Airborne Toxic Event, The - One Time Thing Lyrics

When I woke up today
I got your message on my phone
You said I had fun
Did you ever make it home?
I tried to read between the lines
Oh yeah, I’m doing fine

Feels like my head is made of moonshine
And cheap-ass wine
My best friend told me I should just stop looking for a sign

So okay
You told me it was just a one time thing
A spark on gasoline
So what could I say?
If you tell me it don’t mean a thing, yeah
Somebody told me you were mean

Then in a couple of days
I get this photograph of you
The message says you’re lonely too
Do you wanna tell me what to do?
I thought maybe it was a line
When we spoke that one last time

Sounds like your breath is full of moonshine
And cheap-ass wine
My best friend told me I should just stop looking for a sign

So okay
You told me it was just a one time thing
A spark on gasoline
So what could I say?
If you tell me it don’t mean a thing, yeah
Somebody told me you were like a machine
And so damn mean
My mind’s falling to pieces every time I try to jump up
On this trampoline

Why don’t you tell me what you mean?
Why don’t you tell me what you mean?
Why won’t you tell me I was just your mistake?
How long can this take?
How many sleepless nights can I go over every second
While I’m lying awake?

So okay
If this is really just a one time thing
I think I’ve lost something
What else can I say?
I don’t blame you for a single thing, yeah
Somebody told me I should stay away
But I can’t help it I want one more thing
Silence is deafening
I can’t put you away
And I don’t blame you for a single thing, yeah
Somebody told me you were mean

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Airborne Toxic Event, The One Time Thing Comments
  1. Charlie Bradley

    This song is awesome, one of my favorites (I'm not a longtime fan). It resonates, every single time I hear it I think of the same lover...and smile...and feel sad...and smile...

  2. Natalie joy

    I thought TATE was a person but yeah now I get it lol

  3. Baymann

    This song is so fucking amazing period "...My mind’s falling to pieces every time I try to jump up on this trampoline..."

  4. Geno Tays1085

    pure genius. everyone has gone through something. yo yo. man but this song should already be a massive hit

  5. Kayla Dudley

    I can't believe how under-viewed/under-appreciated TATE is.... then again, that makes perfect sense. I consider very few people true friends. hahah!

  6. AsianDudeX01

    Holy shyt, I'm hooked on this song...

  7. Alex Scaffo

    Seriously fuck all of you. Accept change in a band. It's holding you stubborn fucks back from appreciating however good and powerful their new stuff is because it isn't what you expected. It's different but far from worse. I'm loving it just as much if not more

    Tony Daniels

    I love this band. I just wished they didn't switched to using fake drums and such. I like the band when they didn't used all this electronica stuff. If they did this when they first started off, I wouldn't mind. But this change was just so sudden that I steered away the first time I heard the studio version of Dope machines. Idk, I guess I kinda have to get used to this.

    Timothy Jozef

    +Tony Daniels bombastic version

  8. run2me

    Great bass riff!

  9. Cyrill Sneer

    I'm getting a smidge of Marc Bolan, with hints of Big Country and a big ol' dollop of Airborne Toxic Event awesomeness. New favorite tune, cheers guys

  10. TheMonkeysAll

    I love The Airborne Toxic Event but I feel like Dope Machines, musically, is a miss. Everyone in that band is too good of a musician to be behind synths, especially Darren. Mikel always writes damn good lyrics but they need to ditch the keyboards and put the guitars back over the shoulder and jam. The live versions of Dope Machines and California from Lollapalooza are great because they aren't playing the keyboards. Plus bring back the Violins and Noah

  11. DerrpSHoT

    wow, this was great. 

  12. Tania Boman

    To Dave Ferrin just because you don't agree with their direction doesn't mean they are lost.

  13. Maria Pratiwi

    I luv it.. awesome song!

  14. Drew Marcks

    OH MY GOD! this best song... loved

  15. Lesley Dombrow


  16. Alejandra Cardoso

    Pure Love!

  17. Dave Ferrin

    WHERE'S THE ANGST! Man TATE is one of my favorite bands, but their first two albums just rocked and had so much melody with all their songs. Such Hot Blood was not bad, but there was nothing exciting on it. There single "Hell and Back" was great and should've had a ton more radio play. But now with "Wrong" and this song, which rare not bad by no means, but they are just missed the energy of their first two albums. I wish they quit trying to make hit singles like sounding like Cage The Elephant or Fritz & The Tantrums. Bring back the emotion! (And Noah while your add it! ;-) )


    i agree completely but i don't like this or chains they both feel like they are missing something.. wrong was my favorite from this album so far just cause its different but still as some energy kind of aha

    Chris Bernal

    This is so angsty dude. This is so TATE

    Dave Ferrin

    Where's the violin's? Where's the jumpin' up & down. There' no passion. The new album sounds like a bunch of 6th graders got a hold of an 80's Moog synthesizer gone wild. They are playing here in Chicago tonight and since they said they would be playing this entire album, I have chose not to go. Sorry to say, they've lost their way. BTW, I have seen them 9 times. Sad.

    Chris Bernal

    lol I don't understand how you don't get it. To me, all of their albums have been full of angst and emotion. But I got tickets for tonight because I'm an Airborne Toxic Event fan!!! So excited!!! WOOOOOOOOO BACK IN CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kiley Ohl

    @Dave Ferrin BOO!! HISS!!! :) <3 I love that they can be so versatile. The God & Whiskey is still full of piss and vinegar for you. :) xoxoxo

  18. Evgeniy Pinchuk

    Oh my gosh, I notice this only now, but it was in my life, these damn "sorryies" and "goodbyes", than emptyness, than five days agi again "hello", but for what, still cant get it... and dont know if i can.


  19. Marc Moore

    Awesome music. 

  20. Bert John Norcross

    Everything this band touches turns to gold. 

  21. ChromeElite117

    sounds like the doctor who theme in the beginning 

  22. Darrin Napier

    Love it!  Love all 3 albums by TATE!  My favorite band.  Can't wait to see them live and get Dope Machines!  New sound is different but still great music and great lyrics.  Wrong is totally different when performed live but love the studio version as well.  I just wish these guys would get their due.....cause they are way overdue!!!

  23. Caleb Cone

    Awesome. I wasn't a huge fan of Such Hot Blood, but I really love the first two albums. I think Such Hot Blood was a shift from their previous two and now they are able to fully pursue their vision of a different sound. Me, I love the first two so much, I doubt I'll like the fourth more than those, but I like this and my enjoyment of it isn't predicated on my opinions of their older music. 

  24. Robal Johnson

    Outstanding, as always. 

  25. NinTimDo

    Love this and love the sound of the album so far. Consistently amazing songs like this are why you're my favourite all-time band. 

  26. Irrational Geographic

    Awesome, cant wait for the album and the title track Dope Machines which may just become my favourite TATE song yet.

  27. Grant Francisco

    New sound but still quality music :)

  28. zoinomiko

    Oh my god. I need to go to sleep but I can't stop hitting repeat.

  29. concertfrontrow

    after hearing a couple different live versions this weekend - I love this studio version!

  30. JQJ213

    This song is so different.. and will most likely not be a favorite to some long time fans... 
    HOWEVER, being a long time fan, I LOVE this song way too much! It is honestly becoming one of my favorites of all time (behind Half of Something Else, Strange Girl, Midnight, and All I Ever Wanted) 

    Rogelio Rincón Gómez

    @JQJ213 This song is amazing! I'm a fan since the beginning of this group and each song is fantastic, the versatility that has the airborne is great. Greetings

  31. Larry Mangan

    Awesome song. Loving everything about this album so far. Can't wait.

  32. McKenzie Larsen

    Loving this sound!!! The Airborne Toxic Event never disappoints!

  33. J Candel

    First comment?

  34. FManAngryAmerican

    Interesting song

  35. Simon Miller

    I hate doing this but FIRST!!!

  36. Adrian Garcia