Airborne Toxic Event, The - Something You Lost Lyrics

She'll never know
When she tells you goodnight
The fear that you hide
As she lays by your side

When you stand
All the faults of a man
Etched right in your face
Still she lays there in place

How the warmth
Of the garden you sowed
Is the stuff of these bones
Once broken and cold

And you go home
And you sleep in your bed
Feel like your dancing in sync
With the ghosts in your head

And she wakes
You say, “go back to sleep”
You dare never say
The greatest secret you keep

Is that you might be alone
That you might have to run
That the rest of your life
Will be a series of nights
That you spend in your mind
Staring backwards through time
At something you lost

And you'll never be home
You'll never be one
Eyes closed in the sun
On a warm day in June
But on the damp dirty floor
Of your wintry cold room
You see her face in the dust
How it fills you up

And you say hello
Please don't ever leave
Please don't ever go
And you can call me a man
It's etched right in my face
But it could never span

The endless expanse of space
All around us alone

And just this one small home
One brief moment of time
The only thing I call mine
Is this line that we crossed
And how it came at the cost
Of everything that I lost

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Airborne Toxic Event, The Something You Lost Comments
  1. janicelove100

    Wow... just blows me away

  2. Francis Daniel

    No Live Performance for "Something You Lost" : one of the BEST songs T.A.T.E ever did!

  3. Marc Estephan.c

    This song is a life summarized in one song

  4. Shannon Mess

    By favorite song from this album!

  5. drc08rules

    This song just hits you with that sexy intense drama of (whatever) and kinda leaves you drained ...... he just pulls you in and makes you feel it.  What a dreamy powerful song .. "of Something You Lost"