Airborne Toxic Event, The - Gasoline Lyrics

..Five, six, seven, eight!

All the time I wake
You're still on my mind
We were on our own
Almost all the time

And she'll step away
For a second or two
And I close my eyes
And I think of you

We were only seventeen
We were holding in our screams
Like we'd torn it from the pages of some lipstick magazine
And you'd scratch and turn
And say, "let's burn ourselves up 'til we scream"
Like gasoline

All those tender days
At your mother's house
And your father would find my hand inside your blouse

They tell me that
You're married now
Well, my dear, I fear I can't understand how

When we were only seventeen
We were holding back our screams
Like we'd torn our lives from the pages of some girlie magazines
And you'd scratch and turn
And say, "let's burn these sheets down to the seams"
Like gasoline

I was only twenty one
I wasn't having any fun
And the words you said tore through my head
Like bullets from a gun
And I should have just shown up and said,
"Get in this car, let's run"

And these years have seen so many imitations turning green
Each like the last, they go right past like credits on a screen
But your memory blazes through me
Burning everything
Like gasoline
Like gasoline
Like gasoline

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Airborne Toxic Event, The Gasoline Comments
  1. ShimmySnail

    Nope, FIFA nor Band Hero brought me here. Just a TATE fan.

  2. Johnny Mac

    Eleven years after I first heard this song on FIFA 09, I realise how much they editing this song for the soundtrack...

  3. John DiGioia

    Im burning from the fire...and its like gasoline...

  4. Bob D

    Such a tune!

  5. Rodrigo Sánchez Godínez

    Better than Daddy Yankee 👍🏻🧐🎶

  6. Mert Önen

    FIFA !!!

  7. Jack Tripper


  8. Mohsin A

    I really love this song for some reason

  9. Wommies

    I remember playing this song way back in 2009 on band hero I still play the game on Xbox 360 and have a Xbox one

  10. Screamer26

    Underrated song

  11. Iyrgnclr

    First I listened to it when i was 8, I am listening now (17) and i will when im 21..

  12. Joe O'Malley

    Here just because I remember and love this song. :)

  13. Albert Mont

    FIFA 09 nostalgia ahhhh

  14. Adam Szczudliński

    Why the time goes so quickly? 😥


    Adam Szczudliński Time flies....i was only 17...i was only 21... then 30 hits lol

  15. Anthony Aguilar

    Typical. Weak ass sport, soft hearted music lol pansies.


    Work on your b8 m8 it's not gr8 I r8 8/88

  16. Hersh Bhadra

    This is right up there with Sketches (Twenty something Life) and Young Folks as my favorite tracks from Fifa

  17. Puhl Sàndor

    Fifa 09 xdd

  18. Max

    aaa que recuerdos del fifa09 como todos los que estamos aquí,increible como una canción puede transportarte a esos bellos momentos de fifa en la play station 2

  19. Get a 2nd Job


  20. Correa 77

    FIFA 09 !!
    Old times :(

  21. Dffd Ggg

    i love this song <3 forerver in my fucking mind <3 <3 <3


    Fifa 09 is love

    Adam Yesho


  23. savanana

    Can I join your bike race?

  24. savanana

    *falls down the stairs*



  25. Julius 93

    Guitar hero


    And now Rocksmith.

  26. Yuri Renato

    Cadê os BRs lembrando do FIFA 09?

    Carlos Mello

    Opaaa!!! nossa cara como eu amava esse jogo, foi o primeiro q joguei eu era muito viciado nesse jogo kkkkkk, lembro q só eu entre meus primos q jogava e eles jogavam bomba patch eles falavam q o fifa era ruim e eu falava q o bomba patch q era kkkk, eles se achavam no bomba patch e eu n enfrentava eles, n gostava de jogar bomba patch, quando eles me desafiavam pra jogar no fifa09 e eu era viciado de mais só goleava eles kkkkk, era tão bom esse tempo:(.

    Yuri Renato

    Kkkkkkkkk! Aquele FIFA de Ps2 era ruim de doer, mas as músicas eram boas demais! Só jogava por causa da trilha sonora.

    Carlos Mello

    Eu sempre gostei + de FIFA desde essa época kkk, e q na era ps2 o pes se destacava pq os games árcades ainda estavam em alta, o FIFA sempre foi realista desde dessa época por isso eu gostava +. 

  27. Pablo Lopez

    DAMN FIFA, i are crying :(

  28. Kailey Nadon

    I saw them this past weekend at Riot Fest in Toronto. They were great

  29. Carina Banks

    IMO this is ATE's greatest song ever. I rode my bike around town to it before I ever saw the video. Perfect

  30. K. Luma

    Band Hero <3

    Bear McBear MC

    THATS how I discovered this, my favorite band!

    Robert Miller

    @Bear McBear MC me 2


    +K. Luma fkn A, man

    Captain Booples


  31. Mauricio Mariano

    FIFA 09!

  32. Kyo Kusinagi

    I would like to see this video with Swing choreography.


    Oooho, everytime he looks to the side and says "like gasoline," I can't help but shiver. The music, and especially the video are so freaking awesome :)

  34. Prophecy Jones

    love, love, LOVE this!

  35. Ade Thomas

    One of the best FIFA songs!

  36. ian hernandez

    Anna Bulbrook
    2:44 - 2:47 3:13 - 3:16

  37. ☾daisy

    This is filmed in all of the places me and my ex hanged out in. which makes this song even more bitter sweet.

  38. josue aguilar

    yo vivo serca de todos los lugares donde los filmaron.

  39. Mr. Swirly

    Soooo good.

  40. Comp

    FIFA 09 

  41. smurfyday

    FIFA... back when it picked great songs.


    Still do, if nothing else. Even FIFA 16 (the worst one IMO) had a brilliant playlist

  42. LeanGDN

    Yo los conosco por el FIFA09

  43. Valamyr

    Musical tastes evolve alot. I'm 31 and I hate the music I loved at 21, nothing to do with my father. Maybe he'll like it someday.

  44. dimitri shevko

    this makes me think of kazan

  45. quickcut24

    If it makes you feel any better my dad is over 50 and likes this band. I'm his 21 year-old son and I still think they're awesome. Would see them live if they played a show in my area.

  46. joel mason

    If you like this, you'll probably like bring it on by the gaslight anthem

  47. Austen Hibler

    Why does my 60+ year old father not like this band - is it because his 21 year old son does?

  48. Joel Alvarez

    That's cool where'd you seem them live?

  49. guitarheromorello

    Band Hero brought me here.

  50. guitarheromorello

    I liked that song as well, but too bad that blouse and gun were censored in it because it was E rated.

  51. iheartparamoresomuch

    I don't understand how this band isn't very popular..They are very good.

  52. Kyle Hadley

    I have loved this band since i was like, 11 or 12, four years listening and i wont stop soon!

  53. Ysarc

    Same thing with me and Opera,i just can't stand it.Might be because my father is acting like it's the best type of music and dismisses everything else as noise.I always poke fun at him when he tries to convince me to listen to some when he won't ever listen to the bands i like.

  54. Steven Bynion

    wanna see them ;_0

  55. ChildOfTheSun32

    Hah that's crazy.. An older guy with good taste in music has a far more reputable opinion... Since he's heard more and knows when it's "just the same old shit" for a younger generation or not.

  56. DSly13

    I'm 17 and loved this band sense my step dad showed me there first album 2 years ago. I just saw them live for the 2nd time tonight actually they put on one hell of a show!

  57. CharlemagneTV

    Just saw them in Orlando, FL! Such an amazing show, they opened up with this song :D

  58. Jenifer Strickland

    I'm 24 and I have been in love with them since 20 . So your son is missing out on something.

  59. OmnomnomNOJUTSU

    Oh God SO happy these guys are going to be in Canada next month XDDDD

  60. ZackScratchFever

    Going the distance!

  61. sergio delarosa

    Nobody gives a fuck how old you are you could go kill your self for all I care

  62. sergio delarosa

    Fifa 09 song

  63. Stuart Davis

    Fuuuuck i remember this from fifa 09 but i never thought it would be airbourn that done it, so then in my opinion i think u only have got 2 great tunes which is defo this and my favourite tune ever before any other song in the world has to be all i wanted

  64. Misuri9

    Your son doesn't deserve you.

    21 year old son of my father.

  65. MrTritratralla

    My absolute favourite song to sing in the Guitar Hero franchise :)

  66. TheHarveyConnection

    Ive been into this band for about a year and this is the first time i noticed a music video for this song. jeez!

  67. Morgannalilith

    This band is way beyond amazng! They are even more amazing when seen live....

  68. Nacho Bustos

    FIFA 09!!!

  69. Omar Lozada

    wow..random find. So good

  70. HiveNvmii LD

    must be 17 beber fans?

  71. Razer1103

    Fifa 09, eh? I'm here from Band Hero.

  72. 93desousa

    No one gives a fuck how old you are

  73. Danniella Cuevas

    I honestly don't know why songs like these don't have a lot of views or likes. This is way better than all the autotune crap. I'm 15 and I absolutely love this song, and this band.

  74. higor dornelas

    Fifa 09 o/

  75. Zarthias

    <22 male

  76. Drop me some Dubstep

    nd more likes!

  77. Ella Tschebotarjew

    Oh Steven...

  78. Ella Tschebotarjew

    My daddy loves this band and I do too, I don't think that's the problem haha

  79. StickDemonKing

    Played this on Band Hero and every time I play this song with my guitar I do a head bang >:)

  80. javier tejedor song

  81. Alexander Nevermind

    Fuck yes

  82. gmarts

    who are those 16 fuckers

  83. andropovg

    Between Jose Mangin and the Rival Sons, I am thoroughly creeped out. Thanks, Vevo!

  84. Matt

    Thank you Pandora for showing me this song

  85. David OLeary

    lolz, true dat yo

  86. Devin

    I was just on vacation with a girl.
    We're both about 17
    She has a boyfriend.
    And we were holdin' back our screams.


  87. CTCCoco

    he´s not cool D:

  88. The8431123

    FIFA 09 <3

  89. Rasha Mcneill


  90. PRO9II

    Yes, i have Guitar hero 5, band hero and metalica

  91. PRO9II

    Guitar Hero 5

  92. AcePhoenix007

    ATE has VEVO? wow. LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH!!!!!

  93. Taylorwest626

    what are the other two?

  94. jaysonbarrand190

    One of my top 3 albums I believe everyone must have.

  95. yourdancefloortv

    Subscribe now....YourDancefloorTV

  96. Juan Reyes

    This deserves way more views!!!