Airborne Toxic Event, The - Elizabeth Lyrics

There's a distance in your eyes
That's why a smile is always such a surprise
When you call and you talk to me
I wonder which person you're gonna be
She said, all your songs are sad songs
Why do you always have to see the worst of it
Could you write me just one love song?
Put my name somewhere in the middle of it
It's not hard to write Elizabeth
Just close your eyes boy and take your best guess
Cause the truth is hard, isn't it?
She said “I'll be listening in my favorite white dress”

All these quiet afternoons
She said, “I wonder if I've given up my love too soon”
As her hair fell from her curls
I said you're pretty uptight for a Mexican Girl
She said, all your songs are sad songs
Why do you always have to make me feel like shit?
Could you write me just one love song?
And put my name somewhere in the middle of it
And if you call the song Elizabeth
All my friends will know it's about me
Cause the truth is hard, isn't it?
But don't take too long, I just know you'll come back to me

I said all these songs are love songs
Just love at times can make you feel like shit
So you write a string of words down
It's better if there's some truth in it
It's true I love you Elizabeth
I love the way you move in that silly white dress
Cause the truth is hard to admit
I've never known love
This is just my best guess

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Airborne Toxic Event, The Elizabeth Comments
  1. History and Alternate history

    This is the first day I've got into this song and I've probably have listened to it like 15 times.

  2. Fanny Pacheco

    Its 2019 and this song is still one of my favorites!

  3. Layla Risse

    Which song do you like more: Elizabeth or Missy?

    Like comment for Elizabeth.
    Reply to comment for Missy.

  4. Dima Konovalov

    Dang this song makes me wanna txt the ex I never had...

  5. kartikeya chaudhary

    this is so calming. man this band is underrated...

  6. ThatLittleKitten

    This is such a soothing song. Also my middle name is Elizabeth

  7. 5FootEskimo

    I'm Elizabeth, and my favorite dress is white, too. 💕

  8. Kimberly Duarte

    I just know you'll come back to me! <3

  9. Jodie Baglole

    I would love to see this song preformed live in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

  10. dampyr321

    From that Croatian guy that likes that Canadian girl named Elizabeth... ;)

  11. J S

    The very first time i heard it in my friend's car i was shocked because of well-written lyrics, especially the last phrase

    Barry Friedman

    I feel that way on every single one of their songs. Never stops.

  12. Elizabeth Avalos

    truee. except im not mexican. im salvadoreña

  13. Elizabeth Pokos

    So true

  14. David Salas

    yo conozco a la chica de la que habla esta canción .

    A SMaRt foodie

    Quien es????

    David Salas

    @A SMaRt foodie es una hermosa chica del distrito federal en México . Obviamente llamada Elizabeth tiene unos labios tan ardientes y una mirada tan profunda.

  15. yasbutterfly Y

    idk why but i think ciel would write something like this XD

  16. Edgar Pacheco G

    Oh Elizabeth I miss you so fucking bad... Seriously

  17. Conor Quinn

    Brilliant so simple but works so well

  18. Chloe Soles

    Love this song so much!

  19. Ruth Chi

    you are special and you are you. Just do you

    Layla Risse

    You're special too. Be yourself.

  20. Olman Gabriel

    Elizabeth ... Why do you always have to make me feel like shit?

  21. Elizabeth Flores

    My heart dropped when they started playing this last time I saw them live. My name is Elizabeth and I intentionally wore a white dress. Not to mention I'm Mexican and my hair was curled, such an amazing moment <3

    Barry Friedman

    Perfect storm! One of my favorites. I actually love playing this for people who don't know TATE - on my ukulele!

    branden white

    Elizabeth Flores I love this song and I love the name Elizabeth!

  22. Isaac Sams

    Agreed! listened to the whole album got this one. and was like omgggg. Can so relattte...

  23. dhsjkgeijd

    "and that white dress she's wearing, you haven't see her for a while"

    Eric shumway

    All one long love story told through songs

  24. Damon Badgett

    I sing this song all the time. Its my absolute favorite in the world. This band is so fucking amazing and has moved me more than any other band.

  25. VegetarianVulcan

    I cried when I first heard them play this live. They have such a beautiful passion, it makes me become hopelessly emotional.

  26. LTSal2011

    I said all these songs are love songs
    Just love at times can make you feel like shit
    So you write a string of words down
    Its better if theres some truth in it

    The more I listen they are all love songs with truth and conviction. I hear hope and faith the more I listen. Trying to get to the core of the song is the fun part. Can't wait for TATE to come back to the Central Valley, CA.

  27. Ian Tewid

    It's the line referencing the white dress, isn't it? I get the feeling that most of these songs are about the same girl.


    Ian Tewid well he did start music writing after his mom got cancer, he found out he had an autoimmune disease and his long term girlfriend broke up with him and that all happened in the same month.

  28. gerard jainandan

    This is just so beautiful, it even made me cry, idk why haha.

  29. Erica MacMillan

    Love this song!

  30. Marcos Mejia

    This song is Very Nice and My Girlfriends name is Elizabeth so this is a song im going to Dedicate to her ^~^

  31. Devin Onchi

    I think its about a girl who is todays kind of groupie ( not exactly, I don't know what its called)

  32. Belma Mizdrak

    Somehow, but always.. it makes me cry...

    Barry Friedman

    Every time

  33. Joe Finberg

    He wrote allot of songs about the same girl.

  34. stephersluvsyou

    What I like about this song more than anything is its tone. It's like he's accepting the bad but being honest and optimistic about it at the same time.

  35. ivanvzm

    same here

  36. jace chav

    First time hearing it all the way shit..

  37. Ongoing Discovery

    i think this is my favorite song on the album

  38. Bert

    Anna said on fb, that its not the same girl o:

  39. Jacobb Franklin

    Love this. Best song ever.

  40. Elizabeth Knapper

    hey my name is Elizabeth:) you can sing to me:)

  41. maryeelafdz

    That's why I love Mikel.

  42. kujo1999


  43. gen121O

    Mikel!, its not hard to rhyme Genesis either ;)

  44. TheSsussie

    hey why don't you write something about Susan?:D

  45. Andrea De Alba

    Something about the combination of these lyrics and music leaves you all fluffy inside by the end of the song.

  46. Elizabeth Flores

    I will forever think this song is about me lol

  47. MeTaLLiCaT8282

    She's not Mexican, but I'm in love - possibly hopelessly - with an Elizabeth.

  48. Indie Guy

    that was stupid

  49. BobbleCow

    Lyrics remind me of the girl from Sometime Around Midnight.

  50. smartspeakers

    I never thought I was a "lyrics person" before I met Mikel's writing. <3

    Gorgeous work, guys. Can't wait for my copy to come in the mail. :)

  51. TheSsussie

    most amazing lyrics i ever heard

  52. Patrick Jamieson

    My favorite song off the new album. Those lyrics!

  53. Dylan Pert-Smith


  54. Fennel

    they fucking win a hug that's what.

  55. Indie Guy

    you win nothing