Airborne Toxic Event, The - The Secret Lyrics

The sound of the engine, the feel of the tires
Your hands on the wheel, and the smell of the fires
Streetlights and headlights on a road that goes nowhere
She left you, she left you
But you know she's still out there
And somehow it always seems
Like you are waiting for something
And somewhere they're dancing the night away madly
And the sweat fills their eyes as they're clutching so sadly
So you struggled for words you could never find somehow
And there's nowhere to hide, 'cause the secret's
Out now
Out now
It's out now
Out now

Somehow it always seems, like you'd wake up from a dream
She never knew you, she only knew what she heard
So just once you'd pull her close and you'd whisper the words

That you hated yourself for the things that you gave her
That you stole with your mind, when your heart was impure
So you think you'd forget, all these nights like a sickness
And there's nothing for miles, everywhere in the darkness

But somewhere they're dancing the night away madly
And the tears fill your eyes, as you're clutching her sadly
And you searched in yourself, but could not find an answer
Now the feeling grows inside of you like a cancer

And the roar of the engine on a road it's just endless
And a ghost is with you everywhere in the darkness
You struggled for words, you could never say somehow
But there's nowhere to run, 'cause the secret's
Out now
Out now
It's out now
Out now

Somehow she always knew.

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Airborne Toxic Event, The The Secret Comments
  1. Brianne Hart

    How does this not have a million views?!

  2. Maite Lopez

    I see so many artists making it big and they can't even carry a tune, I can't believe that ATE doesn't have a bigger following!

  3. yasbutterfly Y

    a band like this with a song like this
    i would've expected more people liking this

  4. looclooc

    why does this song not become a popular song?

  5. AvalonsMessenger

    This is honestly the best song from the album, how can it have so few views?

  6. Destined To Fail

    I can't believe it's already been 5 (+/-) years since I heard this amazing band. I was just a little senior in high school then.

  7. Ivan Fraga

    @gen1210 I started listening to these guys at the same age and I have all of their stuff. I'm 21 as well and I can't think of one song I ever skipped through.

  8. Paola Ontiveros

    My secret is out now! Love this band, my friends and I follow them everywhere in Colorado

  9. gen121O

    yess you got it lol =)
    and its very true.

  10. synchronium24

    "I was only i'm 21 having so much fun"

    haha! nice incorporation of Gasoline.

  11. Aaron DeBusi

    You definitely have to check out some stuff from their previous two albums, as well. All of their stuff is amazing!

  12. Gabrielle H

    Greatest song there ever was.

  13. Katie Youker


  14. gen121O

    The Airborne Toxic Event. From Wishing Well to Elizabeth. And all the songs in between. I love them all. Never thought a band would have such a hold on me. I was only 17 when I first got my Airborne cd. Now I'm 21 having so much fun with the 3rd album.

  15. Jilles Franke

    I think this is airborne for me at its best

  16. Sheri Hunter

    Wow! Love this song!!!

  17. inch691

    great song

  18. Indie Guy

    cant for the album guys!