Airborne Toxic Event, The - Does This Mean You're Moving On? Lyrics

And the funny thing is, it has no end
I try to call you up, at 2am
In a crowded bar, your ringer tones
Grab my mind

I can see you through the phone,
The phone, the phone
And I'm wide awake at home
At home, at home
So I think I'll see my coquette
And hope you don't catch
The bourbon on my breath
My breath, my breath

Catch a cab outside on Seventh Street
And the cars fly through the Bowery
I come to your door and I hear a moan
Then another voice, so Christ, she's not alone
Alone, alone
And my heart sinks like a stone
A stone, a stone
And the tears won't even come
I feel so numb
So swept aside, so dumb
So dumb, so dumb

When the words are wrong
And my patience gone
Will you tell me
Does this mean you're moving on?

From the balcony, you call my name
I see you standing in the rain
Your words so dry, your face so wet
Said I broke your heart,
But it hasn't happened yet
I'll bet, your friends all hate me now
I get the strangest looks,
From that bitchy crowd
And though, they must think
They have every reason to
I guess I'm still not quite yet over you

When the words are wrong
And you're hanging on
Another guy's arm
Does this mean you're moving on?

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Airborne Toxic Event, The Does This Mean You're Moving On? Comments
  1. Rose Productions

    Listened to them ever since I was 6

  2. Matt S

    How's it already been twelve years? Oh, how this song carried me through my angsty teenage years.

  3. BlueFan2007

    Ten years ago I remember listening to this song and I'm still listening to them. Amazing band.

  4. Johnny Midnight

    Mouth and McCloud ripoff.

  5. Joe O'Malley

    90 people need to move on....

    Estevan Herrera

    Right On!

  6. Cat Stevens

    I will play along with whatever for entertainment purposes, but please leave these girls and this family alone. Trash me, not them.

  7. Юрий Редько

    Понятия не имею о чем песня, но она охуенная!!

  8. Wyatt G. Maverick

    It's called irony for Christ's sake.

  9. Royals


  10. OrangeBeige

    Ugh. "Glee" is a television show about a high school glee club. A glee club performs songs, sometimes/often with choreography. "Glee" has a bunch of actors pretending to be teens with teen drama performing a variety of songs and getting up to wacky hijinks. Some people love it, some people (*raises hand*) hate it.

  11. T P

    Without bothering to google it, what the hell is "Glee"

  12. Gina Fourmyle

    victorias seek'rette hipster?+nice,good call, k.

  13. Gina Fourmyle

    u, k k , are (way) , thos grls r all carelis lesbian collectiV.

  14. MyFoot

    played in Abby's Lab in like the first or second season. played I Don't want to be on TV

  15. The Scottish Mutt

    When was TATE ever on NCIS?

  16. TheBluetwist

    Omfgoodness♡ It's too short! ):

  17. Jared Remillard

    the Scenesters brought me here

  18. Masterson

    GOD ME TOO please tell me if you remembered what it was because its torturing me

  19. MyFoot

    first time i heard of this band was on the show NCIS and been pretty hooked since. damn good band

  20. Mark Christian

    F***, I love these guys so much

  21. bearsuit Clan

    love this groove kinda depressin but happy smh

  22. bearsuit Clan

    wow i swear starbucks gave me a single download by these guys thats insane

  23. NoobUCantBeat

    dang the memories that come from listening to this song!!! fucking love it

  24. bcfcbennjy99


  25. RubbahPants

    It wasn't? OH thank God, I saw that comment a while ago and I was pissed.

  26. Blobsterisation

    *indie music

  27. Dirrtykoolaid

    i love cats.

  28. Good Morning Fire Eater


  29. leslie cortez

    yes, please move on and marry me!

  30. StratoCatser

    I feel sad.

  31. Celeste Montalvo

    It was on glee?

  32. h0pesfall

    this is great rock music :) I bought the album today *_*

  33. THE SITE

    I've said this about this song years ago, and I'll say it again:

    Story Of My Life

  34. Casper

    wow ok i learned something today because i had absolutely no idea they were on glee. new fans welcome?

  35. nubbler24

    some of their songs give me a bit of a modest mouse feel

  36. dgmickley

    innocence should have a lot more views. By far my favorite song of all time and i cant find the youtube version anywhere else. Best version by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Oh boy!

    Omg! They looks SO YOUNG in this video!

  38. HairConfetti

    Do you want a prize? You know, for knowing them before glee? Congrats man.

  39. theKlaw

    I care a little. I hate hipsters, so when they feel the need to mention such narcissistic bullshit I know we can never be friends.

  40. goldenboy1993

    because people will call them sell outs

  41. Carlos Alberto Calderon Rios

    The Illuminati, bro.. The Illuminati...o.O

  42. Chris Gregg

    Yeah me too, the difference between us is that I know that no one gives a damn how you heard of them, you fucking hipster

  43. Clayton Crooch

    he did that when i saw him in Baltimore last November too haha

  44. SlyGuy2895

    I saw these guys yesterday and Chili Cook-Off and the best part of their performance was when Mikel climbed the stage while singing this song

  45. bosoxrox18

    His eyebrows have gotten noticeably smaller...

  46. ez24yankees

    Pretty sure they were never on glee...

  47. regina leon

    @OfficerMudkip I completely agree. This song was recommended by an actress on Glee (Dianna Agron), which is why everyone is talking about Glee on here. People should at least be appreciative that the people on Glee listen to any kind of music. :)

  48. Phant0m731

    @mconeillster i don't know the answer but the first thing i thought when i heard the song was that i know it from ages ago. But I can't put my finger on it. Does anybody know the song which sounds very similar?

  49. Jim Dale

    @xNukeUx they are

  50. Matt Whitley

    Anna is super pretty :D

  51. Kevin Kelly

    Funny how one of the top comments is about knowing the song before Glee and it wasn't even on it... Moronic hipster.

  52. Flo

    what is glee?

  53. Baershka

    @crabber2011 i wanna like that a thousand times! :D <3

  54. jimon8998

    @crabber2011 this was on glee? wow, they probably wrecked it.

  55. Spider Jerusalem

    @MegaShasha79 the shins. byoom

  56. Spider Jerusalem

    @xNukeUx because 95% of people are obsessed with terrible music. shouldnt matter, you like it don't you? good enough

  57. The A's

    The best after the Beatles.....prove me wrong

  58. ArtForTheEars

    @crabber2011 Glee has to get their permission, so idk why your complaining about something that helps bring publicity towards a band you supposebly like

  59. The A's

    I really like this song abouve others because it seems more humane. Way to go Team Aire.

  60. fuzzykoalabear

    @xNukeUx because the bands that are huge are at least original. Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse, The Strokes actually made their own formula. If you have any idea about music you would realize all those bands TATE ripped off. Their unoriginality is insulting

  61. Common Avenue

    @xNukeUx Because all this world is looking for crappy music to spend their money on. The people want the same sounding music, music without a point. They don't want music that relates to them, music that means more than sex, more than a black and white emotion spectrum.

  62. Braxton Strickland

    i'd bone him, i'm a heterosexual male by the way.

  63. cjohnson596

    I saw ABTE play at a bar in indianapolis a few weekends ago - it was the best show I've ever seen. The synergy between the group was beyond words. I want them to have success, but I don't want them to get so big that it ruins them, ya know? I met Mikal and Steven after the show, they were just down to earth cool guys.

  64. Daniel Mendez

    I need to rock out like the bassist :/

  65. Tiffany Smith

    I'd never be able to be in the same room alone with Steven Chen... *temptations* lol

  66. Abel Blumental

    o kurwa, w końcu na mapie widać, że Niemcy mają internet

  67. Sara H

    Makes a perfect alarm tone .. so annoying imagine waking up to that .. I'd jump out of bed just to make him stop :pp

  68. sierra kane

    everyone is a fucken hipster now and days.

  69. DiggySimmons

    god their violinist is so hot

  70. Zealot

    Thanks Shushei :)

  71. ThatsSomeGoodPizza

    saw them at deluna fest on the beach during the sunset, he randomly ran and jumped in the ocean along with half the crowd, including me, during this song... it was amazing

  72. John Glass

    @xNukeUx Because most people hate good music =/

  73. smilesteph2011

    I kind of like this band not being so huge, I can keep them all to myslef >:)

  74. Izisvi Aziria

    @utahsk8r hipsters gonna hipster

  75. Alex Higgins

    @xNukeUx isn"t it?

  76. waltertromboon

    Well if you look at the anagram: Dianna Agron - "an a in Dragon" it makes a bit more sense :D

  77. Epamek

    "limpdicked cuckold"

  78. Melty_wave

    such a unique voice.

  79. Mooser1512

    I love this song! The bass sounds so awesome.

  80. Kyle Andrews

    Why the hell isn't this band HUGE???

  81. MMAenthusiastUHHE


    How in the world do they remind you of the strokes? lol

  82. Carlos Alberto Calderon Rios

    @susypeti sounds like Diana Ross.. :s

  83. OrdinarymisadventureS

    This song has been my summer anthem!
    Love it!

  84. Chris Nolasco

    the strokes wannabe much?

  85. KathrynAnne711

    @Gzusgirl she is officially the keyboard player but they didn't need a keyboard in this song... they needed a tambourine sooo.. she played it...:)

  86. Cori Duran

    I like the guitar in Just wow.

  87. Carlos Davis

    this sounds really smith like

  88. WoodstockPLFH

    I LOVE THE GUITAR SOLO!!!! Bad ass!!

  89. pink0eye

    @Gzusgirl thats exactly what i was thinking.

  90. kingtana2904

    absolutely love the way hes dancing while hes singing

  91. kingtana2904

    cant stop pushing the play button.

  92. Jaylee James

    So they have a chick in the band whose entire purpose is to stand to the side awkwardly and play a tambourine you can't even hear in the song? that's what I got from this video.

  93. David Alcaraz

    it's a fender jaguar or it could also be a jazzmaster they both look the same

  94. MrBates012

    what guitar is this at 1.09?

  95. monaker1

    how they have a over milion views now. i've listening their music for year, fifa give them advertise and that's all, who tell me what;s happpened if they ;re so famous espescially this song

  96. Bosco21

    I've been listening to toxic for a while now, probably like 3 years, and seen them in concert too :)
    I'm glad they aren't to famous yet, yess, i'm greedy with music xD, but I wish em the best, and I assure you that in 3 years, they will be huge.

  97. stavroula tsiami

    i found this song on my own but dianna agron is awesome and has great taste in music!

  98. Doris Cozma

    I actually found this while looking through the season 1 soundtrack of 'The Vampire Diaries'. Love it.