Air - Universal Traveler Lyrics

I know so many places in the world
I follow the sun in my silver plane
Universal traveler

If you have a look
Outside on the sea
Everything is white
It's so wonderful
Universal traveler

So far, so far
So far away

I met so many
People in my life
I've got many friends
Who can care for me
Universal traveler

Just feel everywhere at home
Is a brand new day
Let's go somewhere else
Universal Traveler

So far, so far
So far away

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Air Universal Traveler Comments
  1. Azzah June

    "You need a soul traveler"

  2. Billie Bob Norton III

    Chocolate eating song. Maybe....



  4. Positive Energy

    Listened to this song long ago when i was in high school, finally tracked it down not long ago. Words can't describe the happiness when a song means so much to someone.

  5. Velna Chichla

    You need a soul traveler...

  6. John Wilson

    Bringing this comment section back to 2019 #2019 air

  7. Lo Peezy

    Found this song on a sky video on fb 😢😢

  8. Thom smith

    Good song to come down to at 5am on a Sunday in Glasgow

  9. K. R.


  10. jeffinwood

    Air is for anyone ready to advance beyond Deft Punk

  11. Rain Smith


  12. K. R.

  13. Elazzouzi Ayoub

    Best song ever

  14. Vikrant Nalkur

    Am I the only one who feels this will perfectly complement one of those poignant yet feel-good episodes of Black Mirror?

  15. Joshua Coales

    Why is there so much silence at the end of this?

  16. FIRE Breath569

    “You need a solar traveller”

  17. FIRE Breath569

    Woah it sound so weird at 0.75

  18. franco speranza

    Atmosfera magica

  19. Qihao Song

    I knew this song for about 10 years ago. it sounds never out of time even if today.

  20. Da Aa

    I wish there was a version only the instruments without vocals ( no singing)

  21. Elaine Rosefelder

    it's like lying on a cirrus cloud...

  22. Following Footprints

    Pure ear candy. I love this stuff.

  23. nancy Vega

    Fuck it!...

  24. Thunder Magnum

    Play this song at my funeral.

  25. هتلر النازي هايل هتلر

    الي جاي من إعلان سيدار يظغط لايك


    انشل املي عشان الاقيها

  26. Ness Simonon

    Ils sont drôlement relax les gars !

  27. kakabukkake0

    lol pitchfork originally gave this album a 4.7 in 2004, sometime between then they went back and wiped the review and changed it to 8. something

  28. The Wicked

    Bonne music pour décompresser et penser 😎👌🏼👍🏼

  29. Jeremiah Kirby

    Air is necessary.

  30. Darticus the Great

    You would think that, given the name of the song, not many people would mishear it. I suppose because of the way it's pronounced...

  31. Sola Sistim

    Jules x

  32. sean fella

    Ye nervous, old traveler!

  33. Saf-wan Adame

    SIDAR curtains commercial got me here...

    Nadine Boubekri

    Saf-wan Adame Hah,me too.

    Saf-wan Adame

    @Nadine Boubekri
    Then welcome!.... ^_^

  34. Maynard Agnew

    it suprises me how i can listen to Air and hardcore punk at the same time. i think ots the duality present in everything


    Good music does not know any genre.

  35. mahmood qanbar

    I just wanna understand the 35 people who disliked this song how do they look like? overall I think the are not humans


    overall i agree completely

  36. bookwormgirl

    Has a comforting mellow beautiful vibe !

  37. Ghanie Smile

    music top nambr 1

  38. ᄋ ᄋ

    i feel like wandering alone in the dark space when i listen this music.

  39. Joshua Stone

    I once played this on repeat with a bunch of stoned people in my car. No one said a word for about an hour.

    Marc Walravens

    I played this for two hours in loop without being stoned completely gone in space. This is the best track in pop history. I love it.

    SJ DS

    Joshua Stone so far away

    SJ DS

    Joshua Stone wish i was there; silence means much


    when I played it for my bestie the first time, he started singing it right away, and then later on our hike he sang it again and again. so yeah, it's quite a song.

    Piano Reeves

    Hahaha, can just imagine it on repeat, totally spacing out XD

  40. albertoagsj

    I just realized that this specific song sounds quite a lot like kings of convenience.. Balm to the ears...

  41. Sandrine FEDERGRUN

    Super musique d'ambiance feutrée ...

  42. Sandrine FEDERGRUN

    I looooovvvve Air!!!!!

  43. Xovent

    play with 1,5x speed and dance

  44. tyronerodgers

    Univisal travler, Univisal travler

  45. Moe Molina

    sofa, sofa awake

    Hamza Zedouk

    be carefull it could eat you

  46. Nicolas Lamoureux

    "Your meal is so dryyyyy."

    Thee Parris Hill

    Uh wrong....Your meat is sooo dried up. Your welcome.

    Fares Mohamed

    You're both wrong .. He said Universal Traveler. Like Uni versal Tra veler

    joe dimaggio

    Fares does not have the sense of humour !

    Fares Mohamed

    joe dimaggio .. I've Just realize that they were jocking. .. have a nice day .

  47. mrrn100

    Mr Isaac Newton in the background voices. :)


    its a remix of previously unreleased song by john lennon in his solo years

  48. Nikolas SoDiant

    Instant Classic

  49. Nikolas SoDiant

    Instant Classic 🌟🌟🌟🌟

  50. Nikolas SoDiant

    Instant Classic 🌟🌟🌟🌟

  51. Aloneshadow Rosa

    i miss my iphone.. this is what happens when u trust someone to fix your electronics and they lie to you and sell it to someone else.. the good thing is he sold it to my aunt, and shes my favorite...jajajajajajaj

    beluga clarineta

    WTF dudee

  52. Aloneshadow Rosa

    dont say hi to me.. i dont know u, bitch!

  53. Megane kun

    I remember buying this album when I was in the 7th grade.

    Lots of memories.

  54. Black and Silver

    This jam is almost better than Iron Maiden’s run to the hills.

    Chaku Ojasvi

    the basis for your understanding?

  55. Ashton Yarlett

    If i have been listening to the same song for 7 years on a regular basis, then it must be a great song. I would say so!

  56. 432 Hz

    Travel through space and feel light with this song :D

  57. Brice Salmon

    French touch J'aime ça

  58. Frédéric

    C'est du merveilleux, tout simplement.

  59. alan giovani

    me hace olvidar mis peqeños poblemas!

  60. Violette Le gall

    Patagonia song

  61. sandra cristina de carvalho

    I love different and special, magical, brings me peace, relaxe me, put me on flying...great!!!!

    Etienne Monsell

    sandra cristina de

  62. Moozy Mathers

    *Air*, is so different...

    Crank Fisthelm

    Soooo special. 

    Sylwia Zdr

    Oui. Je suis d'accord. Raffinement et délicatesse.


    Soooo. Sooooo. Ahhhh!!! AHHHHHH!!!

    Titas Saha

    I agree! My brother introduced me to Air and I have been in love with their music since then. It's so relaxing, soulful and positive.

  63. Cindy Nguyen

    this song brings me peace where I can just reflect and ponder :)

  64. Klaas Meter

    just briljant

  65. Hana Doubravská


  66. Melanie C

    Lights brought me here.

  67. Ihavenicesocks

    The entire "Talkie Walkie" album, and then "Moon Safari" of course

  68. Wraith Timid

    Classic album, Talkie Walkie. Such catchy, feel-good songs. I love how the dude sings in a way that makes him sound sort of female, so at times you're not even sure if it's a guy or a girl, and sometimes it sounds like it's a guy and a girl simultaneously. Air has a unique vibe.

  69. Albear

    meh, a mere simple mistake.

  70. trailofpapercuts

    LOL! Both you and your teacher need better hearing and writing lessons. Exhibit A: "until he "released" :P :P


    One of the best songs out there. Something with that background instrument. So fantastic.

  72. Fatma Belen

    So relaxing...

  73. Kristian Hadiniak

    It sounds more like you need a soul traveler, i thought the same at first time

  74. aurel

    All I Need

  75. AntwaanRandleEl

    Sing Sang Sung, I love this track

  76. specter1001

    im new to this band, and i love this song.. any suggestions?

  77. hugmetinybird

    Love it!

  78. guilhempeyre

    Pourquoi que des anglais ( je n'ai rien contre eux) mais cela n'est pas un groupe français à l'origine...

  79. DreamBlueVoid

    You must go to a wonderful school. If I attempted to sing Air people at my school wouldn't know what artist I was singing so they would just assume I'm tripping or just making stuff up :\

  80. L E A V E M E A L O N E

    You retards, we still listen to this in 2389 !

  81. Logitah

    Whenever I'm feeling sad, this makes me feel better.

  82. nusainda

    thumbs up if you stop using thumbs up in every sentence

  83. Poindexter Q

    Anyone else hear an Elliott Smith influence in this song?

  84. FatherHeathen

    Why would year be relevant when it comes to music? You listen to something because it's pleasing to the ears, nothing more.

  85. ofeliabanana

    This song is beautiful!

  86. Balance

    thumbs up if you don't give a shit what year you listen to this in ;)

  87. SupremeDarkLordVader

    Definitely one of my top travel songs!

  88. FreakyBo0o

    This is all I need before bed.

  89. DariaRock

    haha! And I thought it was "you need a soul, traveler"

  90. damulle

    i thought of it as "you need a soul traveler" the first time I listened to it
    would be much better in my opinion

  91. JeticusGaming

    Whenever I'm down or going through the many things you generally do in life, this song always seems to just clear the waters... Good music for the mind, body and soul, healthy and beautiful music. Very good for the spirit :)

  92. PeetZ Adity

    Thumbs up if you still listen to this, even thought the world have ended.