Airborne Toxic Event, The - The Girls In Their Summer Dresses Lyrics

It's so quiet on these windswept days
The city lights, the golden rays
Of sunlight on the subway tracks
Are you mad again?
If you like
I'll take it back
They're just your feelings
I wasn't looking at her ass
Oh, do you mean it?

It's so lonesome, all this happenstance
If you asked me, yes, I'd like to dance
Just show me a glove-covered hand
A perfumed dress is more than I can stand
And you approach me with your hollow heart in hand
And you tell me:
"It's not civilized
It's not fair to me
The blues, the grays, the olive greens
All take you far away from me
The girls in their summer dresses see
Though you don't notice they all look back at me
Is this on purpose?"

Oh no, no, no…
Oh no, no, no…
Oh no, no, no…

May offer you this one olive branch?
It's not as though we're always so keen
And we're both just the victims of circumstance
Do you understand, do you know what I mean?

Oh no, no, no…
Oh no, no, no…
Oh no, no, no…
Oh no, no, no…

I'm a husband first
I'm a childless curse
I'm a faithful man
With a face with a faceless thirst
I'll stay with you
Oh please don't sigh
I try to explain
But you cry, and cry, and cry
And you hate me
When I ask the reason why
You'll trade me a dollar for some sense
But don't blame me
I was only making sense
Oh I'm so sorry
I was only making sense

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Airborne Toxic Event, The The Girls In Their Summer Dresses Comments
  1. Ibuix LastName

    I love Mikel, but for God's sake, sing in key! ;-;

    Daniel Knapp

    Ibuix LastName shut up.


    "and you said you'd wait for me until the day I could sing on key"

    Joe Finberg

    meta AF

    Brybry Stevens

    He did sing in key. As a musician who lives this song, I promise you, he's singing in key. And brilliantly if I may add.

  2. Chelaia Johnson

    I love it, "The Girls In Their Summer Dresses"by Irwin Shaw brought me here. I'm certain my WGS professor will be excited when I tell her this. 

  3. Florence Sofiá

    Thanks for the upload. This is like the only place where I could find the song in it's studio version.

    Florence Sofiá

    @Patrick Zaucha

    Haha you're awesome. Cheers mate.

    Joe Finberg

    It's on the album

    Brybry Stevens

    Verbatim as to why all my relationships started and failed. And here I am. Ugh

  4. Ashley Chavez

    Literally my top three favorite songs from my favorite brand.