Air Supply - Now And Forever Lyrics

When love is new
And the world is out reaching for you
We try hard to hold it all
In our hands
But it slips through
Like soft drifting sands
But drying the tears
Can build it all like new

Now and forever
Remember the words
From my heart will always be true
Now and forever
Together and all that I feel
Here's my love for you

Learning each day
That the right time was so far away
To tell you the things I knew
Now it's clear
That the moment
We searched for is here
And counting the years
Is all I want to do


Hold me as close
As love will allow
Until all your fears are gone
What has all passed
Is over now
I'm here with you
I'm here with you
I'm holding on
I'm holding on
Is my love for you


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Air Supply Now And Forever Comments
  1. Nikko Camba

    i love them from plutonqk

  2. Engelbert Alberto

    This is a really sad song

  3. Jimboy Rañada

    air supply movie like bohemian rhapsody

  4. Loimar Inacio Aliati

    agora e para sempre, quero você ao meu lado, loira.......

  5. john bryan amad

    So much memories back when i was i child..everytime i heard this song i thank God that im so lucky that i live in this world and all of the experiences even if it is rough or great.. I always thank HIM...iloveyou LORD..😇

  6. Derek

    kyle bosman sent me here

  7. Arjay mosico

    Kht kilan d ko to makakalimutan hanggang wakas

  8. A Bela E a Fera

    Amooooooo vocês!!!!!

  9. MadLightsProduction

    24 here, pero iba talaga basta ganitong mga kanta. sarap pakinggan


    Me and my Grandpa is so proud both of you😊

  11. Christian Alday


  12. randy caysip

    2019 HERE

  13. Stan Chang

    you say the God dxxm right, if you knew everything and been there, you probably knew...🙂 yolo...雖然我討厭這個yolo這個字,但真的人生只有一次,enjoy

  14. Efren Magdayo

    It's 2019 ilove this song now and forever

  15. Josefa Callegari

    Banda maravilhosa inesquecível Air Supply

  16. dioris aguilar

    Now and forever

  17. Emerson Marinho

    Beautiful memory.

  18. Yenney Rossi

    Meravigliosa band (Air Supply) ★ Bellissimo brano , video e interpretazione ♥ Grazie e Complimenti!! ♪#♪

  19. Aicon James Adiong

    Can anybody say what russell said in 0:00-0:03? Thanks.

  20. Ivy June Cordova

    2019, anyone?

    Alvin P.

    Hi 🙋‍♂️

  21. Siban Deutschunterrichten

    They deserve their own Film with their Story. ❤

  22. Mario Rene Cabrera Chávez



    This is my all time favorite song.!

  24. soojisook

    i miss my dad so much, thank you for introducing air supply to me

  25. The Noob

    I love you Air Supply

  26. Jose Paolo Mendez


  27. Ingrid Connor

    Omg, this song makes me cry and remember my childhood :(

  28. Austin23 Hussin

    it's 2019 still listening <3

  29. Elizabeth Mariana Gonzalez

    I've cried like a baby with this Dong!!!

  30. Luzenir Siqueira

    WE love Air Supply, they sound pretty good!

  31. Ang Awkward Vlogger

    Made me cry in 2019 💕😭

    john bryan amad

    Same with me

  32. Ian Quiruz

    Saddest 10 years challenge :(

  33. albert bardago

    Ganda ng kanta guys 😍😍😍

  34. albert bardago

    Ganda ng song

    albert bardago

    Ganda ng song 😍😍😍

  35. Chele Greed

    Daniela! 👆🙌☀💜

  36. Rochelle Sales

    Ahhh sana buhay pa kayo

  37. superxmeg64 ً

    Such an amazing duo. I really love Air Supply because of their great music! 💓

  38. Jesus Exe

    I Came Here Because I Miss My Parents, And This Can Cheer Me Up 😢☹😭 I Love My Parents..

  39. Tere Borgonia

    Air supply is one of my favorate band,I love them they are the best .

  40. Chjvct Buifrujf

    This song is so emotional air supply make me wake up to reality

  41. Gaitachi 32

    I feel like Elton John would have done an amazing job at singing this beauty. 💙

  42. yassi. azul123

    I love air supply, so nostalgic

  43. Tara O'Dwyer


  44. Shenric Lance Añonuevo

    best song eva

  45. Cher Chen

    Although not in the age, they have to say that their songs are classic.

  46. Rodrigo Uson

    My Favourite Song Ever!!!!!!!!

  47. jessa jorgio

    2018 anyone?

  48. Alexandro Bello

    Música para un gran confort

  49. Rexi Lamdu

    Fav song of my father

  50. Digital Fanboy

    Now and Forever

    When love is new 
    And the world is not reaching for you 
    We try hard to hold it all 
    In our hands 
    But it slips through 
    Like soft drifting sands 
    But drying the tears 
    Can build it all like new

    Now and forever 
    Remember the words 
    From my heart will always be true 
    Now and forever 
    Together and all that I feel 
    Here's my love for for you

    Learning each day 
    That the right time was so far away 
    To tell you the things I knew 
    Now it's clear 
    That the moment 
    We searched for is here 
    And counting the years 
    Is all I want to do

    Now and forever 
    Remember the words 
    From my heart will always be true 
    Now and forever 
    Together and all that I feel 
    Here's my love for for you

    Hold me as close 
    As love will allow 
    Until all your fears are gone 
    What has all passed 
    Is over now 
    I'm here with you 
    I'm here with you 
    I'm holding on 
    I'm holding on

    Now and forever 
    Remember the words 
    From my heart will always be true 
    Now and forever 
    Together and all that I feel 
    Here's my love for for you

  51. Jake Bentic

    You can see the joy in this video

  52. Jake Bentic

    All the memories is reminding me idk what will i do if my parents are dead maybe ill go first i rather sell my soul or stay in hell just to save them cuz i just borrow my life in my parents and in god

  53. sleepy head

    simula nung bata ba ko pinapakinggan ko na to hanggang ngayon <3 kahit madami ng sumikat ngayon the best paren ang mga kanta nila para saken :'>

  54. Russel Kent Pangantihon

    🎶now and forever is my love for you ...🎶

  55. Andrei

    *i miss this kind of song. 😕❤️ take me backkk. ☹️✨*

  56. arglen pacio

    airsupply band will never fade this is my favorite song when i was10 yrs old till im 25

  57. Ezekiel Valdez

    I may be only 23 at the moment, but this is one of the greatest hits. #AirSupplyForever

  58. Darneli Neli

    Thanks for they the love songs

  59. Jerald Pacio

    my favorite singer even though its to old cause air supply will never fade to me so ill keep listenibg oon his song.. maybe this is my wedding song

  60. Carole LePage

    Many wonderful memories of listening to Air Supply in 1991 that I will forever have them tucked away in my heart for many years to come. Thank you. 🤗🤗😀😀

  61. Ci Linape

    Eu e o Brasil amamos vocês!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Carole LePage

    I have some many wonderful memories of Air Supply that I will forever have them tucked away in my heart for many years to come. 🤗🤗💞💜💞Thank you

  63. Franz Benedict Glodo

    I really miss my father! Very very much

  64. 金正恩

    love that song petty much

  65. oh oh

    I love the original version with drums and guitar

  66. sinked rude boiz

    Air Supply famous in the philippine . And my idol

  67. Cristian Joshua Delos Reyes

    May 2018 let's go cavs

  68. Larry Olajuwon

    Karl Christian Barroa

  69. Yashasvi Prasad

    You guys ✨💟

  70. Nigel Deiparine

    I love Air supply musics thank you for your years of making and singing musics God bless always...

  71. Lenita Pereira

    De mais estar música 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏

  72. Irineu6116

    a fantastic band

  73. FindingKC


  74. Patricia Adriana

    Amo esses cara , são demais ❤❤

  75. Talita Barreto

    I was Born in the wrong time!


    Sorry lol

  76. nialler x

    Air supply, one of my favorite bands, they are my father's favorite and my father and i always get to sing them songs..

  77. aeiq1219

    This is such a great band, I just never get tired of listening to these beautiful songs, music, performances. thank you Air Supply, Now and Forever!!

  78. miko distor

    i really love air supply songs they both good singer

  79. hannah comley

    beautiful music, beautiful people, love is there

  80. Say10 Pug

    those pictures reminded me of how back in the times where friends and memories come together

  81. Franz Benedict Glodo

    I always remember my dad to this song. RIP

  82. Via Abuan

    It's So Sad :(

  83. 111 yoko

    This song means a lot to me❤️

  84. Jonestya Farras

    I love air supply now and forever :' ❤

  85. Muhammad Nazamuddin Azmi

    I know air supply just several times ago.. when we're studying at school.. but I think this band is great.. 👌👌

  86. Kylie Swyghuizen

    i love air supply

  87. Jefran Catapang

    Air supply i hope i can watch you in live thank you for wonderful songs

  88. dhatz usman

    now and forever pero wlang forever na tinatawag huhuhu 😢😢😢

  89. Kimberly Potts

    i could see steve perry singing with them as a triplet song

  90. KOH C.K., Desmond

    Simply the best...👍💗

  91. Jasmin Hütter

    traumhaftes lied <3

  92. zonkey kingz

    Take this man to your tour

  93. Marvin Sanchez

    Please come here in the Philippines. Filipinon wants to see You all performing Live.

  94. Johanna Courtney

    when are you coming back to Auckland you invited us back stage last year 021854006

  95. Elma Gabuya

    I like so much air supply since I was born my dream is to see in person 1of them I love u airsupply

  96. sunny721 t3

    SoundTrack Mannequin 2 - Air Suppy The Best ..

  97. Junior Engle


  98. Wilson Cardoso

    l love it so much air suply

  99. Joseph Gil Bandoy

    I like this song its a drama song😞🙂