Airborne Toxic Event, The - Strange Girl Lyrics

It was an old song from,
"Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me" that she sang
It was an old line
I kept it with me, with me, with me when she rang

You're such a strange girl
You're such a strange, strange girl
You're such a strange girl

It's all been erased
Everyone is telling me
It's slightly deranged
Everyone is telling me

We traded blindness for wisdom
And some lines around our eyes
But you just act like it was a fact of life
It didn't come as a surprise

You're such a strange girl
You're such a strange, strange girl
You're such a strange girl

And no you can't ever go home
Everything has changed and people are gone
Some close your eyes
You try to summon a song
And you feel your life falling under you like a slide,
Like a slide

It was an old song
I once knew every note and every line
It was a long night
When I carried you and you carried me for a time

You're such a strange girl
You're such a strange, strange girl
You're such a strange girl

It's all been erased,
Everyone is telling me
It's slightly deranged,
Everyone is telling me

I dreamt of your face
And what the song was telling me
Time has made it all obscene
And trapped us in our dreams

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Airborne Toxic Event, The Strange Girl Comments
  1. Gerardo R.

    ..out of my klipsch speakers this sounds soooo flipping goood...

  2. maxwellis4

    She is strange if she is sleeping while a whole band is playing in her bedroom.

  3. dizzotizzo69

    She was a strange girl. I walked into the bedroom and she told me to lick her dogs paws and take the liquid chocolate off the dresser and drizzle it on her cat's head while she put glitter in her butthole, howled and tapped her feet to Elvis on the record player.

  4. Julie TRAVERS

    Are you a strange girl? Yes, sir, ammm. What of it?

  5. Alpha Centauri

    heavy sleeper tbh

  6. Sebastian Martinez Diaz

    this is a new level of stalking :v

  7. olinda cazares

    I love this band; one of my favorites! I became hooked with "Sometime Around Midnight'

  8. Dark Muse

    this song is so about me, but Mr. Jollett just hasn't met me yet :)

  9. semperpee

    That last line gets me every time.

  10. ahjahnae williams

    i love your music

  11. Eric Hopkins

    Best. Alarm Clock. Ever.

  12. Weekendatthefireacademy


  13. Hannah Nguyen

    oh. thanks, man!!!

  14. 8lu3fox

    I would pay the price of two albums just for this version of the song.

  15. cprit05

    @ohthevansanity they record their albums live in one take

  16. rae fulmer

    dont like acoustic as much as the regular but its a great song

  17. Danielle Flakes

    There is no way she's still sleeping after all of that... lol

  18. neo1027

    Steve looks uncomfortable XD

  19. Tiffany Smith

    Sir, you can play in my room ANY time of the day ;) lol

  20. The A's

    Oh he could sing to me in my sleep anytime.

  21. The A's

    Oh he could sing to me in my seep anytime.

  22. Hannah Nguyen

    just looked up the lyrics...
    "an old song"
    "kiss me kiss me kiss me"
    that's awesome.

  23. Hannah Nguyen

    wait, which of their songs is about the Cure??? 8D I'm kind of new to Airborne Toxic Event.

  24. Susan Vance

    How could I not love the song about the girl that sings the Cure song :)

  25. The A's


  26. Jacob Archer

    @duokazuki Lol

  27. WeAreAirborne

    @MusicLuvah23 It's just their name for when they do acoustic single-take videos. They have "Bombastic" version of most of their songs on the recent album.

  28. Nuria Cruz

    i kinda like the acoustic version better than the one on the CD :p

  29. Maggie P

    What does bombastic mean?

  30. David Quintana

    singing about The Cure FTW!!!! :D

  31. Natalie Kimmel

    I would cry probably forever if I woke up to find that Airborne sang to me in the middle of the night and I wasn't awake to listen.


    Fuck you vevo, I fucking hate you!

  33. Jacob Archer

    @jacobarcherrocks lols right?

  34. Wes Boese

    Great song writing

  35. Jacob Archer

    And she is STILL sleeping?

  36. Chasingshadows

    Awesome cd :D love every song on it!

  37. benobel

    It's me lying next to the hot girl in the beginning. They cut me from the video because of my huge... eh.. ah.. (arm).

  38. Jennifer g

    hey see that one person who disliked this. Let's keep it that way :)

  39. jedipaul9

    This song is beautiful

  40. Colby Kambeitz

    i think my fave off the new album

  41. Mysterey101

    HA i kept hearing this at my local barnes and noble and now I've found it HA!

  42. YorkGod1

    Buying this Album first thing tomorrow!!!!! AARRRHHHH!! CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. MoreOverlords111

    I love how Noah is about to fall asleep the whole time. What a pro :P

  44. casjxn

    @ohthevansanity Im blown away every time I hear them

  45. Lorna Attwood

    ome of my favorite songs of their new album!

  46. Eric Hopkins

    Heavy sleeper apparently

  47. LokiTrister

    14,767 views, 163 likes, 1 dislike. Great music, and apparently is stupidly hard to deny it!

  48. Toph Meadows

    Always great stuff

  49. 007monkeyman2

    Noah got a haircut :(

  50. HalogenDrum

    @GrittyMcCheese Ah thats a pity man! Its during my study month for my college exams but i have to take the weekend off cos i seen em before at oxegen 09 but i just discovered there first album a week before so didnt full appreciate the album at that stage! :( But now im ready to enjoy the nest best life of my night x) lol

  51. Gabe Mateos

    I'm really loving this song, and the Cure reference in it :D

    I'm so stoked to see them in May and for the new album.
    The songs sounds amazing acoustic so far. I can't imagine live or in the studio versions. :)

  52. JAJenks

    Amazing and beautiful as always.

  53. MindlessWishing

    Thank you so much for letting us fans hear the acoustic songs! i really like the videos too. :) i cant wait to get the new album & see you guys perform in june! so this is what the airborne toxic event looks like if they played a song in my room.haha.

  54. omar

    @HalogenDrum weekend before college exams start. fuckin disgusted

  55. Baldpoodle

    Roll on Tuesday at Manchester Uni

  56. HalogenDrum

    This is unreal. Best band ever!! April 9th, Dublin i shall be front row x)

  57. WashingtonSYRA

    The fun bit is that you did it in the dark - "by feel" is easy to do on strings and drums, but... keyboard?

  58. Deborah Dimond

    The song is genus, shooting an entire music video without a single piece of cumbersome lighting equipment… also genius.

  59. XxBlackxXFaithXx

    addicted on so many levels

  60. Don Ender

    Fun music video I liked the green night goggle affect along with everybody playing while she sleeps undisturbed in her room.