Airborne Toxic Event, The - Neda Lyrics

I held my head in my hands, and I trembled.
The cries from the crowd and the girl in the camera.
I said, in a prayer, a kind of surrender I wished her peace, wondered what she rendered.

Neda, you made a place for the innocents, a prayer for the dissidents.
Afraid I gave up; I never thought the world could be so small.

And the loss of your innocence wasn’t enough, I guess.
The cost of what you’re holding in wasn’t everything.
All the leaders say, "they’ll forget someday,"
but what you’d live to see would take their breath away.

These ragged smoldering lines and these embers,
the cries in the night to say they remember the face of a girl,
who faithful and tender, wanted only peace and not to surrender.

Neda, your mother can’t cry for your memory or mourn for the tragedy.
They tore your grave up.
I never thought the world could be so small.

And the loss of your innocence wasn’t enough, I guess.
The cost of what you’re holding in wasn’t everything.
All the leaders say, "they’ll forget someday,"
but what you’d live to see would take their breath away.

And the flowers on your grave. ??
And the things you gave away were another kind that day.
And the flowers on your grave.

And the loss of your innocence wasn’t enough, I guess.
The cost of what you’re holding in wasn’t everything.
But all the people say, "we won’t forget the day, and what you lived to see takes our breath away."

Neda, you made a place for the innocents, a place for the dissidents.
We nearly gave up.
I never thought the world could be so small.

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Airborne Toxic Event, The Neda Comments
  1. Sana HMT

    Iranian will never forget Neda. Fuck islamic regime

  2. Arash The Archer

    Fuck Islamic Republic

  3. Potato Jerold

    My name is actually Neda! I searched my name to see what showed up.

  4. Babba Zee

    Thank you for this beautiful song ten years later it is as relevant as ever

  5. Babba Zee

    #InternetCensorship #IranProtests
    pray for the Iranians today

  6. Bryan Bloom

    I love you for making this video

  7. Sawsan Elshafey

    Neda is a heroine martyr God bless her soul 😇 Free Iran✌💪✊

  8. EOO

    It's been 10 years, Neda jan. And nothing has changed.

  9. Kneedeepinbluebells

    Radical Islamic TERROR

  10. Mehdi MokhtarZadeh

    Thanks men🙏🌹
    R.I.P NEDA🕯
    #RezaPahlavi #IranRegimeChenge

  11. Mokh7777

    Thanks for standing with the Iranian people 🙏

  12. SoFran

    But why are there 74 dislikes🧐🤔 beautiful song with a strong message

  13. Bryan Bloom

    I just went to the website for Neda and it doesn't exist anymore, she completely died in vain. Makes me sick.

  14. Bryan Bloom

    We should never forget this. I feel like we already have forgotten this... Sad, she died in vain.

    Alireza Nabipour

    Bryan Bloom that isnt tru uk government was behind this and I have proof

  15. TheRovingGent89

    The Islamic Republic is an odious, mass-murdering regime that's bolted itself onto a great civilization of Persia. It ought to be the policy of all decent people and governments to work toward its downfall.

    Alireza Nabipour

    Actually this is not correct neda was an employee of uk embassy and she was working with an MI6 agent and some people from mojahedin(an iranian group like pkk and isis)and these guys was one of the main reasons of protests and they never shot her grave during a mission she got arrested by police so they couldnt use her so they decided to kill her somehow and one of the basijis who wants to stop what they were doing free her and follows her and they tried but that agent was a really great agents so they couldnt get them and they killed her and made a fake video to tell the world that iran government killed her they tried hard to destroy the government and made people like you hate our country but this isnt true we are leaving peacefully the only threat for us are your governments that wants to capture iran so badly like uk and usa


    @Alireza Nabipour you're psychotic. I mean literally.

  16. Niloo N

    Thank you <3

  17. Igos233

    so that happend exactly 5 years ago.. anything changed since then??

  18. Destined To Fail

    For Neda

  19. Kim Frans

    How is it that Im just finding this?!!  Beautiful and Perfect

    Mehrad Rousta

    How is it that Im just finding this؟

  20. Michael Scott

    You Iranians should hang those members of Basij. Why do ordinary people in countries like yours sign up to join these regimes?

  21. cyrus2020

    Thank you very much for creating this video about Neda. We will always remember Neda

    Payandeh Iran

  22. turquoisethehedgehog

    That is a Lie.

  23. turquoisethehedgehog

    I want to say something to the creator of this video. I, on behalf of every single citizen in Iran, thank you with all my heart for making this. It truly warms my heart! Thank You SO SO much.

    Bryan Bloom

    Exactly... I wish more of this was done. People need to understand the Iranians are beautiful people, the government is corrupt.

  24. Diego Pino

    I am agreeing with U , but don't die , please , live and teach the children a peaceful way to live life .

  25. Diego Pino

    me too .

  26. Dylan Pert-Smith

    Wow this video has been up for 2 years now, and I still feel tears every time I watch it.

  27. A Sho

    It's not Ayotollah khomeini but it's Khameneyi. Two completely different people

  28. IranLarijani

    by the way neda was not poor. She was working in a brothel illegal, where she was sucking on american-tourist cock, the bitch was working and sucking good, and beacuse of that she cut get alot of money
    R.I.P the rich hairy bitch Neda


    IranLarijani look at how this deranged Iranian speaks about his own countrymen. I have no doubt shias would therefore not care how they treat Arabs.


    Yet Iranian men can have temporary wives just for sex. No better.


    You're absolutely psychotic

  29. bidarsho k

    شما اولين و آخرين طرفدار جمهوری اسلامی نيستی که شکنجه شديت!قطبزاده همانيکه بی احساسی خمينی دجال را ماسمالی کرد(حساسی داری ب ايران برميگردي؟ گلبل سينگ ججار جواب داد:هيچي!). فطبزاده را کشتن و همين آقای رفسنجانی تير را در پيشانيش خالی کرد! مجتبی خامنه ای سالهاست که فرماندۀ نظامست! ميخواهد وارثه آفتابه بشه! پا در سپاه نذارين؛ جای برگشت نيست! وقتی کسی را بکشيد به فرمانشان ولت نميکنن و دائم تهديد ميشيت؛ خدمت به مردم؛ زره زيادی مردم از قيافۀ پرکفارهشان فرار کردن.خدمت به مردم،بازگشت به کشورشان عراقست!

  30. ThePookie25

    Powerful video. RIP Neda.

  31. Shaz Pir


  32. piggr8

    Neda :(

  33. sajda sadiq

    Support Neda! From London!

  34. Khatia Shiuka


  35. 2watt music

    rest in peace neda

  36. Serge Hernz


  37. Chris O'Sullivan

    I am Neda

  38. helena burton

    you are not alone! small flowers crack concret!!!

  39. TheMumia77

    qu allah te maudisse!!! allah akbar!! don't forget NEDA!

  40. kaveh

    NEDA rest in peace we will avenge your death

  41. kaveh

    -Iranlarijani this is for you
    I will fuck you and all other basijies and their families and any one who said neda was a bitch or somthing like that.
    Fuck basiji fuck khomeyni fuck ahmadinejad and all the other people in goverment iranian goverment and basijies and muslims are all fucking muther fuckers but not all muslims

  42. zirepousteiran iran

    سلام هموطن:
    رژیم اسلامی=دیکتاتوری حاکم بر ایران برای ادامه بقاء ننگین خود همیشه یک دشمن پوچ و توخالی را نیازمند بوده، بزرگش کرده، پروبالش داده ومردم را ببهانه آن دشمن خیالی سرکوب و بخاک و خون کشیده و بی چاره ما ملت ایران که هم باید بهای اعدام و شکنجه وشلاق وتجاوز رابپردازیم وهم بهای وطنفروشی ومزدوری دشمنان کشورمانرا. مرگ بر اصل ولایت وقیه چ خامنه ای چه رجوی

  43. zirepousteiran iran

    سلام هموطن :
    1-راه رسیدن به آزادی و دموکراسی در ایران از طریق سرنگونکردن دیکتاتوری اسلامی حاکم بر آن میگذرد.تجربه سالهای گذشته نشان میدهد که هرگاه رژیم در سراشیب سقوط بود این مجاهدین بودند که بکمکش آمده نجاتش دادند مثال: آیا بعد از آتش بس جنگ رژیم در مقابل کوهی ازسوالات مردم قرار نداشت؟ آیامردم همگی اعتراض نداشتند؟و... چه کسی باعث شد تا رژیم بعد از جنگ میخش را محکم کوفته مخالفان را از دم تیغ بگذراند؟ ادامه

  44. IranLarijani

    NEDA WAS A BITCH !!! shoot by CIA

    Jesse Brennan

    You are genuinely retarded lmaaaao

  45. Bosco21

    Kony 2012. Do Something.

  46. brianna alcantar

    Name rachell nit neda

  47. seven thirteen seven

    Neda, we remember you.


    Enough of this policy against political assassinations. How many innocents need to die before scum like Ahmadinejad and Khomeini are taken out?

  49. franco vezio


    Jesse Brennan

    Liar. Ahmadinejad stole the election you degenerate animal fuck.

  50. yellowballpoets

    God bless all who stand up against tyranny for freedom.

  51. alemon22

    i don't understand why they shot her? what she did wrong so they killed her?

    Jesse Brennan

    She understood the vote was stolen. Fraud by Ahmadinejad

  52. Arvin Eghani

    We all u neda we all uuuuuu. -3

  53. Fara Movagharnia

    Who are those 49 mother fuckers who disliked this? Pissst, FUCK YOU all 49 of you. Go to the fucking hell.

  54. 2degucitas

    Blame it on the protesters, blame it on a foreign country. How typical of Iran's religious leaders!!!!!

  55. caspiankids

    thanks you guys. this means alot to us here in Iran!

  56. Patricia Hernandez

    nice video!...

  57. Nadeem Mohammad

    but before this video i saw i read that the video has been proven fake

  58. Rodrigo


    hhoohho how peaceful you are... "BURN IN HELL!!"


  59. Rodrigo


    no, you weren't there.. you're a little 15 years old american teenager seeking attention.

  60. Rodrigo

    thats what you get for going on protests ;)

    Jesse Brennan

    The vote was stolen


    You're so depraved.

  61. MrMethadrine

    In Greece they woud burn their goverment after such incident.

  62. Rick Farrell

    This is one of the most moving and poignant songs I have ever heard. It is a lovingly crafted tribute aimed at making sure Neda's sacrifice and the voice of the Iranian people are remembered. My prayers go out to the people of Iran having to live with such brutality and repression. Never forget.

  63. SamytheGreek

    NEDA !!

  64. spackhollogay

    @snaed27 £400,000,000? I think you mean $400,000,000. Also Bush requested that money in 2007, NOT during the 2009 elections.

  65. snaed27

    Wow how come no protest songs about the £400.000000 that Bush asked congress for and used to destabilize the Iran elections ???? Imagine a world like this ........the Nada footage looked fake ...but I bet she is dead now , what a shame ,she was beautiful . my love to her Family and all Iranians . keep fighting against American and UK globalists .

    Jesse Brennan

    Are you out of your fucking mind? Hold a recount you fucking fucker the election was a fraud

  66. MissMiano

    My heart goes out to the family and all those who continue to endure such a horrible ordeal

  67. Rafael Zamora

    Wow man Wow

  68. Spidergirl79

    So heart breaking and sad. Song makes me cry for her/them.

  69. Fermilis

    this is a great song :) very emotional

  70. aykut kocaman

    es ist nicht die religion daran schuld,es sind nur die leute daran schuld die,die religion zu ihrem eigenen zwecke hindrehen um macht zu beschaffen,sie orientieren das volk so das sie nicht gegenwehr leisten können denn die religion ist für manche menschen eben das leben,nur eins ist unklar,das,das leben anderer menschen keine rolle spielt.

  71. taxibandit13

    @JujuWoaW I agree that Khomeini stole the revolution that should have belonged to the Iranian people, but the west didn't help him at all . . .they were backing the Shah. The Shah was a bad ruler too, though he was modernizing the country very quickly, but not ALL of Iran's problems are the West's fault. Khomeini belongs to you and he's your problem to deal with now. The west can not and should not try to help any more.

  72. marhaza1

    :'( poor girl, poor iran

  73. dogbone222

    oh this is the... i'm sorry

  74. MsColdCanada

    I found this after I saw the real video. It was horrible, very gruesome. I have to disagree with one part of this video. It said she died on the way to the hospital... she might have been declared dead on the way but the real video clearly shows the moment she actually died. Her eyes said it all. Very tragic. Use your voice Iranians, use it for Neda.

  75. Gitananike

    Beautiful video, It's sad that her death was the begining of something to happen, She wanted to be a star and in a tragedy she became one. Sometimes we ask why things happen, but they always have a reason, VIVA NEDA!

  76. PaaarisaJoon

    I took ten minutes to figure out how to link my damn google account with my youtube account just to say, I love them for doing this.

  77. Cool Guy

    @Reasonable99pct She wasn't shot by the sharpest tool in the shed. You're acting as if he was some kind of government official. And what is this about Jews? Iran doesn't need any help pissing off its population.

  78. orion

    Das kann doch jedem egal sein. Toll, ist da 1 Mensch krepiert. Na und ???

  79. Sougata Naskar

    Thats so sad...........:-((

  80. 1stcenturyproduction

    Many many revolutions have started in the middle east, and nothing in Iran, all this and nothing in Iran. Justice must be brought, someday it will


    I will never forget you NEDA!!

  82. Charlotte Cauchefer-Dupré

    41 people didnt like this video.

  83. DpdinaDyztakjova

    horrible think is happening on facebook ! :/

  84. Ali

    @deniedera Oh my ...... you actually dont understand the word PROVE. you are not proving anything, give me some facts, photos, videos that basij killed neda. not opinions or baseless accusations. fk man, u say the protesters are peaceful - I SAY THEY'RE NOT - I HAVE VIDEOS BACKING UP WHAT I SAY. UNDERSTAND? u are actually so thick, its incredible.

    Jesse Brennan

    Mullah coup d'etat stole election get it?

  85. Ali

    @deniedera yea i already know that Basij hit violent protesters, thats because they are RIOT police. But you didnt prove that basij killed Neda? You didnt prove that basij arrested 5 protesters and put them in a car trunk?

  86. Ali

    @deniedera Okay so it looks like you CANT back up your biased accusations. Yes basij do hit protesters because they're RIOT POLICE. riot police break up demonstrations and bring order to society. Look at USA, Britain, France etc they all do the same thing - use batons, shields, tear gas and water cannons to disperse protesters. Asshole read what ive said and understand. dont be a hypocrit and just look at Iran and the basij.

    Long live islamic republic of iran.

    Jesse Brennan

    Ayatollah Coup D'Etat

  87. Ali

    @deniedera protests are NOT peaceful - many videos on youtube showing protesters with rocks, knives and beating, punching and kicking basijis in the head.

    Neda participated in an unauthorized demonstration - iranian interior ministry didnt give permission, therefore illegal.

    You say she was killed by a basij - how can you prove this?
    By what your 'brother' has said it sounds to me like he was a protester not a basij. AND how can you prove that they done this? any videos? photos?

  88. Ali

    @deniedera look, what I say are facts. i can back up what i say, but u cant. yours are just biased accusations.

  89. Ali

    @SaiyanPrideZ hes dead, so..................

  90. Ali

    Bullshit. Any proof of a basij killing her? No. He could have been anyone, he could have been a protester, he could have been a PMOI terrorist, he could have been a Mossad agent. She participated in an illegal demonstration so its her fault and lastly the 'protests' were not 'peaceful'. The 'protesters' had huge rocks and knives on them - theres videos of this on youtube.

    Long Live Islamic Republic of Iran

  91. maxim gorec


  92. ladylisz0

    what a beautiful video you've made.

  93. Anne Boldt

    oh.... i saw in the video of her dying that she died right there on the spot, on camera, not in a car..... what is it really?

  94. Ana Carvalho

    Neda não votou, pois viu que obviamente a eleição seria manipulada

  95. Elisabeth Scott

    @Reasonable99pct you sure are nuts.

  96. Sergio Sanchez

    I AM NEDA.

  97. Tiffany James

    this song has always touched my heart as will as Neda .....we will never forget you NEDA!!!!!! UR VOICE IS STILL BEING HEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This fake video is carefully created by ultimate enemy of Iran.

    Jesse Brennan

    Election stolen

  99. MrNiroch

    you stupid fucker I was there you fucking coward!
    i was there and saw everything don't say something stupid.
    go watch CNN and you will see that it is not fake.
    think before you say.
    ( and why would someone fake this!?)