Airborne Toxic Event, The - Something New Lyrics

What's passed these hands?
All these drugs and one night stands
So I tremble when I think of what she'd do
She'd say something like, "You're no good,
You're like the junkies in this neighborhood"
We all need a fix, I guess I need one too
But I'm trying madly to calm these nerves with something new

I got this heavy debt, I've got nothing left
But this daunting weight slung 'round my neck
You got the callous mouth, all your endless doubts
We spent this fifteen weeks, trying to work it out
Do you think we're getting to something new?

Oh God, not another fight
I'm always trying to get the details right
I remember when you told me you felt saved
When you promised you'd lay flowers on my grave
Just like they used to do
Is it something new?

And now here I stand with these blood soaked hands
On this sleepless night, that never ends
And these songs I sing
With these hopes that I cling to
Desperately wondering
Are we finally getting to something new?

Is it something new?
Are we finally to something new?

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Airborne Toxic Event, The Something New Comments
  1. The Underground Man

    Shit man I remember being in highschool and watching this the day it released in my business math class because my teacher didnt give a fuck

  2. Kiwikick238

    8 years since I first heard this and I keep coming back

  3. jason smith

    Age of Consent: New Order

  4. E C

    ...10 years old

  5. maxwellis4

    I love all their videos they are all so different.

  6. Dennis Waters

    This makes me happy for humanity

  7. mineragua

    check out these cool cats

  8. 17ness1

    Does anyone know what guitar Stephen has?

  9. Coy Moses

    Is that Russel Brand in the back???

  10. Charlie Walton

    So its illegal to be on your phone at the wheel. But on your drums is fine? 😂


    A cat is fine, too.

  11. Dominic gamer

    Estou amando esse som!

  12. Aemon Sevker

    Bit a broad comment here, but i think this guy is the best musician in the world right now

    Aemon Sevker

    This band are the best musicians* 

  13. Yo Mama

    Great band. More of this

  14. fiffinchen

    Daren Taylor: like a boss! :D

  15. MrJhos777

    You may be cool, but you will never be "Daren Taylor playing the drums while driving a boat" cool.

  16. Aj Lane

    5 years later I still love this...

  17. Red Vega

    lol Mikel looks so worried that Darren is driving the boat while playing the drums at the begining! xD

  18. ia73291

    <3 this song hits it where it hurts. love it

  19. Paradox Zuma

    He looks like the anonymous mask personified.

  20. Allan Heredia

    Anna is hot3

  21. Warkupo

    More likely they were both inspired by something similar. People pass around the word "rip off" too freely these days.

  22. ultraviolet221

    Hate to break the news to you but if anyone is getting ripped off it is NEW ORDER.. This song has the New Order vibe( which was the purpose). You say ripped off Blue Van. NO released their records in the early 80's so who is ripping off who I ask? I love this version..

  23. The Jawns

    The Airborne Toxic Event, MAY have ripped off The Blue Van ("Dear independence" by "The Blue Van" is from 2006, "Airborne Toxic Event" created their debut album in 2008.

  24. psbrad64

    um,... look at the dates,... who ripped whom?

  25. expatted

    fun fun fun

  26. Adamantium T.

    Now there's a drummer who can drive! Cool stache man!

  27. KOS Records

    Mikel Jollett at the beginning is like what are the lyrics again..?! o.o

  28. The Jawns

    0:20 That instantly remiended me of momentarily sane by the blue van! So similar (a rip of? Don't really care) people who is saying this deserve more views should take a look at that and compare!

  29. Jacob Gray

    When chester cheetah isn't busy being cheesy he steers like a boss with his buds on a boat

  30. Grevlain

    These guys can accidentally make a hit!

  31. T.J. Westerman

    Who cares about the drum brush... it is his pretend boat driving that is funny as hell. AWESOME BAND and AWESOME SONGS.

  32. Sally Chang

    russel brand in the back hahaha. jk after 3 years, i still enjoy this video!

  33. Lisa Rogers

    " so if somebody farts on the bus, do you call it - an airborne toxic event?" :L :L

  34. Lisa Rogers

    i agree, quite bosslike

  35. MatthewAnDa

    It's called a brush

  36. Micah

    That was angry!

  37. Tom Frank

    FTLOG !!! it's a drum brush !!!! get over it !

  38. YOUNGaz11

    naw. it is a different tool other than a normal drum stick though. It's kind of a handle with thick metal wires streaming out of it. kind of like a whisk but instead of the wires looping, they're frayed. gives the drum tap a different sound. i'm not a drummer but someone who is might know what it might be called.

  39. Joshua Jun

    im not an expert on drumming or instruments for that matter... but is he drumming with a spatula?

  40. zEnT

    God I can't believe I have been in the dark about this amazing group for so long I just can't stop listening to them.

  41. warpull

    very good

  42. rfivecents

    dat 'stache

  43. Payton Price

    I puts the lotion on its skin (;

  44. Red Vega

    26 people drowned attempting to drum and steer....

  45. Red Vega

    Drumming and driving a boat like a boss -:) he's my favorite cos of his sweet euro-style stache! ^____^ I best friend says she hates mustaches thou :P

  46. Meg McCune

    Dan, you're wonderful. Well... you all are but Dan is steering the boat and rocking a marvelous 'stache.

  47. Desiree Johnson

    Epicness that is stash and mad drum skills. :DDD. I love Airborne Toxic Event. My friend turned me on years ago, then I forgot about it and went through my itunes music.

  48. Zene Mesfin

    <3 that stache

  49. copyninja4

    What an epic stache

  50. atom fink

    love this video

  51. xanfus

    ice ice baby? lmao jk

  52. deranger17

    also, the side turn at the end is just like does this mean you're moving on one. Kinda cool for some reason

  53. deranger17

    Anna has a pretty sweet voice, they need to have her sing more.

  54. deathcabpickups

    so dopeeee

  55. Emily Wang

    Again, Darren is a boss :)

  56. Soul Eater

    I didnt realize that was a woman till she came in. xD

  57. S R

    Amazing Acoustic Band!!

  58. Thomas Newman

    i like this version then the studio recording haha
    not sure why

  59. Jacob Gray

    I remember when I met them in person cool people =]

  60. DancerManda27

    I want to float by this boat....

  61. tisa

    Love this song. The beginning guitar part reminds me of "wish it was Christmas today".

  62. stueyewy

    I think I like this. It kind of hurts, yet feels food at the same time.

  63. Emmet Rice

    Not noly can he grow a mean moustache. He can drive a boat while drumming...

  64. Andrea Castro

    @WhiteLighterSociety LMFAOO!!! i completely love this band but that is too funny hahahaha

  65. Matt D

    Drummer drumming and steering ? fucking smart!

  66. Trampolinpros

    Is there a acustic album that I can buy anywhere?

  67. Thor Tristan

    this video's fun! I really enjoy watching them... hahahaha

  68. SeraphimRisen

    The fact that he's driving the boat while playing the drums makes me happy

  69. MarkT36

    Daren's like, Ok, I won't drive while texting, but don't even try to say I can't drive while drumming!

  70. mdmomof7

    @breathnac92 Act it until you are it! And, btw, they are cool if you define cool as super talented; individually and corporately. So...embrace it and find the joy! Seems they have done just that.

  71. breathnac92

    these guys are being so annoying in all their videos they act like theyre so cool but theyre just okay

  72. Tiffany Smith

    Steering. Like a boss.

  73. Kriskazam

    I prefer this version to the original

  74. Kriskazam

    @Sussismatt I mean the dislike button IS RIGHT UNDER the play button so yeah hahah! Some people have fidgety hands

  75. Elizabeth S

    Talk about great multitasking lol

  76. Jyotsna Bodapati

    @Crazyirshman You are quite literally the only person who has confirmed that they are going to this show.
    Well that's one person that I can guarantee will exist in the Orpheum.

  77. shelton scott

    i cant make up my mind of which is better, their acoustic versions or their original versions. Im from columbia sc and i remember when these guys would play at a local club pretty frequently before they got big like now. so im proud to say i was there from way back for them! i wish them the best

  78. thelandon2

    ok, i love TATE, but this is my first time seeing this video and... this is easily the single most awesome group of people EVER! this and their video for "Half of Something Else" are just perfectly wonderful with the unique choice of setting.

  79. smilesteph2011

    Mikel is so attractive :>
    well they ALL are

  80. jakinthbox44

    I'M ON A BOAT!!!!

  81. CaseyMyers

    24 people dont know how to drive a boat

  82. Cameron Macdonald

    Cant wait to see them live in November. Been waiting 2 years to see them

  83. Crazyirshman

    My favorite song by the band, they're awesome to see live, can't wait till I see them again in boston in november.

  84. Kyle Butler

    can you guys listen to our song?

    it kinda sounds like this. not as good, but still...we tried, comment or something. thanks :)

    btw this song is so damn cool!

  85. tyler singleton

    @miembrosgibran my thoughts exactly

  86. Amadeus Torres

    nice legs, o.o

  87. cccbel

    Sorry meant to say "are such a great band"

  88. cccbel

    I totally recommend you guys see them live, they sure such a great band!!!!!

  89. Peterforever2

    I think they're actually better as an acoustic band

  90. Gina Sfarzo

    23 people can fucking die

  91. Hannah Bostick

    I SAW THESE PEOPLES IN CONCERRTTTTTT thats right be envious.. (;

  92. gotem443648

    looks like they just chillin around.. must be fun :P

  93. NateJames1


  94. Hannah Bostick

    his frikkin mustache is like beast! i love it!

  95. Sam Yem

    you dont find much great american bands like these guys and the strokes

  96. rh1ino

    damn anna does have nice legs AND she can play the shit out of any instrument she touches XD

  97. volcomgirl1213

    i love how he's drumming and driving the boat ^___^