good stuff like, Boston, steve miller band, beatles, Eagles, louis armstrong, Kansas, and Stray Cats.... i don't see a single auto tuned artist up there :)

  64. Chelsea Benally

    this song is beautiful...

  65. RootedChrome

    Then don't listen to them. I love this song. You probably like people like "Lil Wayne" and other auto tuned fuck heads

  66. dwidep

    who doesn't? Bubbles loved it too

  67. TheBenieboy

    Its been 10 mounths r.i.p ben twiddy

  68. mrdabbleswithpotion

    i love crack.

  69. Jacques de Wit

    What the hell is up with 19 people?

  70. Stormy

    This band is my life atm. Saw them live they literally blew my mind.

  71. Andrew Hurson

    FOOLY COOLY!!! anyway this is amazing. Lyrics get you in that fighting mood

  72. Alex Bedz

    fuckin' brilliant!

  73. Bert John Norcross

    does anyone know what piano chords he is playing? please?

  74. TheBombsAhead


  75. TheBenieboy

    @animlk3 how the fuck did you find that comment???

  76. TheBombsAhead

    lol reminds me a little of fooly cooly songs for some reason :D

  77. Standard Evil

    @iwasbored1195 Depends on how you're destroying it.

  78. Clayton Crooch

    @iwasbored1195 been there, done that

  79. B-Swizzle

    @iwasbored1195 but in slow motion

  80. IanBaldessari

    Does anyone agree that Funeral Party totally copied these guys?

  81. TheBenieboy


  82. SpanishMike1

    @mariahr21 i would love to meet him haha im actually going into a band myself and i really need advice how to get to fame.

  83. TheBenieboy

    best song EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Vaskis4life

    @FERDINANDNUNCIO errr. No. that is not how it works.

  85. Ferch Nuncio

    Pop is one person that sing.... Rock is a band that makes music...

  86. TheBenieboy

    we need a new thumped up comment

  87. Tany Cark

    I want to start a rock 'n' roll band! I really do, I mean I'm starting to not like Lady Gaga now that I'm hearing music from the 60s (beatles, rolling stones, CCR etc) their music is just so inspiring, more inspiring than lady gaga can ever be I guess argh whatever I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL :DDDDDDDDDDDD

  88. Delimart

    I can't stop playing this video

  89. Delimart

    OMFG THIS JUST MADE MY DAY [email protected][email protected]@@!!

  90. Jonathan Liston

    @JustinBieberLoveAsh i should punch you in the face! lol jk i dont really care. but to me and everyone else i have ever spoken to say rebecca black sucks. her voice is just decent and she could pass with it, its just her song is sooooooooooooo stupid. no matter what she comes up with now is going to be looked down upon. at least this band talks about something. i judge a band more on what they talk about and the instrumental sound than their vocal sound. but HEY WE ALL HAVE OUR OPINIONS ^_^

  91. remfanbefor Lovell

    I heard this today while listening to my cable "Alternative" station and it "caught" my ear because it's sooooooooooooooo good! I will definitely try to find this CD, and keep us apprised of where and when I can see ya on tour? Absolutely gr8 stuff, I love it (*^*)~~~

  92. Subko909

    One time I took a shit and the "plooping" sound from the water sounded kinda similar to this song.

  93. Dee Dee

    loving this song fuk the haters !!!

  94. Taylorwest626

    @JustinBieberLoveAsh If you don't like it, don't listen. Ya little fucker.

  95. jmcgrail821

    Man, you're easy to offend. Hope I'm not there when someone actually insults you..

  96. ICanBelieveSomeOfItIsButter

    This song literally took my breath away the first time I heard it over two years ago.

    Listening to it again after all this, it still does.

  97. Vugna

    @ksauce222 Nobody asked for your opinion

  98. Terror Monroe

    @ksauce222 You don't have any friends, huh? Neither do I, but at least I don't have lack of manners as an excuse.

  99. John Moodis

    @ksauce222 lol im mexican, I can also type too! Go back to school kid!