Air Supply - Young Love Lyrics

Lately all my thoughts have gone to you
You know that's true
Sometimes I feel just a word away
You'll say oh how I miss you too I do

Time is tight I'm lost for words
That's not like me
Only your eyes could know the way that I feel
And how much I need you now with me

Young love so strong has never been a part of me
Young love hold on we're feeling it now is this the way it's meant to be

I know I'll be the one to lose if I'm so wrong
Don't be afraid to put your heart on the line
I'll take you where I know you belong

Take my thoughts away beyond the things we see
Sometimes it seems just a word away
You'll say oh how I really feel it should be


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Air Supply Young Love Comments
  1. Jobelle Carao

    wow.. walang kupas...

  2. David Bordios

    Young love so strong,
    Has never been a part of me 😢

  3. paloma Savaengcharoen

    I am a an airhead!🤪

  4. Shirley Oliveira

    Linda música

  5. Francinaldo Sousa Da Silva Silva

    Nesse tempo era muito talento nas músicas , não precisava os cantores ficarem seminus

  6. song happy


  7. JS Chin Gamer

    I am 15 I listen to this song almost 3 year… anyone also.?

  8. Leanne Gee

    Nothing beats the classic!!

  9. Neia Ferreira


  10. Kercio Pereira


  11. Kantahan at Gitara

    THE BEST ^^

  12. Clint Dexter Alcaha

    Mabuhay ang 80s kahit hindi sila pinoy idol nyo kapag sang-ayon kayo



  14. SirChristopherGorton

    I saw them in Sydney 4 months ago

  15. Wing Chan

    Great voice all time😁

  16. Deborah Lewis

    Just say them in Cleveland....AWESOME!!!

  17. Alonnie tunes

    Me aUgust

  18. Faride junior Myrtil

    2019 still amazing

  19. Mario Cruz

    July 2019

  20. yvonne villanueva

    Air Supply Is my birth band, cause my father love this band even my mother, their love story started to airsupplie's songs.

  21. Alexandria Nylianne

    Oh how I miss you too, I do.
    I so so love Air Supply and will still love them and their songs <3

  22. Gloria Reyes

    somebody listening to this on 2019 june? me :)

    jorge lopez


    jeston suan

    Still loved it. . .never fade forever.

    Denny SM


    Colecionador Zero1

    Now and Forever

  23. JhoneVic Casaña

    The other one look like Robbin williams

  24. Gianna Camposano

    2019. Who's still listening?

  25. Emerson Marinho

    O único problema de assistir Air supply é que a gente perde as horas , de mais merece okay meu respeito

  26. Yenney Rossi

    Stupendo brano e video ★ Grazie cari Air Supply, per la bellissima interpretazione @ Complimenti!! ♥

  27. Mayra Luna


  28. Aidan Coritana

    that my favorite song

  29. Gilberto Pinheiro

    Gente, só conheço essa música agora em 2019!!

  30. ramil velasco

    👍😍🇸🇽super great😊

  31. Teresa Palma


  32. Victor Honrado

    Air Supply's Songs are my favorite since I was in grade school

  33. Jon Gowan

    Love is beautiful and joyful to see the one you love standing next to you hopefully for life

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  35. Ferdinand Veras. Sergio


  36. 村松祐一


  37. Deuzilene Teles

    Caramba conheço essa banda ha anos' e pela primeira vez q ouço essa musica ' mto linda!

  38. Maria Patricia Walter

    Los mejores del mundo

  39. Maria Elita Carvalho Guedes

    Mui muim lindooooo

  40. ramil velasco


  41. haveaniceday

    Feb. 3 2019 still listening.

  42. Pegz Mitchel

    i will forever be in love with the 80s can never had enough

  43. jacobsladder375

    This music will never die. Long live the 80's

  44. Walang Name

    December 2018???

  45. jovelani arpociple

    This one is my favorite song since I was young

  46. bryan mataac


  47. Aguinaldo Gonçalves

    Que maravilha esse grupo air supply sao todas lindas música que tempo bom adoro essas canções

  48. Marshall Lancaster

    I mostly like rock, country, and r n b, but their songs always put me on a dance floor circa 1982.

  49. Brayen Naksabi

    PSU : Power SUpply
    ASU : Air SUpply

  50. Sr. John EC

    2018 😍

  51. Emmanuel Ondac


  52. Mary Grace Manaois

    Air Supply..legendary musician love them and their music

  53. Mario Ruiz

    Make me so proud to be Australian where this great band come from. Me siento muy orgulloso ser Australiano de donde originalmente es este maravilloso grupo.

  54. Lucas Aristides

    alovyl beyb

  55. Jose Torres

    I love air supply 😚

  56. LMC


  57. Marce Gutierrez

    Hermosa canción.💝😘

  58. Evelyn Lasco

    all song by air supply was my favorite

  59. Evelyn Lasco

    i really love this song

  60. Kwan. MJ.Aapplehead

    I can sing all of your song hahaha cuz my daddy .... and i love your song sir ♥️♥️ from Thailand bkk ♥️

  61. Mariana Rodriguez

    The lyric is gorgeous

  62. glen malagante

    sarap pakingan mga song ng air suply

  63. philip rojas

    i miss your song :( im 14 years old but im not listen the new song than your song air supply


    I wanna go back to 1982 when everything is happy at that time.

    jorge lopez

    KEIJI IMANISHI Yes, but I want to leave me there and break the time machine.

  65. Gabriel Uchiha

    Inspiring 😇



  67. Zoya Wasif

    I grew up listening to air supply far away in plait an. Totally in love with this amazing band

  68. Aljhon Maulas

    I love air supply even if my class mates hate air supply



    The Weird Flamingo

    Your classmates are morons

    Kenneth Fernandez

    Choke them so they have a reason to hate Air Supply. Choke them so hard that they will gasp for some air supply

  69. Tô nem Aí

    Eita música Boa cheia de sentimentos...😍😙😗😘

    Lore pineda


  70. Vicente Medel

    2018 let’s do this
    Supply me more air

  71. Benjamin Blake Mitchner

    This is one of their best. Beautiful melodies, great lyrics, and soaring orchestrations. I have loved Air Supply my whole life since I was a little boy. The first song of theirs I heard was "Every Woman In The World" I believe.

  72. maria rosileide auzier

    Música que marca pra sempre...

  73. Miriam Lewis

    I grew up on Air Supply and I'm loving them more each day

  74. KimAjl sibay


  75. Eugene Villa

    wonderful song

  76. Joao Victor

    Amo essa música

  77. Brian Somara

    Amazing beautiful song....

  78. rick briongos

    I am #1 air supply supporter

  79. A Singh

    Lovely composition, both are perfect sync

  80. Colette Nasielski


  81. Francis John Cardona

    Always your

  82. Victor Ang

    Very nice song

  83. Shirley Santos

    Amo essa música

  84. Uriel Lopez

    Esto si es chimba de musica recuerdo mis años maravillosos donde la vida era muy distinta a como es hoy en día donde era el tiempo de mi musica americana...por donde uno pasaba no se escuchaba sino puros éxitos ...éxitos que en verdad marcaron una huella imborrable... era el tiempo donde verdaderamente sabia y se conocía de la buena musica Dios me bendiga toda esta bella y hermosa tradicion....

    Mario Ruiz

    Uriel Lopez amén brother

    Mario Ruiz

    Uriel Lopez . Ellos son Australianos mi país. Hablo y escribo español también.

    Mario Ruiz

    Uriel Lopez muy cierto hermano. Amén a tu comentario.

  85. JorDante Sparda

    So much nostalgia

  86. vicki varner

    ì Ĺòvèthìs song young Lovè bè cuse i àm in Lòve wìth some one
    And he cutè àñd hansòme anď his name is
    AngiLo BonneLL

  87. CuckooForPokerBluffs

    From 12(1980) to 16(1984) my favorite group!

  88. Crístina Ramos


  89. Benjamin Blake Mitchner

    When I first heard this song I was watching young guys hugging and holding each other in their arms. I had no love so I cried every time I played it and loved it anyway. Tonight the same thing happened. I was watching young guys hugging and holding each other in their arms and I'm 41 now and indeed young love never came and since I can't skate hockey has never been something I can do. Guess what? I cried for two hours I DARE YOU TO FIND A BAND MORE EMOTIVE THAN AIR SUPPLY!

  90. Chris Tened

    Its beautiful song

  91. ernesto amparo jr

    Great song!

  92. K -oss

    how come their videos were never shown on MTV?just saying


    They are soft rock.They were shown on vh1.

  93. Tone Stefano Araújo

    Excelente canção Air Supply é espetacular!

  94. Gloria Membrillo

    everyday I listen there music.i remember at my young age

    Loveko Loveko

    Nakaka realate naman etong kanta

  95. Gloria Membrillo

    they are my life