Air Supply - Two Less Lonely People In The World Lyrics

I was down my dreams were wearing thin
When you're lost where do you begin
My heart always seemed to drift from day to day
Looking for the love that never came my way

Then you smiled and I reached out to you
I could tell you were lonely too
One look then it all began for you and me
The moment that we touched I knew that there would be

Two less lonely people in the world
And it's gonna be fine
Out of all the people in the world
I just can't believe you're mine
In my life where everything was wrong
Something finally went right
Now there's two less lonely people
In the world tonight

Just to think what I might have missed
Looking back how did I exist
I dreamed, still I never thought I'd come this far
But miracles come true, I know 'cause here we are


Tonight I fell in love with you
And all the things I never knew
Seemed to come to me somehow
Baby, love is here and now there's


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Air Supply Two Less Lonely People In The World Comments
  1. Christopher Reckers

    Who else is lonely at this time of year and listening to this?

  2. sugar aguhob

    December 17'2019 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ feels so right..

  3. Mai Guevarra

    #MaiParaKayVin 💚😂

  4. mariel santiago


  5. Jer Lopez

    The year where I still used to be happy.

  6. Wreckza

    It's fresh and vivid in my memory, still. A girl in a black and white, plaid checkered shirt came to hearing and view that wonderful November evening. I remember it so well, how I fell in love when she hit this song's chorus. It was not very common for such a beautiful girl that looked so shallow and normal to know music like this in this era.
    A month after that had passed, we became very good friends and I still couldnot believe til now i had the guts to step out of my comfort zone and gradually convey to her how i felt.
    It's been more than a year now but whenever i listen to this classic, it takes me back to that night, one of the good ones I had during those extreme phases of depression.
    Wherever you are right now in the world, whatever you're doing, although it seems youve made up your mind, Monica, i miss you and you will forever be my first love.

  7. A M

    Kita kita :(

  8. Ernesto Amadajr

    Ernesto amada jr

  9. Julian Paul Querubin

    Dec 3, 2010😊

  10. Julian Paul Querubin

    Dec 3, 2010😊

  11. Hell Yah Bitches

    This song remind me of someone I LOVED😥😢😥

  12. Irene Bijman


  13. 喵喵


  14. Mary Jane Batiancela

    November 22, 2019

    Edward Hedges

    Me too in the UK on the 22nd at 16:30, to be 23 hours ago for you, must be the other side of the world :-)

    Mary Jane Batiancela

    @Edward Hedges im from the beautiful country the PHILIPINES 😊

  15. Mary Jane Batiancela


  16. Random _Tube

    I hate myself...

  17. Delfin Fabe

    Kahit anong taon payan bastat tatak na puso natin hinding hindi makakalimutan yan diba mga prii?

  18. Jennifer Baxter


    Steven T Johnson

    So true Jennifer Baxter

  19. Shiela Velasco favorite song

  20. MegaHoboho

    Nov 18th 2019

  21. KimChuiyJepoy Kwatro

    Who are listening right now?? Nov.18,2019 at 7:50am 😊😍

  22. Gisele Strauch

    this song was again my fave with another relationship/ and eventhough it did not last- the song and memories of this song will always be with me!

  23. Gisele Strauch

    this song was on my wedding video- but too bad the marriage did not last!

  24. Hannah Gates

    Air supply, queen, prince, Janis Joplin..... songs were so much better

  25. Kimani r

    Today was my birthday and not a single person remembered not even my own parents. The fuq am I alive?

    angel baby

    belated happy birthday! better late than never.🎂🎈🎁

  26. Chona Chumacera

    One of da best of airsupply....

  27. sinon paul

    Nov 12 2019😍💖

  28. Salvador Amador

    Old songs deliver a message

  29. Fujiwara Fan boi

    No, don’t do that, don’t give me hope!

  30. Linda Durilag

    Two less lonely people in the world I love this song ❤️❤️

  31. Li Suzhen

    A very nice song. Enjoy!!!

  32. melissa landcaster

    Makes me cry

  33. Frosty’s Music

    Who found out about this music because of their dad or mom ?

  34. Steve Robertson

    Good stuff

  35. DerkD Daily

    Why dont they make songs like the old days where all songs are worth more than gold

  36. Kayleigh Fernandez

    Why is it that for some reason, whenever I hear this song, I always feel sad? 😣

  37. F&T

    My wedding song back in 1982 and now 2019.

  38. Johnpaul Bacalso

    Who's still listening octuber 30 2019

  39. mish kah

    I miss you 😢💔

  40. Saima Jan

    I love music

  41. Remy Rivera

    Hello everyone im always listening the old songs

  42. hasan ashari

    October 25 2019 listening?? Anymore

  43. Valerie

    This was our wedding song ❤

  44. Lo ve

    If you are here, you have a great taste of music. 2019 anyone?

  45. Jasene Sollano

    Love song sana all

  46. Jeluz Luzon

    Oct.23 2019

  47. jack daniels

    I come here after watching kita kita I see you 😭😭😭.... 22/10/2019 6:05PM


    Why are the comment sections nowadays a calendar?

  49. armiel palomaria

    I love you jasmin megio alegre i’m sorry for my bad alcohol problem

  50. Tristan s

    2020 Anyone?

  51. Charles Adrian Pastor

    Who's listening this year 2020? Hit like.

  52. Cael Supan

    October 16 2019

  53. mscTV

    2025? Anyone? 🤣

  54. Pawie

    *i labet😍*

    Jhong Helario doloriel

    Pawie nice song

  55. warren tabucol

    October 15?

  56. FRD Playz

    I dont care what date it is. Good song never diess

  57. Phoebe Mongchi Marak

    Still my favourite song...

  58. Nicole Jhustine

    October 2019?

    Alyssa Ary

    Here Lol 😅

    Tim Moses SR

    oh yea at least twice a week

  59. Jairah Apostol


  60. teguh biru


  61. Danell Arabit

    Sa lahat ng kanta ng air supply, ito pinaka gusto ko 😍

  62. 張大帥


  63. Christian Clark Uy

    Who is listening now?...

  64. Fernanda Pazos

    Justo en el lugar donde duele... Extrañar

  65. fritz1ph2000

    #TeamTarah 😊

  66. Jhamil Martesano

    Oct. 5 2019

  67. Ji-han Hoon


  68. Ernie Roja

    October 2019 💕

  69. Melodz Scher

    pa hug to huh po

  70. Zhian Riodique

    Air supply is my favorite

  71. Philip Atiga

    From Hawaii..🤙🤙🤙

  72. Golden freddy

    This song is meaningful and very emotional

  73. the buill

    Fuck off m

  74. Rosi McKinney

    I'm going back again to the eighties, ..please tell me I'm not going alone :)


    Take me!

    Mary H

    Don’t forget me! 🙋‍♀️

    Lovely Tandoc

    Haha we both be alone i hope all feels how hard to be alone

    John Lee

    Take me on

    Mark Little

    Hope I'm not to late. 1 ticket please.

  75. erwin supan

    I am going back to 80's and 90's , who is coming with me? ♥️

  76. VinceC V

    I just believe you're mine🎶🎵🎶

  77. Patrick Mallari

    I love the song😊

  78. sonny ortiz

    mahal ko si joan

  79. Jon Ogren

    I'm going to sing this to my Russian girlfriend when I meet her for the first time.

  80. John Paul De Guzman

    Air supply is my favorite song 2019 may nakikinig paba

  81. Pennylaine Caparas

    Sarah pkinggan bsta air supply,,,,.💑

  82. Zeck Perez

    Too hard to practice it

  83. Aljun M

    Still finding the other one who's less lonely😉

  84. Berlin Mesina

    Original is the best i love this song's

  85. Samir Rambao Peluffo

    Its a perfet

  86. Ferdinand Delacruz

    old song just classic😊

  87. Saint lukes Domingono

    who's listening on spt 4 please like this comment

  88. Deb Szabo

    That is when music was music <3

  89. Bastian Paramata

    Why i know now this song???🎶??? 2019 ✋?? Its better song 😍

  90. Jawstin .Y

    Listening 9/1/19

  91. Stir Fry

    Call out my name weekend

  92. Shandy Custodio

    Favorite I love the song

  93. Shandy Custodio


  94. Angela Brown


  95. 李芸嫺

    經典名曲 👍♥

  96. Rhadz Tubay

    Air suply song is da best talaga...