Air Supply - Come What May Lyrics

When she looks at me
I know the girl sees things
Nobody else can see

All of the secret fears inside
And all the craziness I hide
She looks into my soul
And reads me like nobody can

And she doesn't judge the man
She just takes me as I am

Come what may, she believes
And that faith is something
I've never known before
Come what may, she loves me
And that love has helped me open a door
Making me love myself a little more

When I turn away
She knows those are the times
There's nothing she can say

Nothing that anyone can do
And so she lets me live it through
And when I'm in my darkest hour of uncertainty
She just simply lets me be
And goes right on loving me


And when it seems my dreams
Have all slipped through my fingers
When they just can't be found
I turn around and there they are
Shining in her eyes


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Air Supply Come What May Comments
  1. ElmerMarj TV

    fav. komga kanta ng air Supply

  2. Bunny althea Timoteo

    Tama na naman nakakaginhawa ng pakiramdam yung mga kanta!??

  3. Ph4nToM Gaming

    Nice song👍

  4. Jane Juan De


  5. I Am Jovs

    Buti pa ang old songs nababalikan 😂

    jenc *143*

    Sana kung pwede lang....if we could turn back time di ba?🙂

  6. ultizar99

    Congrata for 7th monthsary

  7. Allysa W

    I love you just the way you are.. My love.. C

  8. Jamila Juaqin

    I love you always my P ❤️

  9. Rikki Tolentino

    Am i late for knowing this song?

    Claudia Silvana Canova

    Me too. Beautiful !!

  10. Kiko Molo

    28 oct 2019

  11. jay mansira

    before I was thinking that I cant reach the high notes of this song. But when I've try to sang it I am able to reach and I am very happy because I got it.

  12. MacyReader

    i searched for this song because of an upcoming exam 😅😅

  13. Karl Abellana

    hahaysss 💖💖

  14. Jerryboy encarnacion

    10-18-19 guys

  15. Diether Ilumin

    Best song 😍😍 👌 Oct. 2019

  16. supreme2700

    Two less lonely peop

  17. Jun Andres

    October 2019❤

    Jessiree gayle Cardeño

    Jun Andres eyyyyy

  18. Damaris Amador

    My favorite song

  19. Reggie Bigaw

    Song to my Swytie never been old in our ears of listening.....

  20. Judge Dano

    so makatama sa heart

  21. Stine cayyy


  22. Kendra Gailee

    Alam ko somehow in the future mapapadaan k dito and you will listen to one of our first favorite song.We met at the wrong time at wrong place but we know that both in our heart we fell inlove the way we are.I miss you and will always miss you. Come what may I love you. I hope you we will meet each other again in the future.

  23. Hahahhahaha hahahha

    Sarap talaga sa tenga

  24. Rosemarie Cruz

    Broking up with you is not easy but God knows how much I love you! but this is for the best. for your next gf pls dont hurt her verbal and emotionally!

  25. Raquel Dimag

    i love it airsuply song

  26. Jhay T.

    wala lang comment lang ako

  27. jefferson ventura

    sila pakaya ng nag post nito kaway kaway sa nanonod 2019

  28. Amaterasu 15

    lapit na 10th anniversary nyo , sana all

  29. Alden Richards

    I love this song

  30. AL Dee

    Old song
    But eversince never been old😍

  31. Putoh Secuhhh

    Kahit bata pa po ako...
    Gustong gusto. Ko mga OLD SONG

  32. Cris Diaz

    I love this song

  33. Robin Wright

    Kinakanta ko to habang nakangiti. Ang saya lang makarinig ng ganitong kanta na kadalasan nalang mapakinggan sa radyo. 🙂

  34. Erlyn Tibon

    I miss you...Baby q

  35. Antonette Petallo

    Who's watching August 4 2019?

  36. DmanBoyz GG

    Thank you for loving me for who I am and for the flaws that I have. Despite sometimes I feel pressured by others to push you to be officially mine, it doesn’t matter because I want na ikaw mismo makapag decide if ready ka na to commit, but until then I’ll be here to love you as long as I can, official or not.

    Virginia Nightigale

    DmanBoyz GG wow all the very Best for both of you God Luck for the future

    Buenos Gadian

    I am so ready HAAHAHHA 😚

    Virginia Nightigale

    I’m talking about you and your G F good Luck again

  37. Ijjieh Calingacion

    my happy pill i always listened to air supply songs when i was in moving on

  38. Aliyah and Mommy LDR

    Greast share. I love this music too., New friend here. Thanks for sharing

  39. Piano Covers PPIA

    This song is one of my favorites! The melody sounds really magical which is why I made my own piano cover of this song on my channel. I also placed lyrics so it can serve as an accompaniment for those who'd like to sing with it! I wish more songs like this would still be composed even nowadays.

  40. Hello I'm An Earthling

    Wala akong mahanap na video na kinakanta to ng Air Supply ng live tsaka yung "Having You Near Me".

    Jocelyn Pinote

    Palagy nalang air supply hanap ko😂

  41. Jerwin Castillo

    Nakaka refresh naman tong kantang to kahit matagal na

  42. RV Chan

    Love you Jakelou...

  43. abegail ballester

    july 16,2019 2:31 💓

    Patrick Pao

    Best part and my favourite part

  44. John Galt

    Lucky is a man who could find this kind of love from a woman..totally unselfish, always behind her man and supportive. Wish all men could have this... :(

    Lazy Gamer

    But isnt selfishness also a core ideology of Rand? lol Just kidding. Thumbs up to ya! The new generation of women grew up with bitchy songs, mass media trolling, and divorced families. Finding a woman like in the song would be

  45. Tol Apostol

    🌹chan rak khun🌹🌷🌹
    🌹🌷🌼nanny nguyen🌹
    🌹🌷🌼👌 🌹🌷🌼👌

  46. Rhian A.

    broke 💔 my heart ♥ oh nooohhhh come with me

  47. Mondiong A Tan

    who still listening this song in 2019

  48. Mc Marangit Dalao Jr.


  49. Tol Apostol

    ❤❤💞💘💕💓💗💗💜💜💖💙💛🌠🌠⭐✌👄✌⭐💛💙💚💚💗💗🌠⭐💗💓💓💕💕❤💞💘🌠mn nanny date your boyfriend now💞❤💞💕💓💗💗💚💚💜💜💖💙💛🌠🌠⭐✌✌👄✌🌠⭐🌠come what may💞❤💞💕💓💗💚💚💜💜💖💙💙🌠⭐✌✌✌⭐🌠🌠

  50. Tol Apostol

    💗💕💚💚💜💔⭐🌠🌠🌠💗💕💚💚💜💔💔⭐⭐💙⭐🌠🌠🌠💔💕💗💚💚💜i love you🌠⭐🌠nanny nguyen💗💗💕💚💚💜💜⭐🌠🌠💔💔🌠⭐⭐👌al-rey m. apostol👌

  51. Tol Apostol

    💗💚💚💕💚💜💔🌠⭐⭐⭐🌠💙💙💚💕💚💜💔⭐🌠🌠🌠🌠💕💔💔noamie date your boyfriend now💔💔💗💗💗💕💚💚💜⭐⭐🌠🌠💕⭐👌

  52. Tricia Necesario

    kalami paminawon ani 👍

    Stephen Jon

    tinuod jud

  53. Tricia Necesario

    air supply the best ka ❤️

  54. Ryan Robert Ventolero

    Listening to this song because of the book THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END

  55. The Jeddrilllock

    my wife favorite this song

  56. Ginovie Pascual

    Remember him! So sad! #KurVie

  57. Chrissoroni

    Come what may 2019

  58. rosalyn cabahug

    ang sarap pakingan

  59. Allen Piid

    That song song come what may remind me of some one very very special to alway.i miss her very much

  60. Allen Piid

    Come what may that remind me of some one very very special to alway

  61. Alex Legal


  62. Kevin Pertos

    Someone listening 2019 ?

  63. Angel Dela Cruz

    I miss you mom this song is for you!

  64. Keme Dora

    Mama ko.

  65. neoblackcyptron

    My parents are the only people who have represented this song. This song is more about a parents love, i've never met a woman/girl in this world who can represent this song. They should replace 'she' with 'they' in this song and it is a perfect dedication to my parents.

  66. Angela Brown


  67. August Eighty


  68. Raciel Delos Reyes

    Nkaka touch nman lyrics ng song na toh😉💟

  69. Mc Marangit Dalao Jr.

    This is perfect💛🎶💯😍

  70. Potter family

    2019? :)

  71. Lee Anthony Siga

    2019 anyone? 🎧📱

  72. Gianni Ian Gianan

    Karawi na ngani

  73. Abby Fortuno

    Come what may my love,,11:11

  74. Lasse 1964

    i Always believed thats this beautiful song would to be a great success

  75. Lidia Barrera

    Paul Andrade Barr 8 4

  76. Jenna Jubahib

    Nice song relate ako

  77. Idris Obispo


  78. mitsel pasague

    a i love you air supply my idol

  79. Mary Ann Ornedo

    I love this song..

  80. Carl 13

    Nakakatulog ako sa kanta na ito


    2018 everyone?

  82. Tyler Valenzuela

    We met at the wrong time. Thanks for the time and love. But I have to stop because I don't want this feeling to grow anymore. Thank you

    Bjoyadel Valenzuela

    Thank a din

  83. Irish Cao

    Air supply is the best artist band

  84. Kenneth Roa

    I Love You Estalani 😊😘💕

  85. elmo pilay

    wew makapalagep t utang

  86. Jc Perico

    2018? anyone?

  87. Reymund Alburo

    love song

  88. Safrix Salomabao YT

    Favorite ko talaga to

  89. 고수 sʏɴᴇʀɢʏ

    Nice song...