Airborne Toxic Event, The - What's In A Name Lyrics

There was nothing you could do but turn away
They told the fathers to hide all the girls away
It's just a name, a name, a name, a name, what's in a name?

And you were sleeping by the time I found you there
I said “It's a shame we got to cut off all that hair…”

But it's all right, I just hope it's nothing bad
You can call me if you're sad, I don't care what you father said

We were running through the halls of the middle school
Writing our names on the sides of the public pool
Like two ghosts in flight on a sleepless night, we were alive

And you told me you were scared of suicide
On the night that your best friend's brother died

But it's all right, I just hope it's nothing bad
You can call me if you're sad, I don't care what you father said

And I was lost in you dancing around in your living room
You said your mother's in the back on Valium
And she sleeps so hard that you wonder if she's alive

And so I parked my bike outside your house
You said, “There's nothing you could do to make me come out”
Because your daddy said I was the worst one yet, it was a lie, a lie, a lie, a lie

‘Cause I always loved the way you looked in the firing line
Just dancing around in some old sweater of mine

But it's all right, and I just hope it's nothing bad
Just promise me you won't get mad, I don't care what you father said

This is not a game. It would be a crying shame
I mean, honestly, what's in a name? Tell me, what's in a name, a name, a name...

Oh we were so young, we were so wrong

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Airborne Toxic Event, The What's In A Name Comments
  1. Andrea Melgar_Medina

    Yes it was Yahweh! Lol Jk IDK! Lol

  2. Christian O

    Here I am in 2016 and this still makes me feel so much. TATE holds up so well. They are Timeless.

  3. Claudia Lyzette


  4. YouLikeKrabbyPatties

    Fuck you youtube i was trying to hear this song before class but it took forever to load and it played an ad twice. Now i have to reload page.

  5. coolman949

    It's amazing that this song only has 16,000 views

  6. YouLikeKrabbyPatties

    My boyfriend's and my song :) I love this band!!

  7. Alicia Garcia

    This band deserves so much more. Their songs are amazing, and the music is unique, but they have 12 thousand views? 

  8. Angel Torres

    Haley Alexander. Gtfo.

  9. Angel Torres

    6,000 views. No.

  10. Dwight

    @ monstersquids

    Yeah I know what ya mean, love airborne toxic event, among my favorites, but that scenario happens a lot to me, just usually with other bands

  11. Monstersquids Eatkittens

    People ask me what my favourite band is and I just get ready to sigh at all the blank stares.

    Logan Kaylor

    Monstersquids Eatkittens amen. I feel exactly the same way

  12. rigoarmienta

    I love how much this song sounds like Springsteen. They did a tribute to them during their LA concert and it was amazing. I love that they acknowledge their influences.

  13. 3131sean

    look them up....?

  14. mika morii

    >Looks at Such Hot Blood tour itinerary
    >doesn't see Hawaii
    >assumes fetal position
    >listens to more songs because it's so good!

  15. Linnea Ritchie

    What a great song!

  16. Gina

    Love this! ♥

  17. Ella Draven

    I love you all!!! Thanks for all your talent!!

  18. T.J. Sandor

    Greetings from ROMANIA!Best band&Song

  19. Hazel Shmikira

    I love you guys so much... favorite band.