Airborne Toxic Event, The - This Losing Lyrics

Standing at your doorway
My stomach all tangled 'n tight
Have it your way
Oh God, where are you tonight?
'Cause I don't know what I'm doing, here
Where to begin
Just take a deep breath
Oh darling, don't let me in

A thousand times we've said,
"I'm sorry, it's over again"
I can't live like this
Feel like this in my own skin
It all seems so degrading
In the morning such sin
Your face just like a child
Oh darling, don't let me in

And we laugh just like children
In waiting, in sheets on your bed
While we secretly pray
Like we're mourning the dead
And you tell me you're so weary
I know
'Cause I'm weary too
You hold back a tear
But darling, what are we to do?

And the wine, and that rain
And that feel of your skin
Again I'm
Swimming, or flying, or dying
This face, this fear
Please stay with me, Oh stay with me my dear

This hand
This glow
This only thing I love

This losing
This losing
This losing

This losing
This losing
This losing... love

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Airborne Toxic Event, The This Losing Comments
  1. Jamy Calton

    I am so saddened to hear that Anna has officially left the band. Their music, Mikel's voice and Anna's viola, have been the soundtrack to my life since Sometime Before Midnight was released. I love how happy she is at the start of this song.

  2. KJ D

    ATE please make more songs like this.....

  3. Stoned Mermaid

    Such a beautiful band

  4. Marisol C

    Yelling at the top of my lungs: "and the wine and the rain..."

  5. Mike Heiner

    this song is the real pain...

  6. mechpatt

    In a world full of plastic, these guys are the real deal!

  7. Zyiyah Perez

    this song makes me cry


    Every time. Every single time.

    30 Days Sugar Free

    Which of their songs don't? This band means more to me than any music I've ever known. 2016 is the first year I haven't seen them live at least once and I'm fearing they are breaking up.

  8. Turner Cress

    Really surprised this band doesn't get more views


    Because the world flocks to garbage not art.

  9. olinda cazares

    Love you guys..can't get enough. I am so excited and looking forward to tonight's concert at the Greek Theatre.

  10. Ryan Sultana

    How much I wish you came to Europe close to the Mediterranean <3

  11. Jared Dwyer

    this only thing I love...

  12. stephersluvsyou

    I swear they have this secret little thing for each other. It's cute!

  13. Roland Villarreal

    They Sound Like Shit!!!

  14. Agnimitra Ghosh

    I want to download that smile

  15. BurnBlackBetty BlackHOLE

    totally blew me away last night at Santa Barbara Bowl with Jane's Addiction and TheNewNo2 XO

  16. BurnBlackBetty BlackHOLE


  17. rikardo kalderon

    just 5 more days

  18. Luis Adrian P Villarreal

    no hope? I'm from Mexico to, an I'll see them within 2 weeks!!

  19. marksamuelcohen

    Absolutely 100% dead on!!

  20. Oh boy!

    Best band of the last decade.

  21. Dark Muse

    this song makes me miss him so much......

    Marvel is the Best

    wow 7 years ago

  22. smartspeakers

    @edmund1358 Well, I hope that people who enjoy this video will consider supporting the band and buying the DVD.
    At least we's still have TATE's channel!

  23. edmund1358

    you won't see this anymore if sopa pipa and their like passes

  24. Krelus

    "Welcome to this really big room!"

    Gets me every time...

  25. Tulio Campos

    Why isn't there 0:53?

  26. Roger Viveros

    Its from the first cd its just that this song is a bonus song on itunes :)

  27. Jeff Warner

    What album is this from?

  28. shylyne Juphine

    Trés bonne formation classique, ils me font penser par moment à Queen !

  29. inch691

    I love this song!

  30. HalogenDrum

    Mikel...... marry me....

  31. Colby Kambeitz

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  32. PaxCeciliaPwn

    masterfully done, love the drums in this song