Air - You Make It Easy Lyrics

Never been here, how about you?
You smile at my answer
Given me the chance
To be held and understood

You leave me laughing without crying
There's no use denying
For many times I've tried
Love has never felt as good

Downtown or way up in the air
When your heart's pounding
You know that I'm aware

You make it easy to watch the world with love
You make it easy to let the past be done
You make it easy

How'd you do it, how'd you find me?
How did I find you ?
How can this be true
To be held and understood?

Keep it coming, no one's running
The lesson I'm learning
Blessings are deserved
By the trust that always could

Downtown or way up in the air
When your heart's pounding
You know that I'm aware

You make it easy to watch the world with love
You make it easy to let the past be done
You make it easy

You make it easy to watch the world with love
You make it easy to let the past be done
You make it easy
So watch me fall in love

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Air You Make It Easy Comments
  1. toyplum

    i love this song


    cute song

  3. Robert Henderson

    2:57 the sound of wind on leaves

  4. Adrian Johnson

    One of the great downtempo records. Simply amazing album.

  5. finnmacool

    listen over and over and over again.. repeat .. its like a free brain massage

  6. Crealize Coaching

    The lyrical melody of the verses reminds me of Chinese songs... same chord structure.

  7. William Graham

    I guess you only understand when you know ❤️

  8. Andres López

    Como amo esta canción que bonito encontrar un amor así de verdadero y dedicarle esta canción

  9. Drew Opal

    This was our first dance when I got married, my friends band learned the song and everything.. That was a long time ago now I just wonder what she’s doing when I hear that song..


    that's so sad alexa play despacito


    I have thought about playing this song in my wedding too

    Scarletts meal

    Hope you are both doing ok Drew.


    Hang in there bud.

  10. Paul Murray

    No words for the emotions on this. I remember listening to this in ‘99 when I was 19 and experiencing this thing called love, and the pain inherent, for the first time and it was almost too deep. Bravo Air, bravo

  11. ivan pena

    This song hursts so good.. classic tune..

  12. Sandy gomez

    Ooooh so Continental...

  13. Kûsh Bûsh

    This is my favorite song off my favorite album of all time, so I guess that makes this my favorite song of all time, if there is such a thing.

  14. Kevin Ros

    Best track on an album loaded with highlights

  15. C3SCO

    So unbelievable beautiful.....bringing tears to my eyes and a smile to my lips.

  16. CD GAR

    Never been here, how about you?

  17. Devaso House

    This was the song that got me into AIR. (BTW, this album is amazing to do shrooms too). Also, 2:57 is the best piece of music ever.

  18. Danillo Lima

    tightly influenced by bossa nova

  19. Stephen Garrett


  20. oxy 75

    whistle the tune

  21. Colin Cunningham

    Beautiful song

  22. ACNC1

    Now I am calm....

  23. Radu Daniel

    Sounds like Michael Jackson

    Radu Daniel

    May be, but the voice is similar :)

    Wout Vl

    +Ponceybigchin The singer is Beth Hirsh, who is a solo artist. She did a lot of collaborations with other artists (she also delivered the vocals for 'All I Need' by Air), but has never fronted a band.


    @Wout Vl Thanks for the info. She has a great voice. 

    oxy 75

    +Wout Vl makes sense thank you

    oxy 75

    +Wout Vl that's just it .most real talent is in the background when it comes to music

  24. david browning

    why do people post the lyrics in the comments section?


    why not? ha. i like it.


    Some people like singing along.


    bc we do not all talk english


    Hope you don't think i'm being rude but in that context it's 'we do not all speak English'


    not at all. the translate translates wrong

  25. Oscar Lasso

    esos 3 minutos y medio de silencio del final,, gracias por fastidiarnos la playlist...

    urizen blake

    Oscar Lasso de nada moron

  26. Asolar

    He estado haciendo lo mismo estas ultimas semanas ... <3

  27. Carine II

    Memories of my first love. Such a beautiful song. The whole album is just amazing...

  28. Hannah Montoya

    I´m in Love With You Leo Alexander Sörlin !!


    Hannah Montoya are you alive?

  29. Hannah Montoya

    Maravilhoso !!!

  30. Corazòn Venerable

    Awww mi primer amor 1997

  31. Amber Maj!

    i listened to this album every night to go to sleep for a month
    best sleep i ever had:)

    Devaso House

    such a calming album. also the best mushroom trip i ever had was to this album lol

    Soup Castle

    I used it to put my oldest child to sleep for a while

  32. 8019THEDUDE

    Beth Hirsch, amazing voice

  33. Lukas Sturm

    @mymindisgoo xD it's nonsense to discuss about it anymore ;) just chillax =b

  34. Harry KrisKras

    It's me and my twinsoul's anthem....

  35. mymindisgoo

    @mnml0 ? i don't know i just always used to say that in high school

  36. Lukas Sturm

    @mymindisgoo oh damn. what year do we have?

  37. mymindisgoo

    this ain't 2005!

  38. Lukas Sturm

    how about chillax? ;)