Air Supply - Sunset Lyrics

Watching the sun set so low
Tells us that it's time, the day is too end
Nobody cries as it leaves
Or reaches for the light
But soon back again

But then I hear you sigh
And wish that you could stay
I'd like another day with you

Don't want to know where it ends
I'll live with either way
Just tell me what I have to do.

Where is the joy time forgets
You ask me if I know
It's still as before
Up on a breeze soaring high
It comes alive each day
Whenever you call
But now to lose your love
The charm throughout my day
To walk along our paths all alone

I have memories enough
To help me find my way
To bring back all the love we've known

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Air Supply Sunset Comments
  1. Hi Sunshine

    Don't u just love listening to old songs and think about all the good memories :')

  2. JGIL Santos

    Belíssima canção. ..etaaaa AIR SUPPLY...SAUDADES

  3. lee jasmin

    What a suprise!! This had been my favorite song of Air supply(with 'i want to give it all' they are not popular, aren't they). And i cherish the memories of those days. But since LP days ends i've never found this anywhere excepting my old LP. Thank David and thank Utube ^^

  4. winterflame1965

    Ahhh memories

  5. Herman Tabanda

    Memories that I will always cherish....

  6. Arlene Hiquiana

    This brings back memories when i was so crazy with Air Supply during my childhood... thanks for this song.

    David Keir

    Arlene Hiquiana You're welcome :)

  7. Ricardo Costa

    Que música maravilhosa!

  8. Nick Elemia

    I heard first this song when I was like 8 years old in our house in Bais. It was a C90 cassette tape (made in indonesia) played in a black Sanyo tape recorder my brother bought. It is so good to hear it again now that i'm 39.

  9. evi sulistiawati

    my history